Petty Injustice And How Good It Is.

I just suffered a Petty Injustice.

I was banned from a forum I’ve used for years.

Peremptorily and improperly.

It happens quite frequently all over the place. That particular forum has numerous complaints on the web about the actions of its moderators.

In my case they were: Gnuthad and www1. Awful people. Stupid people. Vindictive people. I suspect they are children.

So it rankles. Doesn’t it? Because they act as accuser, judge and jury. They accuse you, they decide what should happen, they implement it and there’s nothing you can do about it.

No one else knows what’s going on. None of the thousands of forum participants and, doubtless, none of the management of the forum.

In my case these morons seemed incapable of using logical argument and of seeing what’s in to the benefit of the forum generally. i.e. their actions were detrimental to the good of the forum.

So it all rankles and it’s a nastiness that can spoil your day. Or even your week.

So where’s the good in it?

Well it makes you aware perhaps of what some people are going through all over the world. I never forget Lindy Chamberlaine in Australia who was imprisoned for killing her child in the absence of any proof whatever – there could be no proof because she didn’t do it and eventually, after years, that was recognised and she was released.

Think of the horror of it: to be accused of killing your own child! Not to be helped or commiserated with but to be accused of being the perpetrator! And then to be tried and pilloried in the press around the nation ! And then found guilty. And then locked up in a prison branded as guilty, as a person who’s done this terrible thing.

Disgraceful. A blot on the nation’s history. An awful thing.

And yet it is a commonplace. As we’re having indisputably shown us these days with the increasing use of DNA evidence to reopen past cases and prove people to be innocent and have them released from jails where they’ve sometimes spent decades.

People are even executed as guilty when they’re innocent.

And from that observation we can segue into the wider world and notice the widespread killing of innocents, caught up in the middle of wars.

So it’s saddening. Puts things into perspective. Gives one a reason to attempt to keep an eye on the political manoeuvrings of one’s own nation in particular and wider world in general.

Good to be mindful of the normal state of affairs: injustice runs wild.

That’s the value of two ignorant little twats: gnuthad and www1. They remind of how the world stinks in some areas and remind us to be on guard. For our own sake and for the sake of all.

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