Treating Australians Like Mushrooms

Here is a good example of australia hysteria and absence of any attempt to put things in proportion or expand the amount of relevant truth
around. Like publishing the actual infection fatality rate for overall and for delphi and for omicron or publishing the truth about
normal protection offered by your immune system and supposed benefit of these unproperly tested vaccines.

And this journal ‘the guardian’ constantly begs for support on the grounds that it offers impartial exceptional journalism.

Why are people panicking about getting a vaccine? Because they believe they have NO protection without a vaccine.

They think they have NOTHING.
They feel ‘unprotected’ because the govt. and in fact everyone, tells them ‘protection’ = vaccine.
They feel ‘unsafe’ because the govt and irresponsible media tells them ‘safety’ is vaccines.
In total madness they’re even told ‘safety’ in only when EVERYONE is vaccinated. Total insanity. Unreason.

And once they get the vaccine they think they have EVERYTHING. Total ‘protection’, i.e. cannot be harmed.

All, of course, totally false.

It would grow up and educate and enlighten the whole of Australia if the truth were just put out by govt and so called
‘responsible’ journals. It would be a happier country. A better country. A cleverer country. A safer country.

The truth: WITHOUT the vaccine the general public are 99% ‘protected’. By their IMMUNE SYSTEMS
The truth: WITH the vaccine they are supposedly 0.1% BETTER protected. By their IMMUNE SYSTEMS. (which now are supposedly
working better because off to an early start)
The truth: In NEITHER case are they guaranteed not to be harmed.

The truth: EVERY measure of govt has been DETRIMENTAL to IMMUNE SYSTEMS

No mention whatever – in the midst of hysterical lurid red panic messages – of the importance of early treatment. Nothing.
Nothing but click bait hysteria.

Take ‘overwhelmed’ hospitals, ICU’s etc. What are the number of available beds now compared to previous years? What is the normal
occupancy rate? What is the normal bad time occupancy? How many of current occupants are actually solely covid patients?

The bottom line, the basic truth, is that Australians are being treated like mushrooms by govt., media, medical establishment,
everyone, anyone.