Conveyancers and what we might expect of them.

I just wrote a post on a blog called ‘complete guide to property conveyancing’

And this is it:

This doesn’t tell us much about what to expect, does it?

For instance we have had a conveyancer for three weeks and haven’t heard a word from her. Is that to be expected?

For instance we were told (when we contacted her) that our settlement date would be the 21st. But we found out, nearly two weeks later, that in fact the settlement date had been entered on the PEXA database on the 13th as the 27th. !

Therefore no chance of the 21st.

And we have idea what she’s done to date and what she hasn’t. Nor do we have any idea what remains to be done.

And when we used her as a witness to the signing of the finance papers she omitted to witness and have us sign two of the documents – not very precise or observant was it? Is that to be expected?

It is about time we had the full checklist of everything that a conveyancer is going to do so that we can check the checklist as he/she works through it.

And this Megan Gibbens, author of this site, how good and reliable can she be if she considers this to be an accuratel ‘complete guide’ ?

I rather think it is demonstrated numerous times and in numerous places that the whole property business is an incredible shark pool…

and, a p.s., I once did my own conveyancing on a purchase in the NT. I found it quite simple if a little tedious. You work through the list of things required to purchase place is all. It wasn’t expensive and it wasn’t difficult and it required no special knowledge.

I think there is really nothing a conveyancer does. Nothing. What gets done is purchasing a property and transferring the title etc. You don’t have to have a conveyancer to do that. Hence there’s not really a conveyancer function involved.

The conveyancer is just supposedly doing the work for you. Not doing their own ‘special work’.

If you want to build a house yourself you might have to get an electrician, a licenced electrician, because the law requires it and common sense dictates it – if you tried to do it yourself you’d probably screw it up and might kill someone. There’s a special skill, a special requirement.

There’s no such special skill, special requirement for a conveyancer.

They’re more like a taxi. You could walk. The cab carries you but it costs. Is all.

And on a walk you’d presumably make a ‘proper’ journey – go exactly where you want to go.
In a cab you might go the wrong way, l miss some place you should have gone.

That’s the danger of the conveyancer.

The law knows that. Main thing about them is they must carry insurance is what I discovered when googling today.

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