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What profit to Ukraine this war?

Add up all the deaths, destructions, injury, cripplings, trauma etc…

Compare with the deaths, destructions, injury, cripplings,  trauma etc..  if Ukraine had been allowed by the USA to accede to Putins demands.

What’s the conclusion?   Slam dunk.  Ukraine on a hiding to nothing.  All this for NIL benefit for them.

Get on your smartphone.  Get the number of any soldier in the war there who’s snuck in or retained his phone and point all that out to him.  And give him a link to this the real reason why they’re risking their life and limb:

http://Arsenal of Autocracy? The Major Weapons Makers Cash in Worldwide, Not Just Ukraine by Editor May 25, 2022


Phony Covid Death Toll

A good report with reasoning and facts about how the beat up about the Covid ‘death toll’ in the USA is totally bull.

But that’s the bull that our government in Aus has used to screw the country in a myriad ways for the last two years – not the least of which ways was the running up of a 600 BILLION dollar debt.

It’s all totally phony.

And now the bastards (excuse the language but it’s only a colloquialism,  just as colloquially speaking when I asked for harmless Ivermectin for I thought it may save my life, possibly, as told by hundreds of doctors, they said (colloquially) ‘die you bastard’. )

where was I?

Oh, yes  …  ‘and now’   they want us to elect them
AGAIN for another term during which they can swan around spending ONE BILLION DOLLARS A DAY to ‘fight’ something that isn’t even there!  And screw the country at the same time.

And notice this: In ALL the political propaganda we’re being inundated with now including from all the ‘newcomer’ parties – NO ONE mentions all that.  NO ONE.

Why?  Because they know a large percentage of the population was totally taken in by the propaganda and they are all frightened of alienating that percentage and not getting voted in because of that.

Even though generally they have no chance of being voted in anyway.  Many of them.

And my point here is GUTLESSNESS and PHONY.

I don’t want to elect any party, any person who wants to smarm their way in by omitting to tell important truths such as you and your country has been and is being and will be shafted by a whole massive lying scam.

Do you?

So what to do?  Well there’s apparently NO ONE good to vote for.  No one.  Not one party/person that I see.  But maybe you can find someone.

Failing that I’d say vote for the most isolated independent you can find.  Just to ‘waste’ the votes, keep them away from the existing.  Just to get this lot OUT.

ALL of them.

We need a totally new paradigm or something.  We need an ethos within which the TRUTH is told fearlessly, not hidden in smarmy attempts to ‘get in’ at any cost.


Here’s a good rundown on how phony the whole USA bullshit fear mongering ‘One million deaths’ thing is:

Send This To Your Politicians…. (re Covid)

The Attorney General of Indiana USA sent a response to the USA Surgeon General’s request for information on Covid Misinformation and the harm caused by such.

Here some of it is, taken from a  post of Tom Wood’s newsletter:

the following examples of disinformation from the CDC and other health organizations that have shattered the public’s trust in science and public health and will take decades to repair.”

The document then lays out the problems with lockdowns and masks, refutes the claim that the jabs could prevent transmission (the basis for the various vaccine passports and mandates), and criticizes the authorities for overcounting Covid deaths and denying natural immunity.

Then, too, it criticizes the practice of mass asymptomatic testing: “Mass testing of asymptomatic individuals with contact tracing and quarantining of people who test positive has failed to substantively slow the progress of the epidemic and has imposed great costs on people who were quarantined even though they posed no risk of infecting others.”

“Three facts are crucial to understanding why this policy has failed,” it continues. “First, even close contacts of someone who tests positive for the SARS-Cov-2 virus are unlikely to pass the disease on. In a large meta-analysis of household contacts of asymptomatic positive cases, only 3% of people living in the same home got sick.

“Second, the PCR test that has been used to identify asymptomatic infections often returns a positive result for people who have dead viral fragments, are not infectious, and pose no risk of infecting others.

“And third, the contact tracing system becomes overwhelmed whenever cases start to rise, leading to long delays in contacting new cases. At precisely the moment when contact tracing might be needed, it cannot do its job.

“At the same time, quarantining people is costly – for workers without adequate sick leave, absenteeism due to contact tracing means pay cuts, lost opportunities, and perhaps even an inability to feed families. For children, it means more skipped lessons and missed opportunities for academic and social growth at school, with long-run negative consequences for their future prospects. In the UK, an official government review determined that its 37 billion pound investment in contact tracing was a waste of resources. The same is undoubtedly true in the United States.”

Then it takes on the implicit and sometimes explicit claim and goal of total eradication of Covid, even though it bore none of the characteristics of a disease that could be eradicated. The process of trying to do so, meanwhile, would cause incalculable damage:

“First, we have no technology to reduce the spread of the disease or meaningfully alter disease dynamics. Lockdowns and social restrictions fail because only people who can afford to work from home without losing their job can comply over long periods….

“Second, there are many animal hosts for SARS-CoV-2 and evidence of transmission between mammals and humans. One USDA study in late 2021 found that nearly 80% of white-tailed deer in the U.S. had evidence of COVID-19 antibodies. Dogs, cats, bats, mink, and many other mammals can get COVID-19. So even if the disease were eradicated among humans, zoonotic transmission would guarantee that it would come back.

“Finally, eradication takes a global commitment from every country – an impossible goal since COVID-19 eradication is far from the most pressing public health problem for many developing countries.”

So as usual, the real misinformation comes from the official sources, and the statement by the Indiana Attorney General is a rare case in which this problem is publicly acknowledged and countered.

That’s what Tom published.  If I can get hold of the original document I’ll print it all.

Meanwhile I suggest we all send copies of what we have to every one of our politicians particularly those who here in Australia ran up a debt to lay on all of us of $600BILLION on the pretext of ‘fighting’ this non-existent threat in these totally spurious ways.

AND we could write to the Indiana govt and commend them and their Attorney General Todd Rokita on the sterling job they’ve done and the example they’ve set for the rest of the world.

There’s no email address that I know of to email them directly but they have an online form we can use.  It is necessary to have a USA address but I used the address of their public library and explained myself in the text.  I think we could all do that.

The Central Library:

40 East Saint Clair Street
Indianapolis, Idiana     Zip:   46204
Phone:   317-275-4100

When they get back to me they may come up with a direct email or at least amend their form to allow foreigners more easily use it

Yep.  Big hooray for Todd Rokita and Indiana USA.    🙂

p.s.  Here’s Tom Wood’s post from where I got all this:


What Should Happen Now?

Election time.  They just buried our Democracy and ripped us off for $600 BILLION in Australia and now they want us to re-elect them.

AND they’re sending emails asking for donations.

What should happen now?  Well here’s a suggestion from the excellent book

‘The Great Covid Panic’ by Paul Frijters, Gigi Foster, and Michael Baker



Ideally, there should now be justice and renewal. Politicians and medical advisors should be held to account, offending scientific journals (like The Lancet) should be abolished, and the halls of science should see soul-searching and a recognition that the core scientific mission was betrayed en masse. Parents should apologise to their children for disrupting their education and their childhood. Truth commissions should nurture open discussion of the stupidity of the last 18 months so that populations can come to terms with what they have been subjected to and often participated in.

To achieve renewal, the structures of institutionalised medical advice should be broken down and so too the whole zero-risk industry. The Big Tech companies and other ‘Big’ contributors to the madness should be broken up into smaller companies and taxed at reasonable rates. Citizen juries should make nearly all the top appointments that are currently decided by politicians. The royal courts of state, national and international governments should be cleansed of the bullshitters that now dominate, retaining only skeleton crews and skeleton regulation. In sum, the window of opportunity should be seized upon to clean up all the elements of our institutions that have proven corrupt, incompetent, or weak.


I suggest you get the book and read it.  It’s less than 5 bucks American for the ebook on Amazon.  Why not?

I would. I did.  And I’m glad.


Where Are The Warmongers?

Russian military expenditure per person/per  year:

About  $330.

Australia: About $1000

America:     About $2000.  Per person.  Per Year.

Total military spending per year:

Russia:  65  Billion dollars.  With 150 million people.

Australia: 35 Billion dollars.   With 25 million people.

USA:  800 Billion dollars.  With 350 million people.

Yep:  65Billion, 35Billion, 800Billion.    Those are the proportions.

Sending (a total by now) $60 Billion to Ukraine is small beer for the USA, traditionally.  Its wars generally cost more than that:

Gulf War:    116 Billion

Korean War:  389 Billion

Vietnam:   843 Billion

Afghanistan 910 Billion

Iraq 1 Trillion

It’s not called a ‘military industrial complex’ for nothing.

The biggest threat to peace in the USA is world peace. Would kill their biggest industry.  Which is why they have to continually foment wars.

Even now.  When they’re broke and everything is falling apart.

A habit.  It’s a habit with them.  They know nothing else.

Vaccines ARE the problem

Well more and more that’s what it looks like.

Look at this.  Unfortunately to read the whole thing you have to sign up for a ‘7 day free trial’ which you probably wouldn’t want to do.   But the first bit is quite enough.  It tells the story, shows the stats for half of it.

The other half (covid rates) we have to find for ourselves.  That should be easy enough.

Well it is.  I just found the Vermont govt covid site and they’re reporting 126,000 +  ‘new cases’.  I’ve taken a screenshot to keep lest it goes away.

Here’s where that is:


and here’s where the original article I’m talking about is: