Don’t write to Congress

People generally seem to think they have no hope of effecting change via the democratic machinery. ’What good would it do’ seems to be their invariable response to any suggestion of contacting their elected reps. I had one recently asking me if I thought ‘writing to Congress’ would do any good. I don’t know if it was tongue in cheek or what.

But here’s what I think of the whole thing:

Not you ‘writing letters to Congress’ is the thing to do but directing, supervising, monitoring and demanding of their reps continually on a frequent (daily? weekly? monthly?) basis by all means to hand by EVERY member of the constituency: that’s the ‘thing to do.’

As part of our responsibility as citizens of a democracy: ‘rule of the people BY the people for the people’.

Clearly a ‘participatory’ scheme.

Our participation is the essence.

By every means available: walk over there and do face to face, write letters, postcards, email, text, fax, phone calls. Broadcast to them publicly on FB, LinkIn, X, tik tok – whatever..

Got it?

The essence of it:

YOU (we) have to govern ourselves. HAVE to.

And they are OUR servants. SERVANTS. They represent us. Those ‘elected reps’ are elected to do as they are told. As they are told ! So they need telling.

Let us be clear about it, very, very, crystal clear: the system has always been up until now and now confessedly imperfect, falling well short of optimum, terribly short.

Every political theorist in the world will admit this regardless of what stripe. When it comes to practicing democracy our current systems fall terribly short.

Why? From evil intent of the evil monsters seeking to bring us all down?

No. From the constraints of the time up until now.

How can we possibly have a continuously working democratic system with every man having a voice in every decision – or even any decision?

The biggest clear barrier has always been communications. We could (since about WWII) broadcast to everyone. But we couldn’t hear from everyone.
Even our broadcasting to all have been imperfect, not really reaching many directly but relying on being passed on by word of mouth at the end.
It was well understood very early that we simply could not have the ‘perfect’ Athenian democracy. No chance.

So we finish up with the admittedly very imperfect model we have now. Which is ‘representative’ democracy.

Where you lose your voice and it gets submerged, subsumed in a mass of ‘voices’ all ‘represented’ by one man. Your local representative.

This was bad enough.

But today and for a long time now, virtually from the start, that representative doesn’t even have a voice. His voice is subsumed together with the voices of all other representatives of his ‘Party’.

In the end there are only two voices in the nation. This Party or that Party

This is who/what you address when you ‘write a letter to Congress’. Why? What’s the point of that. You are trying to short circuit a system whereby your voice is already represented to them albeit subsumed twice in a row – ‘disappeared’ we could say, to ‘two orders of magnitude’.

Congress is not designed to listen to you.

The design is not that you petition Congress.

The design is not even that you petition your representative.

The design, nominally is that he represents you: that you DIRECT him.

But what have you done? What do we all do?

You accept that you have no voice and must ‘operate’ via the representative.
You accept that the representative charts his own course and you, maybe, sometimes, ‘petition’ but you don’t ‘direct’.
You accept that while he is ‘doing it’ you remain mainly in the dark, ignorant of anything he’s doing, without any control, without any input, without any recognition from him of your existence.
You accept that he will be totally controlled by his Party. i.e. you notionally free him entirely from any need or duty to take any heed of anything you think or say.

Don’t you?

Like betting on racehorses you pick one and then watch it run.. completely free of your influence.

Only it is worse than that because actually your horse doesn’t run, does he?
On the strength of which team he is in a horse runs in his stead in a two horse race.

It is farcical.

But it got this way because no one could think of anything better or fairer given the practical constraints throughout history of people in masses of millions governing with ‘each a voice’.

So: I am saying follow the existing paradigm as much as possible. Don’t run around trying to have violent street protests and parades and massed marches etc… ‘demanding change’.

Follow the existing imperfect paradigm but make it as good as you can/we can.

And we now have something that gives us the ability to make it incredibly better.

We have the internet and the smartphone.

Do you understand? Do you see it?

What are the biggest problems/hurdles/barries between us and successful democratic self governance?

  1. The will of the people not consulted, not even canvassed.
  2. The machinations of govt., rich and powerful kept secret.
  3. As in (2) govts acting without reference to the people (i.e. send us to war against each other)
  4. Widespread disinformation, deception, generations long indoctrination so’s people don’t know where/what the truth is and don’t really feel they have any right/ability to find/know it.
  5. A lack of knowledge on the part of the people about who’s really running the country, what’s really going on.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. What do you think? Pretty right?

Well look: how many of them can be cured by the internet and smartphone access given the right apps when required?

I’ll give my answers:

  1. Perpetual referenda on any subject at all could be commonplace. Your vote for the govt, the President, or whatever could be registered and changeable by you at any time so that the shifting allegiances of the people could be monitored and seen by the people in simple line charts, bar charts or whatever right there on their cellphones. That and similar with any topic of the moment. And all TOTALLY SECURE. Don’t be fooled by the govt voting machine bullcrap fiasco. Our programmers today can put up code that will run an app that securely takes one vote and one vote only from a proven living, qualified citizen and registers it anonymously. And gives them the ability to change it at any time.
    Such apps not only register the will of the people but let the people see it themselves, so’s they know what they’re thinking/doing. En masse ! By the hundreds of thousands ! By the millions ! Not by rumour, not by MSM report, not by govt propaganda, not days after but immediately ! Got it?
  2. ALL the machinations of govt could be routinely accessible to us all via modern apps that present the information if attractive and readily digestible form. Up to now you have to read Hansard or something. Have to search around and consult ‘academic’ type reports, ‘official’ accounts of what’s doing and what’s been done. Today we can have AI and purpose built software directed by ‘purpose built’ open source groups show us quickly and easily what’s doing in a way that enables us to quickly find those things that may interest us. AND then ‘drill down’ to fine detail. When ever in the history of mankind did the masses ever have such an ability?
    That’s the ‘official’ ‘machinations’. The same goes in the more ‘unofficial’. We can track ALL details of the rich and powerful. Every penny they have in the bank. Every penny spent on their credit cards. We all know this is the power of the internet today. We just haven’t turned it to our own advantage. We bleat and whine about ‘the govt’ using it against us. No one seems to understand that first of all it is OURS. The PEOPLE know the internet, know how to code, how to put up apps, how to navigate and use the web. Of course. ALL the expertise in the world belongs to the people. How else could it be? The people ARE the world. The tiny, tiny, handful of people ‘at the top’ generally speaking know nothing at all, do nothing at all, produce nothing at all. What they have going for them is they can trick us into harming each other. Together we stand, divided we fall.
  3. Well clearly once this paradigm is running and accepted no government could plead that they couldn’t tell the people or ask the people. But more – and we need more because they still would plead or claim that thing, being the unashamed consummate liars that they are – we can STOP it. Monitoring every single activity, every word spoken in their legislatures we would know instantly when anything occurs in the chambers of the government that may presage even that ultimate ‘use’ of the people: declaring they are at war with someone (other people on the planet). Though typically an executive decision which can be made, truly (surprised?) without reference to the people it would always be presaged by various signs of one sort or other. But the main thing is recovery or control. In a modern ‘internate app’ democracy there would be/could be instant overwhelming pressure on each and every representative to get up in the chamber and announce his whole constituency is besieging him to have this decision reversed. And, of course, the aforementioned ‘charts’ and graphs apps showing the feelings of the people would indicate immediately how they felt.
  4. Despite what the current state of the information space would seem to indicate truth is not all that hard to find.
    The truth about Covid was known and told by Prof Ioannidis way, way back and the truth of the mortalities and the effectiveness of treatments was well disseminated by Dr Cory and his FLCCC. The truth of America’s actions throughout the world has been right out there for anyone to find all the time once people tear themselves away from their trance state vis a vis MSM
    Modern apps could pretty quickly come up data/information collators that subject the data/information to various checks, verifications, objective evaluations and present the results to us. We have no such existent at the moment. Only special interest groups each banging its own drum.
    Special interest groups will always exist and nothing wrong with that and each will employ some variation of these ‘truth’ or ‘fact’ finder apps to get information for them, an understanding of reality that they can trust where today none of us can trust anything or anyone, by and large.
  5. Well it’s all there. Smartphone tracking. Bank account ‘hacking’ to reveal transactions even if (thankfully) not able to influence them. Private details of all kinds. What cars, properties, shares, mortgages you own. Business interests, friends and acquaintances. Habitual movements, places you frequent and what you do there. We are all exposed today. If the hackers want to home in on us we’re an open book. Many people are very paranoid about it and perhaps even write alarmist books about it. The point though is that it is obviously true. It always was true. All our information is available to all our peers all the time. When you get ‘generic’. Any person’s whole life is known by whom/what: by people. Of course. People are sworn to secrecy. People are threatened with prison terms or perhaps even death if they reveal what they know. It has always been like this.
    And still is.
    And always the technology and the ‘power’ of intrusion, breaking into your privacy, seeing your intimate details, was retained only by the govt. for only they had access to the data and the abilities to manipulate the data.
    But today, for the first time in history the people have this power and they can turn it back onto ‘the govt’, whoever that might be. No longer do we need depend upon dubious ‘investigative journalists’. Simple apps can be written that will discover anything we want to know about those who hold the power and use the power.