Cardinal Pell – What’s Missing?

Bit of a joke this Cardinal Pell thing, isn’t it?

I mean if you can shut off the horror and disgust and disgrace of the core of it.

But shutting off perception of reality is part and parcel of ‘Christian’ thought isn’t it? Else how could they possibly use a crucified man as an emblem to put before the world, before all little children and such?

Can you imagine what happens in a child’s mind when it tries to raise a concept of what crucifixion must be like?

I have a child had nightmares for three days after seeing another child get a small cut.

I know children have nightmares thinking about fictional bogeymen.

The crucifixion thing is enough to give me nightmares. But we never hear a word about anyone else being at all bothered. Just me and my c hildren and those I know of, apparently.

But this Cardinal Pell thing. All the talk. All the discussion. About Law. About Justice. About compensation.

About bureaucracies and bureaucratic doings. The whole of the Catholic Church is a vast bureaucracy. That’s precisely how it was designed, is exactly what it is supposed to be. The ‘Holy See’ is just exactly that. The Vatican is nothing more than a vast bureaucracy.

Not so surprising. The Roman Empire was principally a vast bureaucracy. All social organisation is bureaucracy since the beginning of time. The most ancient writings on baked mud tablets are the records of a bureaucracy. The knotted cord ‘writings’ of who was it – the aztecs? – are records of a bureaucracy.

So it’s hardly surprising this furore should smack so large of bureaucracy. Why do I bother to remark on it?

Well because that’s all. There’s nothing else reported. Nothing.

What would I expect? What on earth am I talking about?

God. I thought God would somehow feature in it all.

But God never gets a mention. I’ve never heard a mention.

Apparently it has nothing to do with God.

I find that pretty strange, really.

Why No Real Brexit Coverage?

Why does there never seem to be any discussion of the Core Brexit Themes? i.e. why the Exit people wanted to exit?

Talk about how much how many of their concerns have been met or will be met under this or that agreement or proposed agreement? I hear nothing. Not a word.

Similarly I don’t hear much about the ‘sticking points’. What is stopping agreement? And why are those problems not put before the electorate for judgement before proposing a whole new referendum?

And I don’t see/hear any specifics, any figures, any discussion about exactly what problems would arise if the country ‘left without an agreement’. How am I to believe there’d be any?

What precisely would be the problems? That private companies found they couldn’t trade because of a Brussels directive or something? What? In short I know nothing. Is that because my information comes mainly from Radio National?