The Donbas States have every right to self determination.

China means Australia no harm.

The USA means harm to everyone.

What Victory Is

I keep banging on about this theme. But you have to. What’s not front and centre these days quickly gets forgotten. A new ice cream flavour hits the streets and catches everyone’s attention.

Some film star has an abortion or a bowel movement and catches everyone’s attention.

So I do it again. Bring it up again. Ukraine. And ‘Victory’. Fashionable nowadays to lament the vanishing possibility of a ‘Ukrainian victory’ and a prediction that the USA and NATO will continue the fight until there is such a victory even if it means decades of war and even if it means nuclear weapons.

The kind of lunacy we have become accustomed to. Emanates from cloud cuckoo land: the USA.

I view Mr Daniel Davis – who is actually a retired Lt Col in the American forces – pretty regularly on his ‘Deep Dive’ Youtube channel because he is a sensible, honest and true thinking man.

And I today viewed one of his videos. This one: NATO SUMMIT: European Split on Ukraine Russia War Grows

And I was struck again by the sad loose language he uses as does everyone else. They cannot think straight while they use language like that. So I made a comment putting my point of view and here it is. I have a readership of maybe three or four people by choice and a handful more who run into the blog by accident of googling or something.

Not very much. But my hope is that maybe one of those few will pass it on and maybe it will take root and start spreading out from there somewhere. I hope. That’s my hope.

Here is the comment:

With all due respect Mr Davis is using wrong terminology and it confuses and hides the issue.

It is the MSM and NATO and USA terminology, of course. And it is WRONG. It completely hides the truth. The truth about what ‘Ukraine winning’ means.

The truth about what it is. What it would be.

Listen, it is simple. First you have to make up your mind: is a nation the people or is the land or is it the government?

It is not the government. Governments come and go, rise and fall, and they issue from the people.

And it is not the land. Find unoccupied land and we say there is no nation there.

It is the people. Right? Right. Well now: when does ‘Ukraine the people’ win?

Simple: when they stop dying and being maimed, crippled, tormented, tortured, deprived of everything.

See? It really is as simple as that.

When the war stops Ukraine (the people) wins WINS.

Just like that. Because the people win. Just like that. Because they stop dying.

THAT’s when ‘Ukraine wins’ and that’s the ONLY time ‘Ukraine wins’.


What “they” the lunatic manipulators, promotors of this war and all the deadhead unthinking commentator are talking about is NOT ‘when Ukraine wins’. It is when ‘The Kiev regime wins’. That’s what they really mean.

And, of course, the regime’s master: the USA regime.

Can you see? I know. It is hard to see straight. They have twisted and distorted for so long.

You probably can’t keep the thought out of your head that ‘Ukraine’ has lost if ‘it’ (that same ‘Ukraine’, currently ill defined in your mind) has ‘lost’ the Donbas States.

But just slow down. Think again. Who has lost what? Have the Ukrainian people ‘lost’ the Donbas lands?

No. No way. They are still occupied by the Ukrainian people who had them before ’22. A man who owned property there before owns it now, unless he got killed by USA prompted shelling.

A man with home and property, business, work, in Donbas still has it. He even still has his same government. He has the same local govt. and he has the same State Govt: the DPR, say, in Donetsk.

Just his govt – his, his own – has elected to Federate with the Russian Federation.

But it all still exists. Nothing has been robbed, stolen, removed, destroyed, vanished.

The Ukrainian people still have what they have before.

Who has ‘lost’ the Donbas States? Nobody. Nobody that ever owned them.

But the ruling junta of lunatic thieves they have lost the right to despoil, plunder and torment those States.

That is what has been ‘lost’. The ‘right’ of evil to exercise its will across a people and a land.

And ‘Ukraine’, the rightful ‘Ukraine’, the Ukraine that is the people, it PROFITS from that.

The world needs to see things clearly. And that ought to be clear enough.

It is very sad that Daniel Davis does not use the correct language and say ‘Kiev regime’ when that’s what he’s referring to.

It is very sad that he does not always take pains to promulgate this core message with every video: that the Ukrainian people (and hence ‘Ukraine’) WINS the minute the killing stops.

It is very sad.

It is so sad especially because NO ONE is doing it.

Macgregor does not do. All of Judge Napolitano’s large stable of excellent guests: they do not do it. MoA does not do it. Even John Helmer, probably the best of all commenters on this fiasco, even he does not do it.

Even the Russian govt and Putin, they do not do it (and I had high hopes for them), Nobody does it.

Hence nobody is speaking for Ukrainians. No one is supporting Ukrainians. No one is trying to get victory for them. They have no help, not from anywhere. Just posturings and mouthings everywhere the vilest, the filthiest of them all being, of course from the USA and its NATO lackeys.

Who are persisting in the methodical extermination of the Ukrainians while piously claiming to be ‘supporting’ them.

What total lunacy is this? I don’t know. It staggers me.

Not even the Ukrainian people say this is the way it is. That Victory for them is cessation of the killing. Even they do not say it. Or rather, it doesn’t get reported to us that they say it.

I am damn sure that 90% of all the old men and women, the mothers of the dead and crippled, etc. etc. know damn well that what they desire most of all is an end to the killing.

But it never gets reported.

The Ukrainians are magnificent people. As in fact, of course, just about all the people of the world are, the ‘ordinary’ people. But by god they don’t seem very clever. If they don’t see this simple truth and share it with each other, both sides of the line, and unite and throw the Americans out of Europe and claim their own victory.

American Meddling in Ukraine

Prof Jeffrey Sachs posted a Youtube video about American meddling in Ukraine
(Save Ukraine From American Meddling | Jeffrey Sachs, June 27, 2024 Neutrality Studies )
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3aa12ISDXY&lc=UgwHqT0dbJgcd4ncZnN4AaABAg.A5LlQpXfiqzA5TUVJgPBvj )

and I found it to be excellent and posted an enthusiastic comment that I was pleased to see it and could use it in the future to inform people and found it accurate and comprehensive.

An onlooker posted a reply to me that I was all wrong. Saying it was ‘Far from accurate and far from comprehensive’.

We exchanged a couple more emails and finally he (joe_ninety_one_5076) posted his itemised critique of Sachs video and I looked at it and found it unconvincing.

Because my response was too big Youtube would not let me post it. So I am posting it here and I’ll simply post a link to this on Youtube.

Here it is. It includes the transcript of Sach’s video:


Well I am disappointed. The whole question here is American meddling in ‘Ukraine’. Subsumed beneath that is the corollary: the damage it has done is doing and will do to ‘Ukraine’. Meaning today of course, in popular common use, even official use: ‘Kiev Ukraine’, the American owned puppet.

But which we can more properly see as the ‘original’ ‘Ukraine’ of some 40 million people that has been irrevocable smashed forever by US meddling.
Smashed though it is we can still use the notion, the idea, of the overall landmass and its peoples and contemplate how it suffers, has suffered and will suffer.

It is up to the onlooker I guess, to see the word ‘Ukraine’ as meaning whichever he chooses.

For me it is very noticeable that all the warmongers and most vociferous supporters of ‘Ukraine’ do not mean the ‘whole’ as was and nor to they even mean the ‘Kiev Ukrainians’, the people who remain there, who still are.

We see this because they happily watch 500,000 of their own die in the course of this attempt to subjugate their own brothers. Vivid example.
But even more vivid, more lurid is their battle cry: ‘To the last man’. Pray tell how does it profit a people if they all die?

It does not. It is sheer abject lunacy to imagine that it does. Unless we histrionically postulate some other fate ‘worse than death’ – perpetual slavery beneath Roman legions or Attila the Hun or Ghenghis Khan or the American South slave owners perhaps.

There is no such histrionic fate worse than death facing anyone in Ukraine.

No. It makes sense only in one way: If all the people die but the regime, the rulers, live on THEN you/they could claim ‘victory’. But as I say, that is a victory not for the people. It is a victory that takes no account of the people whatever.

I just wanted to establish that fact. It is a sore point with me. I am disgusted at the way all the media perpetuate this loose language that masks genocide in fact.

Right. Now back the topic. The question is of American meddling. If you disagree with Sach’s video you disagree with his contention that American meddling brought this about and maintains it. A seemingly impossible position to take in light of all we see sand know but that’s what awakened my interest. Can such a position be supported? What new evidence, details, understandings are there?

You come up with these:

  1. Sachs cites some neocon document in 2000. He could cite Dugin’s 1995 book, ‘Foundations of Geopolitics’, influential in Kremlin neocon circles, requiring, amongst other things, the annexation of Ukraine, dismemberment and vassalage of Georgia, vasalage of Belarus …
  2. Ukraine was neutral in 2014 when Putin invaded, with little prospect of NATO membership. An inconvenient truth.
  3. China/Russia in Mexico is a flawed analogy. NATO is not an authoritarian dictatorship.
  4. The US spent money on democracy in Ukraine. So what? Ukraine has been the shining light of post-soviet democracy. Sachs does not say how much Russia has spent on trying to undermine it. The US is open; Russian affairs are closed. Who poisoned pro-western candidate Yushchenko in 2004?
  5. The timeline of Maidan is abbreviated. He misses out the cause, which was Russian pressure to prevent Ukraine signing a free trade deal with the EU. He also misses out the violence used by the government which caused the protests to escalate. Finally he misses out the final deal, brokered by the EU, that the Russian delegate refused to sign. Yanukovych fled while still in control of the police and army. It was parliament that removed him.
  6. The Nuland phone call was not about who should be in the new Ukrainian government after Yanukovich. The text of the call demonstrates this clearly. This failing alone shows Sachs to be either disingenuous or an uncritical amateur. The release of this tape actually highlights rather well Kremlin bad faith.
  7. He entirely omits the immediate calling of elections by the provisional government. He entirely omits the Kremlin’s unprovoked invasion of Crimea after the Russian governor of Crimea had recognised the provisional government. He omits to mention that Donbas did not spontaneously break away in 2014. It was engineered in the Kremlin. The provisional government was justified in responding.
  8. Sachs deliberately misinterprets Merkel’s comments on Minsk and avoids discussing Russian bad faith.
  9. In December 2021, the US simply reminded Russia that Ukraine was a sovereign state. Russia had previously agreed this on many occasions.
  10. He fails to add that Bennett also said that Bucha destroyed the peace talks after the ‘SMO’ started.
  11. He keeps talking about US missiles in Ukraine as a done deal, even though the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997 forbids nuclear missiles in new NATO states. He is completely unaware of this treaty.
    Sachs is VERY biased. He was a top advisor to the Kremlin in 1991 and presided over the subsequent chaos. Perhaps he is trying to make amends.

My take goes something like this:

  1. irrelevant
  2. ‘legally’ neutral in fact bellicose about to mount an invasion
  3. irrelevant
  4. the devil is in the detail
  5. I am not qualified to pronounce
  6. Not qualified to pronounce but strong feelings I’ve seen proof to the contrary.
  7. wholly debatable all postulates without evidence
  8. I don’t know.
  9. I don’t know and from here can’t see that it would matter
  10. We well know the letter of the law when written by the west means nothing.

Overall I totally fail to see how you have demonstrated that the USA has not and does not and will not interfere with Ukrainian (either ‘the regime’, or the ‘kiev ukrainians’, or the ‘donbas ukrainians’, or the ‘whole thing as was’) politics and wellbeing to their detriment. Clearly not the faintest whisper of anything relevant to the deaths of 500,000 mean in the process of trying to subjugate their brothers.

But then, Sachs doesn’t say much about this, either. But what Sachs does say is potent and true I believe and I think perhaps you need reminding of it and perhaps many people need reminding of it. I do not much agree with today’s modus operandi: i.e. the video. For I believe we gain fleeting impressions and act upon them. Text takes a little more effort and perhaps is not so appealing but it is much more reliable and useful.

So here is the text of what Sachs said. FYI and anyone else interested: (please excuse my poor editing)

Save Ukraine from American meddling the hill June 27

2024 Ukraine can only be saved at the negotiating table not on the battlefield sadly this point is not understood by Ukrainian politicians such as Oleg Dunda a member of Ukraine’s Parliament who recently wrote an oped on this site against my repeated call for negotiations

Dunda believes that the United States will save Ukraine from Russia the opposite is true Ukraine actually needs to be saved from the United States

Ukraine epitomizes Henry Kissinger’s famous aphorism quote it may be dangerous to be America’s enemy but to be America’s friend is fatal unquote

30 years ago Ukraine was embraced by American neoconservatives who believed that it was the perfect instrument for weakening Russia the neocons are the ideal ological Believers in American hegemony
that is the right and responsibility of the United States to be the world’s sole superpower and Global policemen as described for example in the project for a new American centuries 2000 report rebuilding America’s defenses

The neocons choose three methods to push US power and influence into Ukraine

First meddle in Ukraine’s internal politics second expand NATO to Ukraine despite Russia’s red line and third arm Ukraine and apply economic sanctions to defeat Russia

The neocons whispered a sweet fantasy into Ukraine’s ear back in the 1990s “Come with us into the Glorious Paradise of NATO land and you’ll be safe Ever After.” “

pro-european Ukrainian politicians especially in Western Ukraine loved the story they believed that Ukraine would join NATO just as Poland Hungary and the Czech Republic had in 1999

The idea of expanding NATO to Ukraine was fatuous and dangerous.

From Russia’s perspective the NATO expansion into Central Europe in 1999 was deeply objectionable and a stark violation of the solemn us promise that NATO would not expand quote 1 in Eastward end quote.

But it was not deadly to Russia’s interests those countries do not border the Russian Mainland NATO

Enlargement to Ukraine however would mean the loss of Russia’s Black Sea naval fleet at Sevastopel and the prospect of us missiles minutes from the Russian Mainland

There was in fact no prospect that Russia would ever accept NATO enlargement to Ukraine

The current CIA director William Burns said as much in a memo to Secretary of State Condalisa Rice when he was US ambassador to Moscow in 2008 the memo was famously entitled nyet means nyet

Burns wrote quote Ukrainian entry into NATO is the brightest of all red lines for the Russian Elite not just Putin. In more than 2 and A2 years of conversations with key Russian players from knuckle draggers in the dark recesses of the Kremlin to Putin’s sharpest liberal critics I (that is: Burns) have yet to find anyone who views Ukraine and NATO as anything other than a direct challenge to Russia’s interests end quote

The neoconservatives never described this Russian red line to the American or Global public then or now.

Senior diplomats and Scholars in the United States had reached the same conclusion about NATO enlargement more generally in the 1990s as has been recently documented in detail

Ukrainians and their supporters insist that Ukraine has quote the right end quote to join NATO. The US also says so repeatedly. NATO’s policy says that NATO enlargement is an issue between NATO and the candidate country and that it is no business of Russia or any other non NATO country. This is preposterous.

I’ll start to believe that claim when Admiral John Kirby declares from the White House Podium that Mexico has the quote right to invite China and Russia to put military bases along the Rio Grande based on the same quote open door policy as NATO.

The Monroe Doctrine has said just the opposite for two centuries.

So Ukraine was set up for Disaster by the neocons actually the Ukrainian public sensed the truth and overwhelmingly opposed NATO membership until the 2014 Uprising that overthrew Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovich

Let’s retrace the chronology of this shockingly misguided American policy.

In the early 2000s the US began to meddle intensively in Ukraine’s Politics.

The US spent billions of dollars according to Victoria Nuland to build Ukraine’s quote democracy. Meaning to turn Ukraine to the United States and away from Russia even
so the Ukrainian public remained strongly against NATO membership and elected Victor Yanukovich who championed Ukrainian neutrality in 2010.

In February 2014 the Obama team actively sided with Neo-Nazi paramilitaries which stormed government buildings on February 21st and overthrew Yanukovich.

The next day cloaked as a quote revolution of dignity the us immediately recognized the new government. The astounding intercepted call between newand and US ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pat where they talk about who should be in the new Ukrainian government several weeks before the Rebellion demonstrates the level of American involvement.

The post-uprising government in Ukraine was filled with Russia haters and was backed by extremist right-wing paramilitaries like the Azov Brigade.

When the ethnically Russian donbas region broke away from the uprising the central government aimed to retake the region by force.

A peace agreement was reached between keev and the donbas in 2015 known as Minsk 2 that would end the fighting by extending autonomy to the ethnically Russian regions of Donetsk and lugansk.

Alas Ukraine and the US undermined the treaty even while publicly endorsing it. The treaty was a mere temporizing measure according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel to give Ukraine time to build its Army.

The US shipped armaments to Ukraine to build up its military make it interoperable with NATO and support the retaking of the Donbas by force.

The next diplomatic opportunity to save Ukraine came in December 2021 When Vladimir Putin proposed a US Russia treaty on security guarantees calling for an end to Nato enlargement among other issues including the urgent question of US missile placements near Russia.

Instead of negotiating Biden again flatly said no to Putin on the question of ending NATO enlargement.

Yet another diplomatic opportunity to save Ukraine arose in March 2022 just days after the start of Russia’s special military operation launched on February 24.

Russia said that it would stop the war if Ukraine would agree to neutrality. Zelinsky agreed, documents were exchanged and a peace deal was nearly reached yet according to former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett the Us and other NATO allies notably the UK stepped in to block the agreement telling Ukraine to fight on.

Recently Boris Johnson said that Ukraine should keep fighting to preserve quote Western hegemony end quote.

Ukraine can still be saved through neutrality even as hundreds of thousands of lives have been squandered by the failure to negotiate.

The rest of the issues including boundaries can also be resolved through diplomacy.

The Killing can end now before more disasters befall Ukraine and the World.

As for the United States 30 years of neoconservative misrule is long enough


Actually I overlooked the fact that there is a link to the text at thehill.com which would be a better place to see it. I will leave all this here out of laziness and because it has my comments in it.

But here is the ‘official’ text: https://thehill.com/opinion/international/4741597-save-ukraine-from-american-meddling/

About Russell (Texas) Bentley

Russell went to Donbas and fought for the Donbas people. Those are the people who never get mentioned in the coverage of the war.

The 10 million Donbas Ukrainians that were slated for ethnic cleansing by the Kiev regime at the instigation of the USA.

So Kiev invaded in 2014 and occupied and they’ve been there ever since. Even with Russia’s help the Donbas people still have not got them out. Still.

They don’t mention that, do they?

Ten years now those Donbas people have been fighting for their own land.

They want you to believe this is a ‘Russian invasion’. They want you to believe anything but the truth.

And the saddest thing is that even the ‘alt-media’ doesn’t tell it as it is.

Well Russell knew how it was and he went there to help and it looks like in the end he was killed in very suspicious circumstances. Possibly even by his own side. Terrible things happen in wars.

We don’t know the truth yet and apparently there’s a blackout been imposed.

Here’s a couple of links:

russell texas bentley dead at 64 yrs.

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yurik posts about russell bentley. No news but interest at least

Our ‘Allies’ ?

I just watched a video where Arestovich airs his opinions and I couldn’t get far through it.

Right up front before it even gets started he’s pleased to enumerate ‘our allies’ meaning the ‘allies’ of Kiev Ukraine.

Which prompted me to write the following post which I’d like to put in my blog here for a record. I said this and I think it is very right:

These poor blokes are demented. ‘Our allies’ says Arestovich. What’s he mean ‘our’ ? Who are ‘we’?
Ukrainians? The 40 million Ukrainian people of the Ukrainian nation that Kiev claims to want to restore?
No. That’s the whole point.
He means only the ‘Kiev Ukrainians’ of today.
Still in possession of large chunks of Donbas Ukrainian territory.
Still trying their hardest to persist in their effort to dominate these people and remove their right to self determination.
Still trying to persist in ethnic cleansing.
Pushing it as far as, in fact, genocide is what they hunger for.
This is very clearly totally wrong, evil and stupid.
The clear evidence of the stupid is when 500,000 of them die for this. Had they lived what reward could they possibly have expected?
What reward to the next 500,000 to die, lined up at the front right now, expect to get?
Yes. It is madness. Blind stupid madness.
They, of course, do not see themselves in that light.
Not at all.
They think everyone else is evil – given a temporary pardon while ever they accede to every demand for help from Kiev – and they themselves are truly the victims of a terrible catastrophe.
Well okay. Let’s try to understand them. Put ourselves in their shoes for a while. See it from their perspective.
It goes like this, I think they would agree:
The natural state of Ukraine has always been under threat by Russia and Russians. The only way Ukraine can be free and be purely ‘Ukrainian’ is to remove the Russian threat.
That’s why they want NATO etc.
Well sounds alright so far.
But here’s where it starts to go wrong:
10 million of their population is very strongly entwined with Russia and Russians and what did they decide to do about that? Love them? Join with them? Embrace them? Be proud of them? Be grateful to them?
Nope. They decided that they must subject them to ethnic discrimination and even extermination in effect.
And here’s the madness: they really think they have every right and every NEED to do this.
Just as the Germans thought they had every right and every NEED to exterminate the Jews.
So they don’t say ‘Here we are and there are the Russian Ukrainians, let them go their own way’.
No. They say ‘Here we are and there are the Russian Ukrainians ON OUR LAND and we must drive them off’.
And that’s what ethnic cleansing is. That’s what the Jews are doing in Gaza right now.
That’s evil and illegal and mad and bad.
And it has nothing to do with protecting or helping or promoting the nation of ‘Ukraine’ when it is seen as a nation of 40 million PEOPLE for you don’t protect or help or promote a collection of people by killing a quarter of them.
No way.
It is all about regimes.
The Washington regime. The Kiev regime. And they are literally, quite literally and specifically AGAINST UKRAINE. They WANT Ukraine destroyed. Because that’s what it is: destruction – when you set 3/4 of a population against the other quarter. Do you remember the biblical thing: ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’ ? Well that’s it. Those that promote the division of the ‘house’ of Ukraine are promoting the fall of it.
This Arestovich is apparently incapable of seeing that.
And instead is, therefore, an enemy of Ukraine. Just the same as Washington and Kiev and London and Paris etc., etc..
A house divided against itself cannot stand.

How much territory should Ukraine lose?

There is a fair bit of commentary these days about possible peace deals and such and they frequently hum and haw and fuss about and say that it would mean ‘Ukraine losing territory’ and making a great stumbling block of this.

And the idea is swallowed without demur by everyone. Everyone I’ve read about at any rate.

I think it is a huge canard and at the same time a brilliant demonstration of the utter paucity of our social life today. We simply cannot talk sense. We don’t know sh** from sugar. Brain dead from total lack of any definition of terms or basic understanding of what we are talking about.

Look: if we talk about ‘Ukraine the PEOPLE’ we can see that Ukraine has lost NOTHING no matter where the final boundaries are drawn. More or less.

The lands owned by Donbas Ukrainians are largely still in their hands but, true, quite a bit has been taken from them by the Kiev Ukrainians, the invaders, the aggressors.

But largely they still own them.

And, of course, the ‘Kiev Ukrainians’ all still hold their lands.

So where is the loss?

Well of course the loss is not at all to ‘Ukraine the PEOPLE’ it is to ‘Ukraine the govt’.

It is to the rulers. They lose their power to rule as extensively as before.

Nobody escapes being ruled. Even that remains the same for the PEOPLE (excuse the shouting). They are still ruled and some will like their rulers and some will not as has always been the case.

But they will be ruled, some of them, by other than the Kiev rulers and that’s what the Kiev rulers don’t like.

And that’s what the American rulers don’t like, for they rule Kiev.

Well in fact we can see that the immediate rulers remain the same everywhere. In the Donbas they still have their local governments as before, they still have their State (Oblast) governments. But now their higher governance is by the Russian Federation instead of Kiev.

So what is the difference to the people in terms of ‘loss of territory’ ?

It is a myth. A canard. A lie. Propaganda. Deception.

Ukrainians are dying at the rate of I don’t know – easily say 2000 a month I’d say. Half a million dead already. What is victory for ‘Ukraine the PEOPLE’ ?

Isn’t that a pathetic question? Isn’t it plain and simple? Stop dying !

The rulers, as always, want you to believe you will lose something if you don’t protect their privileges.

The sick joke being that maybe you wouldn’t on the one hand and on the other hand you certainly will lose in the struggle to protect their privileges.

Like half a million just died to protect Kiev regime ‘right’ to ethnic cleanse the Donbas.

The thing is in the upside lunatic world of the ruling privileged it makes sense if all the PEOPLE die to save ‘the nation’.

It never occurs to them to think that if all the PEOPLE are dead there is no nation.

Because they think THEY are the nation. They are saying it is fine if YOU all die to save US.

That’s the simple upside-down. YOU die to save US. You the PEOPLE die to save us the GOVT.

No. No. No. NO. A thousand times NO. It is the GOVT should die to save the PEOPLE.


That, in miniature, of course, is what happens with every change of govt following an election. One govt dies in order to ‘save the people’.

And how do you know a govt that should die from a govt that should not?

By their fruits. Remember the biblical quote, something along the lines of ‘by their fruits ye shall know them’ ?

Yep. By their fruits. The duty of a govt is to protect its people. I think Viktor Orban said that.

Killing half a million of your own people while setting them at killing, dispossessing and ethnically cleansing their own brothers is bad fruit. Rotten. Stinking. Bad fruit.

BUT: put that to one side as the whole Western world seems happy to do, from great to small.

Return to where we started: What territory would Ukraine lose in a peace deal?

The answer is: Ukraine the PEOPLE – they would lose nothing, none. NONE. Lose no territory at all.

They Even Show Their Own Evil & Get Awards For It.

The Kiev regime ‘made’ a movie and the Americans gave them an Award for it.

That movie is, of course, a total lie meant to support the prevailing narrative regarding Kiev’s invasion of the Donbas, it’s efforts at ethnic cleansing, it’s avowed hatred of Russia as a major plank of it’s cultural identity: all things nurtured and loved by the American MIC, of course. Which, itself, is all that America is.

That movie is so amateurish and flagrantly false that it even shows photographic evidence of atrocities Kiev committed and claims them to be photos of something ‘the Russians’ did.

It is always ‘the Russians’. It is never ‘the Donbas Ukrainians’. That’s 10 million Ukrainians which the very existence of has to be kept secret from you. That’s the 10 million that Kiev set out to ethnic cleanse even to genocide, ethnic eliminate, and take their land and property. Those are the people whose land Kiev invaded in 2014. Those are the people who have fought for 10 years to keep their land and for 8 years did it alone and unassisted.

It is important to the USA and Kiev that you believe this is a war between Ukraine and Russia. You must not see that it is a war of ethnic cleansing and sheer blind aggression by 30 million Ukrainians against 10 million Ukrainians ostensibly in the interests of building a ‘pure’ Ukrainian nation (ring a Nazi bell?) but really in the interests of profiting American plutocrats. No Americans, note. No. They get poorer by the day. American plutocrats.

So they make this foul movie and give it awards and push it out to the world as some great praiseworthy truth.

Folks, I don’t want to spoil your day, but it is a lie and a filthy lie and it stems from a nest of liars. Consummate liars. Habitual liars. I recommend you watch this. If the filthy liars (in the name of enlightened, sophisticated, public spirited democracy) haven’t blocked your access.

I they have blocked it then try a VPN. If that doesn’t work or you don’t know how ask your children. Or you could contact this blog and we might be able to help out.