You gotta laugh…


Got this from MoA, too, today:
Dmitry Medvedev writes: 

Israel keeps postponing its ground operation in Gaza. Mostly under pressure from the United States and fearing global anger.

But do not flatter yourself. The operation will take place, and will result in the most serious bloody consequences. Moloch always demands more and more victims, and the machine of mutual violence will now work for years.

In addition, the West is very tired of Ukraine. And he enthusiastically took up the support of Israel. Even the new speaker of the US House of Representatives, Michael Jackson (sorry, Mike Johnson, although what difference does it make), called helping Tel Aviv his first business.

Or maybe it's better to resume the Middle East settlement process and finally try to implement UN Security Council Resolution No. 242 of 11/22/67? Or even the original Plan for the partition of Palestine, adopted on November 29, 1947 by UNGA Resolution No. 181?

Those questions are, of course, rhetorical. After all, it is much more interesting to divide the loot for someone else's war away from the USA. The war must go on…

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Alistair Crooke's new post includes the secret…

Alistaire Crooke has a piece today in the 'Strategic Culture Foundation'  within which I found this quote from an Israeli 'senior war Cabinet source' :

"This is the most important point — ‘our deterrence’”, the senior war Cabinet source said. “The region must quickly understand that whoever harms Israel the way Hamas did, pays a disproportionate price. There is no other way to survive in our neighbourhood than to exact this price now, because many eyes are fixed on us and most of them do not have our best interests at heart”.

See that?   Just like the Americans.  They're both exactly the same.  They see no options in the world bar brute force and unchallenged supremacy for themselves.

It's like talking to a mad dog, that's exactly the way it sees the world.

A link to the piece:

Escalations Cannot Be Stopped – The White House Is Rattled; Escalations Might All Fuse Into ‘One’

Lovely example…

I just lifted this from MoonofAlabama.  An excellent site which pretends to be like a 'public bar',  a pub, you know?  Publishes some good stuff.  Has a noisy opinionated clientele all talking at once in a format that forbids easy following of threads..  very much like a pub.  If they don't mind me doing so: I recommend it.

I read this today and thought it really funny and sadly real:


From 'October 27th'  'Two Middle East Outlooks'

Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor and dimwit, had written a laudation of his own and his bosses foreign policy for the November print edition of Foreign Affairs. The piece was finalized before the war in Palestine had begun.

The Sources of American Power
A Foreign Policy for a Changed World

Indeed, although the Middle East remains beset with perennial challenges, the region is quieter than it has been for decades.The progress is fragile, to be sure. But it is also not an accident.

[The president's] approach returns discipline to U.S. policy. It emphasizes deterring aggression, de-escalating conflicts, and integrating the region through joint infrastructure projects and new partnerships, including between Israel and its Arab neighbors. And it is bearing fruit.

This disciplined approach frees up resources for other global priorities, reduces the risk of new Middle Eastern conflicts, and ensures that U.S. interests are protected on a far more sustainable basis. Challenges remain. The Israeli-Palestinian situation is tense, particularly in the West Bank, but in the face of serious frictions, we have de-escalated crises in Gaza and restored direct diplomacy between the parties after years of its absence.

There you go.  'Leaders of the free world'.  (choke, choke).  You can trust every word they say, can't you?  Really got their finger on the pulse, right?


What is a Nation.

I just had an exchange with a middle aged Greek, apparently.   I put myself out a bit knocking out a kinda long winded response to him which altogether kinda summarises my thoughts, feelings, attitudes towards a fair chunk of this Ukraine thing and perhaps even the world in general.

(p.s. what a drag, turns out I can't just copy and paste because I lose all formatting. aaarrgghh…  have to edit the  whole thing… labour, labour, labour..)

So I'm going to keep that exchange right here so's I've got it when I want to find it:

3 minutes ago

 @abrogard142  Are these the same DPR battalion who shot down Malaysian Flight 17? Justice will soon come for the victims of that war crime. Keep on admitting your DPR is an armed terrorist unit fighting the legitimate government that has indisputable sovereignty over the Donbass region, Ivan.

0 seconds ago


Hello. You raise an interesting point. I know nothing about it. Except of course the barest things. I certainly don't know if a DPR battalion shot down Flight 17. I therefore wouldn't know if this was the same battalion.

I can't 'keep on admitting..' because I never began.

The 'legitimate government' is clearly a matter of great dispute. And therefore 'indisputable sovereignty..' is also clearly disputable and is being disputed.

I think what you need to get clear: what everyone needs to get clear, is what you mean by 'a nation'.


Now is 'a nation' a stretch of country? Or is it a people? Or is it a government? Or it is a mere idea? Or all of the above? Or none of the above?

It's like 'conversations' ( i.e. acrimonious illogical shouting matches ) about 'god' and religion.

There is never clear definition of the terms used.

Now I tend to agree with the Jews. Shall we say. For an example.

For they consider 'the nation' to be the people. A people. A group of people who self identify as being a group.

There was a 'Jewish Diaspora', you know? When they had no land of their own and were spread around the world. 'Lost Jews'.

But they always considered themselves a nation. A nation in need of land.

Now I tend to think along those lines at least in the beginning. I certainly don't follow the Jewish line of thoughts to where it is today but the first bit: ' a nation is a people ' I certainly do agree with.

And so does the United Nations, I think, or some similarly self important august body.

For they have enshrined in their 'legislation' the 'right to self determination' which is a right that 'people' have.

Not that 'land' has, not that 'governments' have, not that 'ideas' have. But something that a collection of people have.

Similarly it is an idea that Kiev Ukrainians at least once used to have for I remember early in this conflict before they settled down into their set mantras, memes, doctrines, they would loudly proclaim they 'had a right to self determination'.

They did that, of course, because those that spoke it were the more rabid nationalists. And what they meant was that they were trying to create a 'pure' Ukrainian nation and they had every right to do that.

Well they were wrong.

You don't have any rights to 'create' nations. Nations are gatherings of people.

They create themselves. That is: they manifest as they manifest. That manifestation IS the manifestation of that nation as it IS.

It is for us all to recognise that.

Not for us to look at it and say this won't do, I'm going to have to change this: you must manifest THIS way or else you are not a nation.

That's just simple logic. But apart from the simple logic as applied to the theory of what they were doing there was the actual pragmatic fact of what was happening before their very eyes.

THEY were not 'self determining' – DONBAS was.

THEY were actually denying the Donbas their right to self determination.

When those two facts filtered into their consciousnesses they stopped shouting those words.

We haven't heard them for a long time.

So anyway what I am simply saying, excuse my laborious spelling it out, I am trying to be clear, is that the nation of Ukraine is its people and no one and nothing (but nature) (and in Kiev's case, the USA) has sovereignty over them.

They choose their own 'sovereigns'.

This is their right.

For it is all people's right and it's the way it works in nature in the end anyway.

Pointless to fight against it.

Now here is the point: You seem to think the 'legitimate government' has 'absolute sovereignty' over the Donbas region.

You are not clear what you mean by that but I think it is a fair guess you mean all the land, all the property and all the people.

Well they simply do not. Read what I've said.

I will stop now. Because it is no use flogging a dead horse.

You either, by now, begin to understand or you don't and if you don't me saying more isn't going to help is it?

I'll finish with this though:    Consider these three things:

. In the Christian bible it says 'ye shall know them by their fruits'.
. Viktor Orban says 'the first duty of the politician is to protect his people'
. Ukraine is the people of Ukraine: count the 40 million that existed before all this and still exist somewhere now.

And now ask yourself this in the light of those three things:
"What have been the fruits of governance by Kiev and USA and how well have they protected their people and by how much have they strengthened that nation?"

If you are satisfied by the answer you get you and I live on entirely different planets.

What a lovely day…


Well I've had a beautiful day today and I'm still having it, in fact.

You can tell that simply by the fact that I'm 'publishing' this, as wordpress would have it. (always seems to grand perhaps, or something, somehow inappropriate: 'publishing'.  I'm publishing nothing.  I just write on my computer and press a key.

Anyway. It has been beautiful and I realise I never, ever make blog posts or even emails or FB posts etc. that declare such a fact. Never.

And nor does anyone else. In my experience.

But I have endless amounts of beautiful days.  I've had millions of them.  Bit of poetic license there, I'm not quite that old yet.   But you know what I mean.

I've had far, far, far more good days than I've ever had bad days.

And that's by the 'grace of god'.  For I've done little to arrange things so's good days will result. Quite the contrary in fact.  Quite the contrary.

I am sorry that the world is full of so much suffering.  The older I get the more I realise the truth of that.  Sometimes it seems like that is all that I learn: more and more about the ubiquity and myriad aspects, manifestions of hurt, harm.

I am sorry.  I don't think it was my doing.  Reality is so mysterious perhaps in some way it was.  In some tiny specific ways here and there it quite definitely was: I have done harm.  Well. Haven't we all.

Convenient 'mitigation' for me.

But the big picture. The horrible truth. The suffering of so many all across the world.

I didn't do that.

I feel guilty for being so happy. For having it so good. I just can't express it. How good I've had it. All my life. All my life. I have had the most wonderful life I can imagine. I'm still having it.

Perhaps in the privacy of their own minds, just as I'm in the privacy of mine, most everyone in the world is coming to the same conclusion.

That seems impossible to me when I look out on the world.

Totally and absolutely impossible.

But it is the only straw of hope that I have.

And I can't say any more.  I've run out of inspiration.

Where was I? Oh, yes.  I just wanted to say:  I have it good.  I have it great.

And I love it.  And always have. With all my ups and downs.

Really. I love.  I thank god for it.  Really.  I do.

And I wish for everyone to enjoy what I enjoy.



So this is how it is done. Best we start doing it…

'Give me a child until he is 10 and I will have him for life' or something similar said, who was it – the Jesuits?

Well apparently our good friends the Kiev Ukrainians, the Nazis and the USA (of course) think the same way.  Here's a wonderfully hi res informative video about just how to do it.

Bring it to the attention of our noble leaders and they can start organising the camps right away:

You ponder it….

Just contemplate it yourself.