Near Death Experiences And Love, Truth.

check out NDE (near death experiences) and Child Reincarnation vids on youtube and you could well become convinced that we are all really just eternal spirits having a life on earth involved in matter for some reason – generally said to be educational, to learn something for ourselves.

Seems pretty certain. Then if you look a little more you’ll maybe see that while everyone seems to have the same overall things happen to them they seem to tell the story of it in their own religious terms, if they have a religion. And the more they have a religion the more kinda ‘freaky’ or peculiar to themselves their telling gets.

The more they people it with their own ‘people’, from their own faith, though going over their accounts no on in their account actually claimed to be this or that person or for this or that thing to be the truth.

They just all actually seem to have an experience of feeling enormous unconditional love, of having all knowledge instantly available to them, of being able to contact at any time anyone they’ve ever known and of being on earth to do something which they have to go back and do.

They come back and tell that story in their own particular way which seems very much to be their own interpretation of it rather than a simple recounting of it.

So that’s where I’m at these days: I see all religions as attempts to explain the truth to people by analogy, by metaphor etc and from, by, people who themselves have had NDE’s and are reincarnates with patchy recall and so on.

A very, very difficult job Never underestimate just how difficult it can be to teach human beings things. Look at two major religions today: Islam and Christianity and see how they perform when practiced by their adherents.

Apparently in places like northern syria you can be stopped and asked what religion you belong to and if you give the wrong answer you are killed immediately. Now what has that got to do with the truth of reality? of human life? of good action, good behaviour, sanity, reason, sense?

Those obviously insane murderers firmly believe themselves to be acting in accord with the wishes of their god.

That’s how hard it is. that’s how crazy people can get.

So it is not hard for me to believe that simply trying to tell people what life is ‘really like’ – i.e. ‘on the other side’ or ‘in heaven’ or ‘after death’ or ‘in a previous life’ has led to this mishmash of weird beliefs and cults and superstitions and mystic writings etc., etc…

None of which is necessary at all. None. None of those religions, none of those writings, none of the preaching.

According to common sense and according to what we hear from these NDE people and those reincarnations that remember enough to tell us anything the whole thing boils down to simply: Love.

You are/we are in reality loved unconditionally by reality itself (creation, the creator, god, whatever…). We are apparently totally loved no matter what. The whole of everything is in fact love.

So love. Simple as that.

Too hard? Can’t go around kissing everyone. Certainly can’t go around having intercourse with everyone. How to do it? See? It already begins to shade off into weird, wordy explanations tending towards ‘books’ and bibles.. Now we have to have a book of instruction.. it all begins…

But not necessary. Let’s not do it.

Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you is enough.

That’s how to love. In practical ordinary real world terms.

As simple and easy as that.

All else is sheer and utter unnecessary bullshit.

Now if that’s not good news I don’t know what is.


The Malevolaj Virus

Pogroms, Massacres, Atrocities, Ethnic Cleansing.


Happening all the time. Current affairs always include the presence of some such. They are going on right now.


People such as I are always trying to decide where the truth is: which side is right and which side is wrong. It gets very hard to do.


Always there seems to be wrongdoing on both sides.


We finish up deciding the question can’t be decided.


But more and more I think the question is decided before we start. We’re just not looking at things correctly.


It’s not really a question of which side did wrong, which country did wrong. It’s not even a question of was this right or was this wrong.


It is simple. The wrongdoers are those who kill, torture, torment, persecute, maim others.


That’s the wrongdoing and they are the wrongdoers.


In the end it is we the people who must take responsibility for our own acts.


It is we who are the mass murderers, etc. Not ‘the State’, not ‘this country’ or ‘that country’ or ‘this organisation’ or ‘that organisation’.


It is individual people.


We can call them sick people if you like. Inflicted with a virus. Let’s invent a name for it: ‘malevolaj’, call it the ‘ malevolaj ‘ virus.


It is people inflicted with malevolaj who do all this horrific dirty work.


Then like doctors we could investigate these historical – and topical – events from the point of view of discovering the diseased and isolating and treating them.


Reporting on outbreaks of the disease. Predicting likely outbreaks,. Discerning factors leading towards outbreaks.


It is the malevolaj virus is the problem. The ‘elephant in the room’ that never gets discussed.


How about a government issued an edict to its people, to its soldiers especially but also to its people – that it want them to go out into the street and hang themselves from lamp posts?


How many would obey? A tiny, tiny fraction of crazies.


But issue an edict that they must go out and hang others from lamp posts and how many obey?


Apparently an enormous fraction. We don’t have the figures, it is never looked at from this point of view.


But we have anecdotes and more evidence of mass operations and simple logistics and ergonomics can conjure up some estimates of numbers involved.


Those are outbreaks of malevolaj.


Without this virus there’d be no chance of a government being able to issue such an edict and have it acted upon.


We look at the world and we judge the evil to be those at the top of government who issue these edicts.


But in a sane and rational world they’re doing no more than talking nonsense. Issuing lunatic edicts that could never be acted upon.


Today, since the Mai Lai massacre it’d be that kind of lunacy to issue edicts to American troops that they go into unarmed villages and kill everyone.


I think.


Madness. You wouldn’t find anyone who’d do it.


It should be like that all the time in our nations. The sanity should, must, reside within every member of the population.


The insanity is the malevolaj virus. It needs recognising from the earliest age and rooting out.


Given a healthy population free of this virus and these things wouldn’t, couldn’t happen.


Anything less than that and it can and will happen.







They’re In Hiding And It Is Our Fault

I just wanted to query the procedure for plumbing an old septic tank system into the sewer line.

So I phoned them. And went through the mandatory ‘sort yourselves out to save us the trouble’ hurdles of phone options, key tapping, etc. to finally get through, after the mandatory ‘on hold’ time to a human operator.

Who was very pleasant and told me all I had to do was get the appropriate form which was online at their website.

You beaut. But when I went to the website I couldn’t find a form that identified itself as having anything at all to do with sewage at all.

I only found one form in fact and it seemed primarily concerned with fire services. What they have to do with Water services I don’t know.

But this seemed to be an online fill in form anyway and I wasn’t prepared to fill in anything at this time. I want to look ahead and see what’s entailed, not put in an application right now. Don’t have the answers to hand. Seeing I don’t yet know the questions.

So I thought I’ll email them and ask.

I much prefer email to phones because of things like this. Phone and you get sent off somewhere dubious: i.e. come the event it doesn’t work – and then you’re left again without an established connection but have to go back to square one with no record of progress to date. Which, of course, means progress to date: nil.

So I thought I’d email them. Surely there’d be an email connection? After all they’re such a wonderful organisation. Every page of their slick looking web site seemed to extol further their wonders, their magnificence, their virtues…

Nope. Nothing. Not an email address in sight.

But social media ! Facebook. Or Twitter. Yes. They’re there.

Lost in the herd. Anonymous and totally public all-shout-together spaces.

I am free to put my request on those sites.

So I try facebook. And get nowhere because it hangs and crawls and I can’t complete the post. This is not unusual in my experience. I don’t know why it is but it is peculiar to Facebook and I think it is something to do with them and perhaps the amount of traffic they carry. With everyone in the world trying to everything on their platform.

What a public utility is doing trying to carry on their business on such a platform is beyond me. Entirely. Seems totally inappropriate to me.

So I revert to Twitter and send off a tweet.

That’s the best I could do. And that’s what I’ve done. Added an anonymous, unofficial birdlike ‘tweet’ to the cacophanous thunderous roar of a billion ‘birds’ tweeting their nonsense.

Why did it come to that? Because the phone failed, as it so often does, and left me nowhere, which it always does by its very nature unless they ‘keep a recording’ as they always threaten to do – and because they offer no other option.

It is like they are hiding from us, isn’t it?

Keeping us at arms length. Staying as far away from us as they can get.

But they are not. Are they? Ever worked in a place like that? Hundreds, even thousands, of dumb little clerks each in their own cubicles doing the same processing day after day. Doing as they’re told. Doing what they’re told, the way they’re told.

They don’t want to hide from us. They would welcome interaction with us.

But they can’t get to us any more than we can get to them.

We are they. They are us.

But we are held apart.

Why? By whom?

By the IT department. And by the complicity of upper management. Either from ignorance or design. I don ‘t know which. I think ignorance and laziness. They are ignorant of what the IT department is doing and too lazy to care to look into it.

If a complaint ever gets through to them ‘I’m a customer, I can’t get through your maze and can’t get the service I want, I need a person..’ – then they go ask the IT department head or the Customer Relations Dept Head or the Head of the relevant Department and that Department Head – here’s the twist, the irony, the elephant in the room, the irony – is one of them.

Is just another one of ‘them’. Upper management ignorant of the IT realities and too lazy to care to look into it.

That ‘upper management ignorant idler’ meets another ‘management ignorant idler’ when he goes asking his questions.

All the way down the management heirarchy we meet the same types: ignorant idlers.

And they all take refuge behind the same mantra: “People would cost more money.”

‘We would need to employ more staff if we were to allow communication with actual people within our organisation’.

They mean this when talking about increased telephone comms to reduce on hold times. That’s bad enough.

But they also mean it when applied to potential receipt of emails and responding to them.

They mean they cannot afford to have staff receiving individual queries from the public, reading them, understanding them and responding to them.

That’s what they mean. That’s what they’re saying.

All of them. More and more and more of them. These big companies. Private and public. That they cannot afford to have their staff – any part of it – actually in communication with the public.

Then how can they perform?

The IT Department says they can do it all online via automated programmes.

The IT Department says they can automate the whole interface.

That’s what is going on.

The IT Department wants to control the whole thing. The IT Department is not in love with people. The IT Department is in love with ‘no-people’, with the idea of cyberspace, cybereality. The IT Department seeks to construct a reality within which the customer or client interacts only with cyberspace, never with people.

This is their goal. Their idea. Their raison d’etre. To eliminate the human side of the organisation.

It goes further. They actually have the goal of eliminating the customer, the client.

How can a service, a business, exist without customers? Well it can’t. But it can exist without customers as human entities.

Imagine a retailer. They don’t need ‘people’ customers do they? They just need ‘orders’. Place your order. The retailer interacts with the order, not the person.

The order is nice and neat, discrete, defined, pure and simple. It either is complete or it is not. It has multiple choice questions and they’re either answered and complete within themselves or not. They are never ‘maybe’ or ‘not quite’ or ‘perhaps’.

The ‘Order’. Think about it. Many businesses really respond only to the Order.

Order Forms have to be filled out and that’s what the company responds to.

You know that. We all know that. More and more as time goes by and we get accustomed to online ordering we know that we simply ‘fill in’ an ‘order form’ and buy what that form specifies.

The whole process is automated. On our end we provide an ‘Order’ at that end they respond to ‘The Order’. Not to us. To ‘The Order’.

If ‘The Order’ is not correctly constructed it gets rejected.

So there’s no humanity there, see?

And now the service industries especially that biggest of all Service Industries: the government, our Government Departments, are remaking themselves in this likeness.

They respond only to ‘The Order’. We have to construct our queries in certain ways and only in those ways. We fill out multiple choice questions. We select certain paths from a limited set of options.

We sort ourselves and categorise ourselves until we’ve constructed a pre ordained ‘Order’ which the system then satisfies from pre-programmed responses.

And that’s how the IT Department removes us from the equation.

It doesn’t suit the IT Department to have people in the equation at all. It wants certain input and it demands that it gets them. There is no input specified as ‘human’ because that’s far too woolly.

So that’s what’s happening and that’s what’s wrong.

And who is to blame?

Why it is obvious, isn’t it? We are. We who ask should accompany every ask with the statement ‘and I want a person to respond to me’ and they who work int he organisations with which we seek to interact should continually tell their masters and their workmates that they want to talk to the public, to us, to the people.

We the people should say that we want us, the people.

And if we don’t. If we continue as we’re going, we’ll destroy ourselves.

But in the end..

You jump up and down ….. shake your arms around…

you scream out, shout out, sing out, speak out…

you dress up, dress down, undress, overdress…

recriminate, expostulate, enunciate and remonstrate….

cower, tower, lower and glower…

wheedle, beseech, moan and groan….

insist, persist, resist and retribute…

proclaim, exclaim, expound and annunciate..

profess and extol, praise and raise…

adore and nurture, love and cherish,

value and protect, dote…

calibrate, castigate, calumnate…

like a lighthouse..

with slowly turning beam…

signalling ‘here I am’

and in the end

you meet your death.


and your light goes out.

650 Homes Lost To Fires In NSW

I just heard that on the radio a little while ago.

I’ve said all this before. Tired of hearing it, my family is. Tired of saying it, I am.

But 650 homes ! Makes me feel I must say it again.

Say what? Say there’s something wrong. Something very wrong. Say we’re not mounting any kind of effective strategy for saving homes in this country, from bushfire.

I’ve got some ideas. They need setting out carefully for maximum impact. They need thinking over to see if they’re sensible. They need fleshing out.. etc…

I don’t think I’m going to do any of that.

Here’s the notes I jotted down since hearing that on the radio:

LEAVING TOO LATE. why? Must Die? Why?











HOW CLOSE TO A BURNING BUILDING CAN YOU BE? i.e. in the middle of a village amongst burning houses might be quite a safe place.

I can write a few notes about those I guess.


Why don’t we have a national ‘fire danger assessment’ protocol, routine, procedure, call it what you will?

We should all be aware of the fire danger of the building we’re occupying. There’s always a fire danger. Even in the middle of multi story in the city.

In the city the fire danger comes from within the building.

In the bush it comes from the environment.

Hence the danger in the bush should be assessed with respect to the environment.

Lets say we have a building on top of a well tree covered hill. Even amongst the trees on the top of the hill. And with the slopes of the hill stretching quite steeply to the East. And those slopes covered with Eucalypts of a particular variety very prone to burning, manufacturing volatile eucalypt gases and burning fiercely, tending even to crown.

What sort of a fire danger rating would you give it?

And how about a house in a clearing amongst wheat paddocks with flat ground stretching to the horizon, nothing but grass and wheat. What sort of a fire dancer assessment would you give it?

Surely there’d be a vast difference? And surely that difference would be quantifiable? Measurable. According to certain criteria?

Why don’t we have something like that? We have, that I know of, nothing like that. Not a thing. Not even an informal thing. But one day it simply has to start even just because of our dear god: Mammon.

For insurance companies are going to want it. So they will have it.

If we wait for them, though, how many more homes must be lost before it comes?


Given you’ve got an assessment shouldn’t it come with ‘mitigation measures’ applicable in that place? Something you can do, should do, to mitigate the danger if it comes to the crunch?

I don’t know. It would be different in every place. Perhaps there’s nothing ever could be done but I’d doubt that. How about ‘Your biggest danger is that tree next to the house, if a fire gets into it the house is gone. If it looks like a fire’s coming and can’t be stopped: fell the tree.

Or: bulldoze twenty metres clear into the wind, you’ve got a dozer.

Or: beginning of the season you should back burn fifty metres all around.

Or: you should get rid of all that light shrubbery.

Some appraisal of the situation and some foresight, some planning, for what you might do.


I never hear a solitary word about this. Never. I’ve just invented the idea. But don’t we generally believe that our houses burn because of fires starting in the roof? In the gutters I guess, usually?

Then couldn’t some kind of roof protection be devised that would protect the roof and in fact turn the house into a refuge – into a ‘safe house’ rather than a doomed pyre?


This follows on from the above about roof protection. If you’ve got your roof protected and you want to hang around then why not? What’s the problem?

People get told to abandon their homes. They abandon whole villages. I just heard on the radio before writing all this that they’re advising people in some village to abandon it.

Why? What is the problem? They never say. But I guess it can only be either Heat or Smoke. You’re either going to be asphyxiated or burned to death. Is what they’re saying. Why? How did they come to that conclusion?

If this village or this house is an ‘Abandon’ proposition from the very get go at the very idea of a fire coming there then it should be so known, known by everyone, part of the ‘Fire Assessment’.

We should be able to look at a place and make an immediate assessment: I’ll stay in there if a fire comes and do this and that we’ll be okay.

Or perhaps: there’s no hope of saving this place.

I just read a couple of good sites, one by the bushfire people and one by csiro and neither of them suggested that smoke could be so dense as to asphyxiate and therefore smoke predictions could be enough to force abandoning.

And neither of them said that the heat – though it is well stressed – would be enough to burn you to death if you stayed in your house.

So why are we losing 650 homes? Think of the horror of losing your home! Everything goes with it.


I’d expect this to be a formal part of the fire danger assessment of any place and of course it would have to encompass all the possible fire dangers – i.e. a fire from one direction would leave a road clear whereas a fire from the other would cut the road immediately.

But then there’d possibly be an exit downwind. But maybe not… the fire would be chasing you and without a road I suppose you’d be on foot.

Whatever. It should be very clear to you what the situation is.

Here are a couple of links, the ones I just spoke of:


Well my bottom line is that I think we are in a parlous state of ignorance.

I think hundreds of people are losing their homes needlessly.

At the same time as I think hundreds of volunteer fire fighting are performing superhuman feats of endurance and bravery and sheer bloody hard work.

I don’t mean to criticise or belittle them one little bit. Let me make that very, very clear.

But I think they’re not being help by our present state of ignorance, non-appraisal, non-awareness, non-understanding.

That’s it.