The Most Important News.

All the Most Important News is news about the pandemic of Malfeasance.

We’ve got three pandemics:

. A Respiratory viral epidemic in various mutations.

. A doubtful, dubious, ineffectual vaccine in various mutations.

. Malfeasance perverting and destroying democracy and the rule of law throughout the world.

Respiratory infections we’ve been overcoming for centuries, millenia and generally without government interference we overcome them swiftly and with minimal damage and with the help and cooperation of all.

Vaccine damages are more insidious  but they  too can be and will be dealt with in due time.

But Malfeasance is like a cancer rotting the very bones.  It has already reached the stage of making it the de facto standard that democracy can be suspended at any time on the whim of one man and tyrannical powers adopted.

This is beyond horrifying.  If you want to put it in the old religious terms, in terms of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ it is literally handing the world over to the devil, to the forces of darkness and destruction.

This lady’s account is topical, true and a dramatic presentation of this horror.  Everyone should be aware of it. Everyone should be up in arms about it.

Few seem to understand but it represent literally the end of our civilisation.  Hyperbolic dramatism you say?  It’s all still there. The cities, the towns, the industries. All still there.

Yep. It is all still there.  But where it was peopled by people before, with ‘human’ rights and freedoms, possibilities, abilities, it is after this wholescale adoption of standard malfeasance people by drones, serfs, peons, peasants, mere animatronics – things, mere ‘things’.

You can say the civilisation is still there because you look at the material.  But where is the civilisation when the people are gone?

You look at yourself and friends and say ‘well, we’re still here’ don’t you?  But you’re not still there.  Not as you think of yourself.  You can at this minute at any time be imprisoned without cause, without trial, without representation, without sentence – on suspicion not even of having a disease but of having been somewhere you might have got it!

And that would be a mere example, a minor example.  A relatively trivial example of what’s happening.   Read this:

Robert Malone Spells It Out For Us


This is a stirring speech.  And a speech full of truth.

The most basic, elementary truth.

Truth that has been and is trampled on worldwide right now, even in Australia.  Even in Australia.

Everyone needs to read this and most especially those whose duty it is to protect us against Malfeasance for its Malfeasance is the disease that’s spread around the globe.

Malfeasance. Failure to do your honest Duty.

Sanity Begins to Show… Madness Over !


There’s a terrible plague of insanity amongst the world’s elected ‘leaders’ and their acolytes and it won’t be cured overnight. If ever.

For it is doubtful that it ever will be. Truly.

But be thankful for small mercies.   The light or some semblance of it begins to shine in some places, thank God