Cardinal Pell – What’s Missing?

Bit of a joke this Cardinal Pell thing, isn’t it?

I mean if you can shut off the horror and disgust and disgrace of the core of it.

But shutting off perception of reality is part and parcel of ‘Christian’ thought isn’t it? Else how could they possibly use a crucified man as an emblem to put before the world, before all little children and such?

Can you imagine what happens in a child’s mind when it tries to raise a concept of what crucifixion must be like?

I have a child had nightmares for three days after seeing another child get a small cut.

I know children have nightmares thinking about fictional bogeymen.

The crucifixion thing is enough to give me nightmares. But we never hear a word about anyone else being at all bothered. Just me and my c hildren and those I know of, apparently.

But this Cardinal Pell thing. All the talk. All the discussion. About Law. About Justice. About compensation.

About bureaucracies and bureaucratic doings. The whole of the Catholic Church is a vast bureaucracy. That’s precisely how it was designed, is exactly what it is supposed to be. The ‘Holy See’ is just exactly that. The Vatican is nothing more than a vast bureaucracy.

Not so surprising. The Roman Empire was principally a vast bureaucracy. All social organisation is bureaucracy since the beginning of time. The most ancient writings on baked mud tablets are the records of a bureaucracy. The knotted cord ‘writings’ of who was it – the aztecs? – are records of a bureaucracy.

So it’s hardly surprising this furore should smack so large of bureaucracy. Why do I bother to remark on it?

Well because that’s all. There’s nothing else reported. Nothing.

What would I expect? What on earth am I talking about?

God. I thought God would somehow feature in it all.

But God never gets a mention. I’ve never heard a mention.

Apparently it has nothing to do with God.

I find that pretty strange, really.

Why No Real Brexit Coverage?

Why does there never seem to be any discussion of the Core Brexit Themes? i.e. why the Exit people wanted to exit?

Talk about how much how many of their concerns have been met or will be met under this or that agreement or proposed agreement? I hear nothing. Not a word.

Similarly I don’t hear much about the ‘sticking points’. What is stopping agreement? And why are those problems not put before the electorate for judgement before proposing a whole new referendum?

And I don’t see/hear any specifics, any figures, any discussion about exactly what problems would arise if the country ‘left without an agreement’. How am I to believe there’d be any?

What precisely would be the problems? That private companies found they couldn’t trade because of a Brussels directive or something? What? In short I know nothing. Is that because my information comes mainly from Radio National?

Discovery Day ! Hallelujah !

Aboriginal Rescue Day.

Isn’t it time to talk some sense and face some facts?

Now there’s a push by 3% of the population to change the ways of 97% on the grounds of a historical inevitability and naturally progressive incident being claimed to be some kind of a disaster.

The discovering of Australia and the rejoining of the aboriginals at that time with the mainstream of world civilizations is to be seen as a disaster.

Nonsense and mind twisting, future destroying, brain bending nonsense for future generations of aboriginals to have to swallow.

The truth it should be seen as a day of rejoicing.

The day Australia was found ! The day the aborigines were rescued from the stone age, from illiteracy, from innumeracy, from animistic religion, from total ignorance and possession of nothing with no hope for the future save thousands more years down the same blind alley.

A day to give fervent thanks for. As castaways on a desert island finally discovered and rescued, brought into the world, the world spread before them.

Give thanks for where you’re at and give thanks for the ability to get there – where you’d never have got without being found.

Join the whole world which all has a similar history and become a sensible part of it all.

Join in. Get with it. Give thanks for being found.

Petty Injustice And How Good It Is.

I just suffered a Petty Injustice.

I was banned from a forum I’ve used for years.

Peremptorily and improperly.

It happens quite frequently all over the place. That particular forum has numerous complaints on the web about the actions of its moderators.

In my case they were: Gnuthad and www1. Awful people. Stupid people. Vindictive people. I suspect they are children.

So it rankles. Doesn’t it? Because they act as accuser, judge and jury. They accuse you, they decide what should happen, they implement it and there’s nothing you can do about it.

No one else knows what’s going on. None of the thousands of forum participants and, doubtless, none of the management of the forum.

In my case these morons seemed incapable of using logical argument and of seeing what’s in to the benefit of the forum generally. i.e. their actions were detrimental to the good of the forum.

So it all rankles and it’s a nastiness that can spoil your day. Or even your week.

So where’s the good in it?

Well it makes you aware perhaps of what some people are going through all over the world. I never forget Lindy Chamberlaine in Australia who was imprisoned for killing her child in the absence of any proof whatever – there could be no proof because she didn’t do it and eventually, after years, that was recognised and she was released.

Think of the horror of it: to be accused of killing your own child! Not to be helped or commiserated with but to be accused of being the perpetrator! And then to be tried and pilloried in the press around the nation ! And then found guilty. And then locked up in a prison branded as guilty, as a person who’s done this terrible thing.

Disgraceful. A blot on the nation’s history. An awful thing.

And yet it is a commonplace. As we’re having indisputably shown us these days with the increasing use of DNA evidence to reopen past cases and prove people to be innocent and have them released from jails where they’ve sometimes spent decades.

People are even executed as guilty when they’re innocent.

And from that observation we can segue into the wider world and notice the widespread killing of innocents, caught up in the middle of wars.

So it’s saddening. Puts things into perspective. Gives one a reason to attempt to keep an eye on the political manoeuvrings of one’s own nation in particular and wider world in general.

Good to be mindful of the normal state of affairs: injustice runs wild.

That’s the value of two ignorant little twats: gnuthad and www1. They remind of how the world stinks in some areas and remind us to be on guard. For our own sake and for the sake of all.

Don’t Let Our Wall Be A Wall

How stupid, mad, unreasonable can the Americans be?

Something like half of them – the nation is divided about half and half, Democrat/Republican isn’t it? – think it absolutely wrong to have a border wall.

But they have a border wall !

Try to go to America and see what happens.

You need a valid passport and a ‘Non-immigrant Visa. Form D-160’.

That’s a wall. That’s the wall of rule and regulation and bureaucracy and law that surrounds every nation.

And they’ve got the sea. That’s a natural physical barrier. Erecting a physical wall is simply erecting another physical barrier.

They’re actually saying throw away the Non Immigrant Visa and throw away the Passport requirement and dispense with physical barriers.

You can have long arguments about whether or not a country should be without barriers to entry.

But that’s a different argument. Here we have a country WITH barriers. Carefully constructed, well organised, methodically policed barriers.

And half the nation is saying subvert that. Ignore it. Make a nonsense of it.

I can’t see any sense in that. I can’t. To me it is indisputable proof that America has gone, disappeared down a sinkhole.

They don’t just think this: that they should subvert their own laws – but they think it so strongly that they’re willing to paralyze the country rather than widen the debate, talk it over, explore the ramifications.

Kids and Computers

It’s a worry: Kids and Computers.

For they seem to spend too much time on them and too little time anywhere else.

Not all them. But many. I think there’s many parents, educators, think that.

I certainly do.

But I was thinking it was to be expected, really, wasn’t it? And it is merely a manifestation of a natural human truth.

Children are curious about things. Children want to know. Children want to play.

All that’s going on is they want to know what’s in the computer – and they get directed towards games, then they want to know how to play the game, then they want to know how to win, then they want to play.

Something like that.

In their world there’s nothing offers as much stimulation as a computer game. It bombards the senses like nothing else ever has done. Visual images, sounds, intellectual challenges, rewards, dangers – I’m quite sure there’s visceral and chemical changes occur throughout the playing of a game.

There’s nothing else around so conveniently offering all this.

You could argue that a game of football or such would provide much excitement and a bombardment of physical excitations: visual, auditory, tactile. Noises, sights, feelings.

Yes. Too much so, perhaps. Too much danger of discomfort anticipated before the event for most children to want to go there. Too much exertion during the course of it without reward for them to want to remain. Too little after reward for retrospection to make them want to repeat the thing.

A real world game of football is an almost irrevocable commitment, isn’t it?

A computer game can be abandoned at any time.

So the rewards are obviously greater. In the immediate. At that level. Perhaps not in the long run and perhaps not at some elevated level considering the advancement of the organism as a whole, incorporating its social involvement. But at the immediate level of a schoolkid (or adult) sitting at their desk it’s the best thing going. Without a doubt.

So it is perfectly natural and easily understandable.

So what’s the problem? Is there a problem?

I don’t know.

Have to think about it.

Right off the bat it seems obvious that there’s a danger the ‘players’ will attempt to live their whole lives in that unreal ‘reality’. Which just can’t be done.

Don’t have to argue whether it’s good or bad to do so, the fact is it’s not possible.

There seems to be more than just a danger that they’ll be divorced from reality. It seems obvious that’s exactly where they are. And that doesn’t seem good. They’re orphaned. They’re deluded. They’ve lost reality.

That can’t be good, surely?

Or does it not matter? Often quoted is the danger of such ‘players’ segueing into drone pilots sitting in a room far, far from a battle zone and bringing death down on combatants and non-combatants alike with an unemotional total disregard for any humane feelings, considerations.

Perhaps even childishly excited and happy at some successful ‘strike’ as it kills unwarned, unsuspecting people. In fact we’ve seen that in released videos of night time ‘kills’, the ‘pilots’ excitedly and happily remarking on the killings, laughing at the antics of those revealed by the infra red cameras trying pathetically to get away, to hide.

But how real is this danger? Perhaps very unreal. Inasmuch as it will happen alright – it is happening now – but in fact it has always happened, since the dawn of time.

In the old days they didn’t have drones and infra red cameras but they still had people enthusing in the death of others, still had people coldly, calmly and happily arranging mass butcherings of combatants and non combatants alike.

And that, too, is happening right now. Alongside the more sophisticated stuff.

So perhaps there’s something to worry about alright. But it’s not the ‘removal from reality’ of the computer obsessive but the ‘removal from reality’ incipient, apparently, in all people all the time.

A slight deflection in target.

Certainty – or not…

I feel uncertain.

For about the first time in my life.

Completely a new thing for me. And it provides possibly a bit of insight into the conditions some people suffer from.

Perhaps those that are depressed, possibly those that get driven to suicide.

For it’s not good, is it? For me it began with worrying over a problem I couldn’t find an answer to.

A personal problem. Concerning people.

Those are the hardest kind, aren’t they?

Worrying and worrying got nowhere good at all and got somewhere bad instead.

For I began to doubt myself. My own abilities. You can see how easily that might come about: you can’t find an answer therefore you are fallible, just how fallible?

And the answer, being a people thing, is in the direction of a human good. A ‘good’. Trying to find good answers for people issues. Segues into the realm of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ very easily, good and evil even.

So you (I) quickly begin to nurture thoughts, questions concerning one’s own innate goodness or perhaps badness.

And then again can find no certain answers. For there are no certain answers to those questions are there? No one is wholly good or wholly bad. In fact no thing is objectively ‘good’ or ‘bad’. All is relative.

The next step is where I started: Uncertainty. Not sure not only of what to do – that’s merely indecision; one could be a quite certain and positive person still indecisive about a particular choice – but uncertain of one’s ability to make a choice, to identify possibly choices, of not being the hidden ‘fly in the ointment’.

Doubting the self.

I doubt myself. Never ever did that before.

Don’t even really know what it means but I feel it.

And don’t like it.

But don’t know what to do about it.

I’m not certain.

Stand Up The Real Me

One time in my past I was in a classroom having nasty exchanges with another student and I responded to something he said with something like: ‘Well I don’t give a fuck.’

Not very nice, eh?

I wouldn’t do that nowadays. I don’t think I would.

But it is still within me.

So you could see this nice polite, urbane, well mannered, well spoken person going about and perhaps think he’s very nice, very acceptable, ‘good’.

But really it’d be me with that nastiness within me. Still capable of that nastiness. Still capable of coming out with a remark like that given the appropriate provocation.

When I first thought of this I imagined how horrified ‘polite’ and well mannered society would be at such as I.

And felt a tad sad that I was forever cut off from such good people.

Because for sure it is within me forever.

But then I remembered the doings of the politest of society since the dawn of time. I refer to the aristocracy, of course.

It is in the courts of Kings and Queens and Emperors that we find the purest expression of good manners and ‘good breeding’ isn’t it? So much so that it has become almost axiomatic that good breeding and good manners go together.

It is amongst the Kings and Queens, the Princes and the Princesses that we find the best, the highest manifestation of ‘culture’ in the social sense.

So much that their example spreads outwards first to the courtiers and then the next rank and so on….

But who are they, these people, these ‘aristocrats’ these mentors of good behaviour and exemplars of good breeding? They are villains and thieves of the first water in the first instance. Leading armies to attack, take and plunder. Aren’t they? Weren’t they?

And then in the following decades, centuries, they and their descendants manifest all kinds of evil whilst manoeuvring to maintain or expand their positions, their wealth, their power.

We’ve got a vast body of history and literature prompted by that history to attest to this.

Hmm. So what’s the point? I don’t know. Maybe that all is not what it seems? Maybe that we’re lost in a mythical understanding of reality? Maybe…. I don’t know..

Proof the USA is going insane

Look at this.  A man – an intelligent and sensible man according to what we can ascertain right now about what he says, what he’s done – says he loves being what he is and he’s vilified, attacked, reviled and marked for persecution.

His persecutors are illogical, unreasonable, contradictory in what they claim to do and what they do, violent, hysterical, rabble rousing…  it goes on.

Sometimes it just all dies

Sometimes everything suddenly turns to dust, doesn’t it?

Or perhaps not even dust.  Hollowness.  Nothingness.

And why not?  Everything is hollowness, we’re told,  everything is nothingness.

Aha.  But feelings.  Emotion.  Love, hate, happiness, etc…

In the absence of any tangible reality they exist, don’t they?  And we have some control over them.  We can literally manufacture happiness, love, interest, fascination, preoccupation, to some extent at least.

Which kinda brings it all back to life when we do that, doesn’t it?