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I subscribe to 'Dr Rob Campbell',  a substack  author.

And he published a 'weekly update' on the situation in Ukraine and we had come exchanges in the comments section.
It came to where Dr Rob said this in a reply to me where he wonders about the future:
Dr. Rob Campbell
I accept what you are saying but I think the strength of the elites who control the West is in decline and that of their competitors in the emerging Multi-polar world is increasing. Of course, I don't know how things are going to work out but I am optimistic: it's good for my health.

This triggered me because I often wonder about this very question and I have some definite thoughts on the subject.
So I was moved to respond with this length piece which I'd like to put here for my own records and hopefully for some promulgation perhaps, by others, over the course of time:
arthur brogard

I place a lot of hope on the youth of today. You've seen them. Only from the back, of course, as they sit huddled before their computers, or perhaps from afar so to speak as they sit eyes down at their smartphones. Paying us and the world no mind. Concentrating on their games and their social media.

But I think they aware and biding their time or waiting the natural time to come.

They will turn their attention to these matters and in particular the 'villains' of the peace in a way never before seen in the history of humanity.

Never before possible. For the eyes and attentions of millions suddenly to scour the records and programs of the world in search of certain persons and certain activities.

With their skills capable of piercing any defence, extracting any data, computing any things.

Ubiquity. They already are physically everywhere, of course, but their cyber presence will be so 'everywhere' it will make the so called omnipresence of cctv look like sparsely populated deserts.

All our lumbering long winded specious arguments, debates, protestations, manifestations and mouthings of the past will be replaced by lighting fast production of incontrovertible documents, records, proofs of the truth.

Truth no longer that which the smoothest most convincing orator can persuade us of but that which they cause their world-wide universal computer to produce.

Dire prophesies and predictions by con artists on the one hand and loony end-of-the-worlders on the other will be replaced by logical scientific calculations on proven data and checked by other equally valid programmes.

They will bring sense to the world for they have the power to do it. We all do. With this internet an smartphones. But we are mired in our old ways. We literally are blind; unconscious of the tool in our hands.

They will not be.

There's not only all that which is all kinda 'mechanistic' – simply talk about a people using a tool. But there is a psychological aspect that goes along with it. A mindset.

There always has to be in human affairs doesn't there? Give a bunch angry half educated religious fundamentalists a bag of tools, so to speak, and what they'll do with them is not the same as what a collection of sober scientists with a goal in mind will do.

There's always a 'psychological environment', a setting.

Well they are doing something on a daily basis that the people of the world have never done before. Many things I suppose but the thing I'm thinking of the playing with reality, possibilities, facts and fictions, that they do in their games.

It is the norm for them to say 'what if'. It is the norm for them to be faced by weird realities. It is the norm for them to find illogicalities are the answers, the keys, to making progress.

It is the norm for them to be faced by lack of knowledge and apparent intractable situations and equally the norm for them to seek the requisite knowledge, to believe it is there and they can find it.

It is the norm for them to think they are individually the equal of anyone else in this respect: meeting obstacles, finding the way to navigate them.

I could go on. Couldn't I? I think enough said, though. You either get it or you don't.

I believe we are lumbering elephantine anachronisms.

I will give one example that might illuminate a little: Covid. Everything was wrong, untrue, bad. Covid was not so bad. The right treatments were not those mandated. The measures were all untherapeutic. Denying access to therapeutics was/is criminal.

And so on. Right?

Well 'we', us lumbering elephantine anachronisms, could have seized the tools of the web and put up web sites all over the place that found the truths and promulgated them.

And in that way we could have saved thousands and thousands of live.

The nearest we ever came to that was perhaps Sunetra Guptas' site which had a name so inappropriate and unrelated to 'covid' that I can never call it to mind.

[edit] 'collateralglobal'. I remembered. And it wasn't even a "dot com". It is for christ's sake. [/edit]

And a site like a coffee table glossy magazine when you got there. Devoid of any 'punch'. Etc.

And we 'elephantines' lumberingly discussing/whining how they had been deplatformed from free social media who never, ever, any single on of them, ever made any effort at all to put up their own site much less their own servers, much less sites devoted to helping the millions.

Why all that? Because they, we, knew no better.

And still don't. I would surmise.

How many of us know the cost of a domain?

How many of us know what to do next after getting a domain?

How many of us recognise the fundamental threat that use of hosting provider is?

And so on.

The greatest single facilitator, emancipator, sophisticated tool ever given to human being courtesy of their own intelligence and something way over 90% know no more about it than they do of any other 'public service' such as perhaps how the water reticulation/purification etc. system works for them.

But our children are different creatures. They are not as you and I.

Thank god.
And this is Dr Rob's Weekly Ukraine Update: well worth reading


Sad news…

I find Korybko's  latest about Admiral Stavridis'  Bloomberg piece to be sad news.

It essentially says that 'rump' Ukraine will be part of NATO.  Like as in foregone conclusion.

And that means free American access.

And that means nukes and sabre rattling and worse right on Russia's doorstep.

I wouldn't be happy, won't be happy, until the European people wake up and take Europe back and throw the USA and its filthy machinations out. Right out.

Half a million dead in Ukraine in pursuit of ethnic cleansing.

Tens of thousands dead in Gaze in pursuit of the same.

That's the USA.

And Stavridis suggests the USA will advance further and Korybko seems to see it as inevitable.

We desperately need the people of the world to wake up.

These lunatics will not stop until the world is in flames or worse.

What would USA in Ukraine, NATO in Ukraine be? Constant provocation,  constant war making with Russia.

The worst possible outcome.  The worst.

A beauty article revealing some aspects I didn't know.


This Korybko fellow publishes on Substack and won't allow comments unless you're a subscriber:  a paying subscriber.

So that lets me out because I'm not.

And perhaps better that way.  I wanted to comment to him, to his article, or to the other viewers – whoever it is we comment to when we make these comments – that I found it very revealing what he said about the international consequences of America's machinations in Armenia.

I had no idea, simpleton that I am, such things were going on all the time.  But in fact that's it, isn't it? They are going on 'all the time'.  It is what the world is made of.  I guess.

It is the stuff that all the commentators on the history of the 'social' – the world of nations, civilisations – talk about all the time.

And in precisely those terms where the entities in question are the 'nations' but in truth the 'nations' are no more real entities than corporations are.

Convenient legal fiction.

But why I'm saying it's maybe good I can't comment there is because none of 'us' ( the non-paid subscribers) can. AND that means if we want to say something there's at least some chance we'll so something such as I'm doing here: take independent action, promulgate it further.

And that's what it and everything needs. Free, further promulgation, away from the confines of profit motivated 'corrals'.

Yup. That's my main statement.

But his article – to which I will link – says that; well here's the notes I took of it as I went through it, cut and pasted,  just as I created them:
armenia is revanchist apparently (title of article in question)
lure armenia away from russia
scto mutual defence alliance
armenia was defeated in Karabakh
resentment: russia responsible for their defeat – their diaspora says this
says US goals 1,2,3
1. worsen russia armenia relations
2. esp militarily
3 to spy on russia through armenia
now a fourth:
4. turn armenia into US's bastion of regional influence
this means (he says) it will eventually have to reassert its influence over georgia
"so long as georgia retains strategic autonomy us cannot maximally exploit armenia"
so needs to coerce or force Tblisi to do what it wants: give US military access.
this provides 'strategic leverage' vis a vis russia, turkey, azerbaijan, iran
difficult for those four countries to 'counter'
but closer 'military strategic' coordination would help

WTF does all that mean?  And where do people figure in all that?

I could ramble on and on now.  But I ought not. Because I'm digesting it and thinking on it.

Seems to me its a barrel load of bs but I'm coming to be sadly aware this is bs that runs the world today.

And we ought to put a stop to it.  By existing.  See?   We simply don't exist in any of the above.  See?

It is all about what these countries, these 'nations' are going to do and how they can be manipulated but it all refers to resident govt or manipulators or future manipulators:  i.e. the CIA will operate on current manipulators and replace them with others (if they don't do as they're told).

And people don't figure.

Or do they?  Well they do inasmuch as they are planned to be propagandised to where they will back 'popular' movements and thus enable things like coup d'etat and like the Maidan in Ukraine.

But even there they don't figure as real people do they? They figure as predictable sheeple.  They will be manipulated in this way and they will do that.  All part of the plan.

So the focus never shifts from those central figures:  the 'govts' of all these nations and such as the CIA which I suppose we should also call a 'govt' for it is an arm of the USA govt isn't  it?

Some argue it actually IS the US govt.  Govt figures come and go and policies come and go or at least pretend to: but the CIA keeps itself to itself and does what it does regardless of anyone or anything.

I am not explaining myself very well.

I think I'll give up trying for this time at least.  Have another go another time.

Just trying to say people are left out of the equation except as incidental bit players, crowd scene extras.

But they should be what it is all about, the whole story, the whole plot, the whole drama.


It is about Oil/Gas again. Israel/USA stealing again/still.

I don't understand why it is not getting an airplay.  I just discovered it. It seems totally factual, all the basics, the fields are there, etc. and the ownership and so on.

So say this current war is all about that wouldn't be right and doesn't have to be, does it?  The Israelis have more than one reason to want every Palestinian dead, in their blind lunacy.  This just adds one more reason.

The more reasons you have, the more different reasons, the more believers you attract from the more different places.

So it's not 'all' about this. It is about 'this and this and this'.

I  don't understand why it gets no airplay. Even if it were totally wrong and it has nothing to do with it at all it's still a kite worth flying isn't it?

It's been flown. I am picking it up and giving it a bit of a fly.

Here's a link of information, there's plenty more if you google 'palestinian gas' or something like that.

Here's one:

War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields

And here's the mighty Chris Hedges failing to give it a mention:

Israel Is Inviting the End


Seems to me those who hold power in Israel are inviting the end of the world.

As if we didn't have enough lunatic 'leaders' already.  Time to get the internet busy, communicate with each other, formulate plans and policies and get rid of them all. They are not fit for purpose and probably never were.

But now it is clear. We need to manage our own affairs.

This is a good little essay by chris hedges on the doings of the lunatics in Israel and by extension the lunatics in our lands that lend them support:

New Dog In Town

I just read Andrew Korybko's 'newsletter' for 8th Nov. Titled:

The Latest Reports Suggest That Secret Talks Are Taking Place Between The US & Russia

All about whether secret talks are going on between the USA and Russia over this Ukraine fiasco.  Deadly fiasco.

This is all supposed to be hi-falutin' special stuff the realm of in-the-know experts far removed from the common run.  International politics, you know.

Factors and forces of global significance and intricacy only a tad removed from cosmic in scale and nature. Not really for us to worry our pretty little heads about.

Just for us to stand by ready to take arms and do or die when required.

Well I think the situation at this juncture might be capable of illustration by contemplation of theoretical pack of dogs.

We are, after all, considering humanity functioning at the most basic, elemental, raw level.  Engaged upon no holds barred struggles for who gets the biggest and best chunks of meat off the carcass.

It's a fight for carrion really.  Not really a fight to create carrion, to bring down the prey.  Nope. That's too easily done.  By this strange madness of the human the human can be got to bring down the human and create the 'carrion' that the carrion feeders feast upon.

No. Creation of the carrion is not the point.

It is the warring between the carrion eaters is the point.

The way I see it the carrion eaters of the Western world were (and are) well known to each other.  They had/have their pecking order well worked out, well understood, well observed.  They have their respective areas of influence and generally keep to them. They have their customary tithes, imposts, tributes etc.

It is a finely honed system overall and like perhaps fighters within a large gymnasium largely closed to the public they're warm and comfortable in their and know each other and vie and jockey for position and advantage.

Whether at the top of the heap or at the bottom, whether enjoying and profiting or hating and losing all are part of the club and enjoy that feeling. Share a sense of belonging. Contribute to the club.

When a possible new member comes along for an automatic beginning all the club members are suspicious and uninviting, hostile even.

And that is what happened to Russia.

Arising from the ashes of the USSR Russia stood and said 'I am' and the club looked at Russia and said 'Do you really think so?'

'Then what position do you think you occupy in the club?'

'Do you really want to be a member? We play hardball here, sonny, realise that?'

Get the idea? See the analogy? The illustration?

The dogs saw a new dog come into the circle around the carrion and and naturally and instinctively that new dog had to shoulder its way in and make its presence felt and establish its right to be there, stay there and take a chunk of meat.

I'm mixing two metaphors:  the 'gentlemen's club' and the 'pack of dogs' but perhaps that's alright?

The dogs are concentrating on the carrion, not on each other. They accept any new dogs, any, more or less.  But if there's not enough meat for all then the weaker, the smaller, the unfit, they go without and they die.

Until a new dog 'proves itself' or 'asserts itself' it is treated by default as a weak interloper and no one gives it any room at all.  They all snap at it. Snarl at it. Bare their teeth at it.

You know the idea in the pack and in the boardroom and the club is to be a 'friend' of the biggest dog so that the biggest dog will accept you feasting by his side at the carcass.

You do that by demonstrating you are as tough as the biggest dog so that it is more trouble than it is worth for the biggest dog to try to drive you away.  You become a 'henchman'. You become his 'sidekick'.  You protect his flanks.  They have to go through you to get at  him.  He's untroubled during his feasting by starved interlopers dashing in and out because you keep them away.

So it is all a question of proving yourself to where you get accepted and then order is re established and feasting can continue with the 'new dog' taking his rightful place, no ascertained, proven, established.

Russia has demonstrated she is no half starved chicken shit little cur that'll run away whining, yelping, at a snap, at a baring of the teeth.

So: she gets accepted.

And the pack moves on to the next carrion.

Ukraine was never in contention as one of the 'carrion eaters'.  Ukraine was always prey.  All that was in question was: is Russia prey or Predator?

Russia is predator.  Russia speaks their language. Russia belongs in the club.  Can do all they can do.

Sounds bad for us.

The 'predators' are, of course, the money interests behind the scenes. That transnational money interests that don't really belong to this State or that State.

That for instance are happy to see Germany destroyed while owning the German government,  that are happy to see America destroying itself while owning the American government and so on.

All of them without any care or consideration not only for the people of the States with which they are identified but not even caring for the State itself: happy to ruin the whole State as Germany and USA are being ruined now.

Yet nevertheless they're clearly somehow or other associated with different States and there's a group that is 'Russia' just as there's a group that more or less is 'America'.

Somehow they need these 'elected' govt entities to help them function.  I suppose its all quite predictable and ordinary really: without govts and their record keeping and law maintenance how could you have any riches in that country?

So it sounds bad but perhaps the difference is that the 'Russian group' is better, or better controlled, than the 'American group'.

In Russia it seems Putin has a lively interest in the oligarchs within and without his country.   And though there are those who claim he dances to their tune entirely I doubt it is true.

And there's the hope.

Putin tries to get the carrion eaters to help the nation.

In the USA the govt IS the carrion eaters. There is no Putin to attempt to control or influence them.




Perhaps some signs of sense… ?

From 'resident' the Telegram channel.  google translated:

The US is beginning to talk about a plan for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine

The American publication The National Interest published an article according to which Western countries and Kyiv are to blame for the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. From the author's point of view, Washington should have kept its promise not to expand NATO eastward after 1991. By ignoring its agreements with Russia, the United States created a threat to its security. Ukraine is a traditional zone of Moscow’s influence, so its entry into a military alliance with Russia’s main geopolitical enemy was unacceptable. Kiev also had to understand how their desire to join the EU and NATO would turn out. In addition, Ukraine should have solved the Donbass problem through negotiations, not military force.

The author of the article believes that the United States needs to initiate the start of the peace process. Ukraine will still not be able to achieve success outside of the battlefield, so there is no point in endlessly prolonging the war. From the author's point of view, there are only two obstacles to negotiations – Ukrainian law prohibiting them, and pressure from Washington. If the United States decides that the time for negotiations has come, then the law will be repealed – without American help, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will still not be able to continue to fight.

The author believes that Western countries need to refuse Ukraine's entry into NATO, and in exchange for this it should be offered security guarantees, including from the United States and Russia. At the same time, he notes that all the territories lost by Ukraine will not return to it, and Kyiv must ensure respect for rights and guarantee the safety of the entire Russian-speaking population of the country. The author also proposes to create a demilitarized buffer zone between countries. At the same time, he noted that if negotiations are not started right now, Ukraine will have to agree to much worse conditions.

Gradually, Western countries are beginning to discuss specific plans for a peaceful settlement. Apparently, their leadership has realized that ignoring Russian interests is unacceptable, so any peace plan must respect them and contain significant concessions to Moscow.

And here is the link:

End of Smartphones? It's a nothing more than a wallplug.

I saw a video on YT called 'The end of smartphones is near' by a Mr Joe Scott.

It goes on and on and all down the wrong track I think.

So it prompted me to say this which I'd like to repeat here:

0 seconds ago

concentrating on smartphones is like concentrating on wall power plugs. It's not the plug that's important it is the electricity it brings. at the moment everyone is asleep. that's how come the USA is the 'evil empire', that's how come the Ukraine war, that's how come the Covid madness, that's how come the human-caused climate change lie, that's how come everything! the proof of that is this very video where he 'concentrates on the wall plug'. Listen: the thing is the people of the world were told that they had 'democracy' but they didn't. they couldn't. the world was not ready for it. the world could not deliver it. Why not? Because democracy is government of the people by the people. But how the hell could the people possibly govern themselves? They didn't know what the hell was/is going on. They couldn't every single on of them talk to the government, let their wishes be known. Christ, they couldn't even talk to each other find out what the group was thinking. They couldn't access the masses of data in the world, discover the facts about things. If they did find data they didn't have the expertise to interpret it. If they had the expertise they didn't have the computing power. So. So what they got was 'representative democracy'. Where every few years you get to choose between two points of view. And that was it. The end. Okay? Right? Isn't it so? BUT Now all is different. ALL. Because of the 'electricity' that the smartphone delivers into our headspace. We can now do ALL those things we couldn't do before. ALL. And more. And THAT'S the exciting news of the decade, the millenium. Pass that around. Think on that. Take your eyes off the plug and the pretty distracting pictures and the inane nonsense and seize the world.

And here is a link to his  video.  I guess I owe him that.  🙂

A horror spreading across the world ?

Got to get it into proportion. When I first stumbled across this today I was staggered, shocked to the core.  It felt like the end of the world.  A sudden revelation that all the world has fallen to bits.

But we have all of Africa in the main, I think?  All India? There's 1.5billion.

And all China,  there's another 1.5 billion.

Whew. So it isn't so bad.  But it is BAD.  As though there wasn't enough bad with this 'evil empire' busy destroying everything and everyone it can find.

There's a cure.  Spread the word.  What word?  The stone cold sensible facts have been revealed and are revealed again and again to people almost on a daily basis.

The 'mystery' of life is no mystery any more.  The NDE people keep coming 'back' and telling us the truth.

That's the 'cure'.

And here is the problem:



I am guilt ridden.  At a low but chronic level.  I find.  To my surprise.

It went undetected all my life.  Now I find it lurking there.  A sort of substratum.

Guilt about what?  About not doing enough.   Doing what?  It doesn't matter. Not specified.  The point is I should be doing.  Merely to be doing is the thing.

But:  here's the rub – no matter how much I do the guilt can never assuaged, sated.  It is always there saying 'don't stop'.

Is this common? Is this the Anglo-saxon 'original sin' thing?