They’re hysterical about Putin again.

Some people were murdered in England with a nerve agent and it is all supposed to be Putin’s doing.

The same as the Syrian stuff:  no proof and an absence of apparent benefit of any kind to Putin – together with demonstrable harm to him.

Why this hysterical hatred of Russia and Putin?  Why?  I just don’t understand it.

He has 150 million people.  And he’s stuck up there at the top of the globe, effectively an island and surrounded, isolated, alone.

In fact he is militarily surrounded by NATO apparently.  Contrary to promises and agreements I think.

What does anyone think he is going to do?  Invade the world?  Take over the world?

China is going to take over the world.  And/or India. They are doing it now.

And the ‘barbarians’, i.e. the untutored, poor – the Africans, they’ve invaded Europe.

What is the point of demonising and hating Russia?

It couldn’t be that International Affairs and Politics are so fundamentally rubbish that it is all in the interests of distracting the public, giving them something to worry about and by inference needing politicians?

Not something as poor, limited, senseless, base as that, surely?