If The Children Can't Play Together Peacefully and Share Their Toys:


If the chlldren won't share their toys and can't decide who shall have 'it' then what do we do? We take them away from them.

and that's what we need to do with the Jews and the Muslims.

We're a bit sick of these obsessed irrational religious folks buggering up the whole world because of their irrationalities and their intolerances.

Having a bunch of different ideas in your head is one thing.

Bringing it out here into our physical world and buggering it up is quite a different thing.

If Jews and Muslims  ( it is not 'Israelis' and 'Arabs' – it is the religious of each is where the trouble is ) cannot agree on who should own Palestine and or the  Temple Mount then the solution is simple and necessary: take them both away from both of them.

The secular State of the people of the world can own them and both people's can be required to have passports to come to and fro from them.

Perhaps the 'secular State' can be devised from the secular of both Israel and Arabia, perhaps not.  I don't know.  Doesn't matter. The principle is what matters and the principle is the world has to grow up and the world has to stop being in thrall to witch doctors and religious mystics.

We've got too many other things to worry about without worrying about them.

There are many churches in the world and the only really 'bad' ones, I think, I'd venture to guess, are those two:  the church of Judaism and the church of Islam.

They are both sworn to conquering all to arrive at their promised land when all others will be vanquished and they will inherit all.

You can't talk to them.

So don't bother. Let them be as irrational and far out as they please.

But stop them bringing war and dissent to physical things/places on this earth.

The only thing that will stop them is a third 'body' to counter the two bodies of their two 'churches'.

So lets have a church of 'secularism' for the secular where all are deemed equal and their religions do not count against them for discrimination and their religions do not count for them for special privilege, either, their religions are inconsequential, no more than an entry on a form which they can change day by day if they like.

And let that 'church' hold the disputed properties.

If you are going to continue acting like a big kid or a stone age throwback then that's the way you need to be treated.



Ivor Cummings Reflects on the Covid Evil Past


Ivor Cumming published a long series of videos about Covid and the Vax back in the last few years.   Trying to argue for reason, sense, humanity.  And of course was largely, very largely, ignored.

He is revisiting that story because it remains pertinent.  He shows how the discussion as to whether it was even possible, never mind likely, that covid was made in a lab was in fact settled a long, long time ago but the truth got submerged in the uproar and of course the heavy handed censorship of the govt.

I viewed his vid and commented on it and here's my comment:

all of this was known and said a long time ago. i think even robert malone said it. Why 'even' him? well because his big thing is about him devising mrna tech really. but of course in the midst of the debate where he argued strongly against the vax he was involved in many discussions and I think he even got into this. probably a link or two on covidhonesty.com

Woops.. my mistake, he's saying himself it's a trip down memory lane…. yep, well I agree.

And of course the fact that it has all been known for so long just deepens the depth of the criminality of all those who're supposed to be protecting us and bringing us the truth all this time, doesn't it?

From head of state on down to your local doctor, even clinic nurse: ALL complicit is hiding the truth, denying the truth, enforcing illogical, unwanted, useless and evil. ALL.

That's why nothing will ever be done I'd guess. No retrospective justice which okay perhaps we can do without for much of it would simply be 'revenge' which I don't go far.

But more insidious there'll be no correcting of the public record, no public recognition of the truth, any of it. Because just too many were and are complicit.

Yes 'are'. As recently as a few weeks ago in my part of Australia you couldn't even take your children to the govt dental clinic without wearing a mask! True!

That'd surely be a glaring madness? Yet there it was and there it is ready to be pulled out and imposed again at the drop of a hat.

That's the rottenness that today exists everywhere and all the time.

There is this precedent ready to be pulled out at any time.

And without, as I say, the public record being ostentatiously amended it will be pulled out and injustice illogic and madness will reign again.

Public apathy, ignorance in the very beginning.

Public apathy all throughout.

And now public apathy allowing this 'subliminal' presence.

God almighty. We, the public have to wake up. The world is getting too sophisticated to continue to allow these egotistical morons that habitually enjoy positions of authority and enjoy abusing them and imposing on mankind to remain in those positions in that way with those powers.

Humanity has to be restored.

Too many want to be not a human but a mere robotic functionary.

Too many doing bad things because they are not themselves, the human, no, they the functionary, just 'doing my job' (so don't blame me).

That's cowardly and it is inhuman and it destructive and it has destroyed and is destroying and waits to destroy more.

and here is the vid:

Why We Need To Govern Ourselves.

The world is sophisticated enough, with the appropriate tools, we the people need to take over the governance of our own nations.

Currently the 'leaders' are simply not fit for purpose,  they are clinically insane, grinning effete poncing fools, homicidal clowns, lunatics.


You Beauty: We are all one !

Just got the news on Stock and Land that the referendum was a victory for a united Australia.

I tried to post this in the comments but it wouldn't work.  So I happily post it here.  Which, of course, gets seen by no one but spammers (thousands of them or, rather, their bots) but it's now writ in my records, for me, isn't it?


You beauty. So we are all one. By choice. Way it should be. And we profit: for we feel more one, those of us that always felt we are one and ironically we discover those amongst us who do feel we are one and who do not want us to be one.
So that's a bit of a joke, isn't it, we are more one and now more clearly divided, so to speak.
We see there are us here and over there that insane mob in Canberra who devise any and all kind of stupid divisive and nonsensical things.
We see there are us here living in reality and those there saying we need a voice while at the same time refusing to listen to any voice but their own.
And this is perhaps a tiny step towards the real Australia finally getting up from the dust, standing up, knowing itself, recognising itself and making itself known.
Where it should have been, what it should have been doing when the covid insanity was promulgated, forced on us.
Where it should have been, what it should have been doing when our medical services were abrogated, perverted and doctors forbidden to practice in good conscience.
And so on…. the list is long, long, long…
Perhaps this is the first indicator of a resurgence of the true national Aussie identity…
God knows, I hope it is…

Dreizin Report Just Like Our Western Govt Paradigm


Most amazing guy, this. Have you seen/read his 'reports' ?  He blats on like your local raucous big mouth bombastic drunk but somehow sucks you in to listening – and believing.

He has an ability to see underlying simple facts or tendencies, trends. Or so it seems at least.  We need time to tell, of course. So that simple observation indicates that to us (or me at least) he presents as something of a prophet.

But so big mouthed! Listen to him! He guffaws! Really.  He's strident is the word. Except we need a nuance. Hitler was strident I suppose.  Dreizin isn't strident in that way.

But he is totally and absolutely 'over the top' that he is the TRUTH, the WAY, the LIGHT.

Go there, see. He just lays it out like that. He's the Mohammed Ali of  today's alt journalism.  'I am the greatest'.

And he's 100% American.  For he is two fisted.  One fist says 'I am the greatest' and the other fist says 'Give me money'.

What could be more USA ?

And he falls back laughing. Doubtless sucking on some yankee shit like a 'bud light', with the breeze blowing 'up this leg and down that'.

Yep. Entertaining as all f***.

But to my mind, in the end, simply an annoying blowhard.

Check him out for yourself. I think he is well worth that, at least.

Oh – I nearly forgot:  'he's like our western ovt. paradigm'

Yeah, well, see, you can't talk to him and certainly can't engage in any discussion about any of his points (if there are any) without you pay him. I'mnot putting it that bluntly. He is. That's it.

And that's what our government's are doing to us isn't it?

We cannot communicate with them any more. They put up these elaborate websites that pretend to offer us everything and anything we may possibly want within their area: social services, taxation, whatever – and we page through them, click, click, click, click vainly seeking the place where we can just simply f***ing TALK to them.

There is never any such place.

They even do things like – don't tell me they don't, it has happened to me many times and even, believe, me, true, right this very day – direct you to follow links here, here, here in order to make 'contact us' and then give you the message 'log on' !  i.e. they've logged you out! You were logged on! You got there from following links since you logged on! Now you're logged out! They want you to log on again and you don't have to be Einstein to figure what's going to happen when you do.

But even though it is so plain, obvious, simple I, at least have often logged on again and tried again. Definition of insanity isn't it, or something? To repeate identical actions and expect different results?

So yeah.  Dreizin isn't that far down the road. He's not in an identical situation. We're not going to him looking ostensibly, overtly, for specific answers. We are not 'clients' of his.

But nevertheless, can you see it? – he's in the same area:  he claims to be the 'Be All and End All', has all the answers, pay him for the truth for only he has the truth'  but you can't actually talk to him.

I suppose maybe if you paid him.  That'd be like joining one of Gods' churches I suppose.  In that case it wouldn't work.

Check him out for yourself.  Worth a laugh at least:

No, this is NOT the ground invasion, OMG LOL jeez louise. Israel still putting its boots on, probably on the phone w/ Russia’s Wagner (LOL), not remotely ready for ground invasion. Ground invasion will come when Hamas is 2/3+ dead or disarmed. Now, Israel prepares to use 100s of bunker-buster bombs to destroy Hamas “underground tunnel city” beneath Gaza City, the nothern 1/3 of Gaza Strip, as per years-old written variable campaign plan that Mercouris told his viewers does not seem to exist. THIS is why ~1 million residents have been ordered to leave area, head south. After that, who knows, perhaps Israel will tell Rafah (south Gaza) residents to head north. Get real, the “Brave Resistance” was ALWAYS predicated on Israel being held back… and that appears to be OVER like the Spice Girls. NEAR-TOTAL DESTRUCTION of Hamas major stores, facilities, hideouts will minimize Israeli casualties, &, together with maximally loosened “rules of engagement”, should keep Gaza operation KIA’s to not hugely in excess of 1000 (*not* incl. losses of past 6 days, & excl. of any Israelis targeted abroad.) The **REAL** questions are, (1) How many will be killed in the U.S., Europe, etc.(Republicans MUST get their sh*t together NOW, because “IT’S COMING”)… & (2) WHAT THEN??? Better start talking now about a UN govt like in E. Timor, 20 years ago… if there are any takers (there *might* be takers IF/AFTER Hamas is destroyed utterly.)



I am not in command of myself. Is anyone? Is everyone?

I was reminded again today,  experienced again today, something I've known, experienced, many times before:  a sudden mood change, a sudden change in my psychology,  my whole sense of being, of feeling, attitude of mind, understanding of my reality.

One minute I see everything THIS way, and then suddenly the next minute I see it all THAT way.

Generally it is a shift from 'bad' to good.  When it moves the other way I don't notice it.  But the shifts from bad to good are often very noticeable as was the case this morning.

As noticeable as when you rise from underwater to break the surface and begin to breath the air again.

Everything is still there: physical aches and pains, problems, that I had before,  'psychological' problems or worries,  economic difficulties, social, relational problems: everything, anything, all still there but somehow suddenly not suffice to 'bring me down'. They just become something I will have to handle and I know I will handle them. I am bouyant, I rise above them.

I cannot make this happen.  I am very grateful when it does happen.  If I could do it on command then, I think, I would be 'in command of  myself'.

The nearest I've ever been to that I think might be when taking drugs: alcohol or other drugs to cause a change in psychological state.  But that's a clumsy and blunt way of doing it.  One loses something when doing it that way.  It somehow is a 'hiding away' when doing it that way. Going into a 'tunnel' of escape.  One escapes alright but by running away.

This natural thing that arises of itself doesn't hide away but transcends.

I wish I knew how to command it. To be in charge of it. To be able to call it up at any time.