Discovery Day ! Hallelujah !

Aboriginal Rescue Day.

Isn’t it time to talk some sense and face some facts?

Now there’s a push by 3% of the population to change the ways of 97% on the grounds of a historical inevitability and naturally progressive incident being claimed to be some kind of a disaster.

The discovering of Australia and the rejoining of the aboriginals at that time with the mainstream of world civilizations is to be seen as a disaster.

Nonsense and mind twisting, future destroying, brain bending nonsense for future generations of aboriginals to have to swallow.

The truth it should be seen as a day of rejoicing.

The day Australia was found ! The day the aborigines were rescued from the stone age, from illiteracy, from innumeracy, from animistic religion, from total ignorance and possession of nothing with no hope for the future save thousands more years down the same blind alley.

A day to give fervent thanks for. As castaways on a desert island finally discovered and rescued, brought into the world, the world spread before them.

Give thanks for where you’re at and give thanks for the ability to get there – where you’d never have got without being found.

Join the whole world which all has a similar history and become a sensible part of it all.

Join in. Get with it. Give thanks for being found.

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