How they all use the wrong language when talking about the war:

They ALL use the wrong language or more precisely some specific words,  completely wrongly when reporting and publishing their YT vids and so on.

Sometimes I get stirred up enough to post a comment about it.  Here’s my most recent. I’ll smarten up and just copy and past this in future. I invite anyone and everyone to do the same thing.

In the interests of doing some tiny thing towards ending this thing sooner.

So here it is, apropo of any YT vid or site text:

He misleads you when he says ‘Russian forces’ and when he says ‘Ukrainians’.

Quite deliberately. He knows full well the ‘Russian Forces’ are actually the forces of the Donbas Ukrainians as well and even primarily because it is their country that is invaded and occupied by Kiev and which the conflict is trying to clear. AND they have been fighting for eight years and fight now to defend them.

And he knows full well that ‘Ukraine’ should apply to Kiev AND to the armed forces of the 10 million Donbas residents hated, denigrated and persecuted by Kiev.

So if anything it really is ‘Kiev Ukraine‘ and ‘Allied Forces‘ are the words that should be used.

I used to think it was just laziness or ignorance, inattention. But they ALL do it.

ALL the ‘objective’ or ‘unbiased’ and even ‘Russophile’ commentators. They ALL do it.

And the problem is, of course, that it helps the doubtful believe that the whole conflict really IS what the USA and KIev would have you believe it is: an unprovoked invasion by Russian into Ukraine.

And so they’ll happily let their governments send more money and guns and ammo and whatever ‘to help the Ukrainians’ – never dreaming for a minute that the Ukrainians they are helping are the American stooge Ukrainians and they’re being helped to destroy their brothers: the Donbas Ukrainians.

So why? Well I think it’s the platform: YT, and the current way things are in the media since Covid.

They don’t want to get deplatformed.

So they publish these videos ostensibly telling truths while subliminally heavily promoting the prevailing wicked USA narrative.

He is, they are, stooges for the American disinformation campaign.

That’s why they let Doug Macgregor keep on singing his song. Which is simple enough. ‘Ukraine cannot win.’

Seems at first sight to promote the Donbas cause, doesn’t it? Russophiles eagerly view all Doug Macgregor vids because that song pleases them.

But what does it do by way of subliminal propaganda? It makes your run of the mill American and the warlords etc. think that what is necessary is to double down on the aid. Send more and more and more…

Doug Macgregor, wittingly or unwittingly is overall simply a tool of the American disinformation plan.

The same with Scott Ritter, another one song, one hit wonder. He sings unceasingly a very similar song to Doug’s. You won’t beat the Russian military.

So what’s the message to the average Yank from that? You’ve got to try harder, vote more money… He is the same, wittingly or unwittingly a tool for the propagandists.

You can well imagine the ‘advisors’ to Biden and such laying these things before them: Ritter says they can’t be beat at present, we don’t have this, that… Macgregor says the Ukrainians are being beaten to a pulp…. Brian Berletic says the aid we give is paltry…. and so on… their loud opinions are all quotable as reasons for going harder, giving more aid etc…

Yes, I know, Ritter will tell history about the justice of the Russian side’s cause. So will Macgregor.. So will Berletic. And so on. Here and there. Few minutes in this vid or that.

But overall their messages are simply what I’ve said AND they’re all couched in that erroneous simplistic language where ‘supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians‘ really means supporting Kiev and Kiev Ukrainians and totally ignoring the other half.

Where the enemy is always ‘Russia‘ even though thousands of Donbas Ukrainians have suffered in the trenches for the last eight years.

What can you do about that?

Tell the truth when you can.

Don’t use that language. Be specific.

Say ‘I support Donbas Ukraine‘ and give them time to figure it out.. Say ‘the Allies broke through here or there…’ and let them figure that out..

Say ‘the invaders are being pushed back out of Donbas back towards Kiev..’

Put concepts in their minds that almost no one is putting there. Because that’s the best way to shorten this war.

200,000 dead and counting.

And the raving lunacy of the USA and its arselicking sycophants completely unabated..

And the mass media more stupidly biased than ever.. And even such as the ‘best’ channels faulty, deeply faulty, in the way I describe… It depends upon us… us little individuals… one by one… do your bit,…. quietly spread the word…