Sometimes when happiness comes you don’t recognise it – isn’t that right?

It takes a while to understand what’s going on and then it dawns on you that you’re simply feeling happiness.

That’s true I think. So I wonder just how widespread it is? And it means you’ve not been happy, though you thought you were and you’ve forgotten how it feels to be happy.

I wonder if whole populations can be struck with that amnesia and that sorry condition?

Many travellers report on the happiness they find in different locations in the world – typically totally impoverished primitive native villages.

I have seen it in New Guinea, in the Solomons and in Aboriginal communities in Australia.

Perhaps they are last outposts on earth of natural human happiness?

A Granular Approach To Fighting Covid

This recession is by design, of course, the design of the knee jerk and out of proportion and inappropriate covid response.

It would be better if the nation were seen as a collection of ‘cells’ with each cell populated by people who volunteer to be part of it.

Within that cell they live and work as usual, mixing and mingling without onerous and restrictive, debilitating covid restrictions, just as we do at home.

This enables work to continue as usual. Building projects, housing, is a main contender for inclusion in such a programme.

In the event of one person in the ‘cell’ being infected with covid then every person in the cell immediately has to be subject to the same restrictions as that person and that all infected persons are restricted to.

That’s the natural concomitant of being part of that cell, of any cell.It is precisely what happens in the case of our actual present day ‘cells’ – our family homes. If one member of our family gets infected the whole family is subject to the same processes.

The current approach is to see everyone of us as infected and demands that we take precautions against every other one of us, all against all.

It has killed and is killing and will kill the whole nation.It is very largely wasted effort.

It is obvious, it is a matter of record, that Australia has had a minute level of covid contagion in the last couple of months. this means, of course, that over the vast preponderance of the country the measures have been not necessary.

Wasted effort. Wasted loss of production. Wasted loss of jobs. Wasted failure to create wealth.Waste.

Massive waste.

If a granular approach were adopted then the nation largely returns to full on performance, natural life.

The assumption being that we are all healthy until proven not to be. At least within our working, productive environments. Which is the guts of the matter.

And when an infection breaks out then it is immediately contained within a ‘cell’.

The mechanism springs into action and we all know what we’re doing and where the danger is.

The actual danger to those within a cell can also be assessed on the basis of information now available.

It becomes very clear that the vast majority of infections of young healthy people are asymptomatic.

Hence if you get infected within a cell your chances are heavily weighted in that direction.

The actual death rate amongst infected is down around 0.1% and if you remove the elderly and infirm from the equation it is even less.

The elderly and infirm, of course, would be removed from such ‘cells’ not permitted for their own sake to participate in such cells unless they were clearly aware of the risk and volunteered for it.

The death rate for the elderly and infirm can get as high as 15% it is said in some reports.

So a real danger for them.

But for the rest a much less danger and an avoidance of all the danger of a destroyed economy, a crippled country.

If we just adopt a military type strategy and assume our ‘cells’ to be healthy and use them as they are intended to be used for the benefit of the larger body while ever we can.

Our human bodies do not cripple the arm or the head because there’s an infection in the foot and neither should we.

Our current policy is almost an insult to us all inasmuch as it bespeaks an apparent attitude that we’re incapable of devising anything better than slow suicide.