Double Standard Reporting?

Or just terribly bad reporting?

Here is an excerpt from David Cole’s post on Takimag April 2, 2019:

Muslim terrorists murdered twenty Filipino Christians as they attended services in their church two months ago, and do you recall the response from local Muslim leaders? Was it “We must address the anti-Christian bigotry in our community?” Or “We must stand in solidarity with our Christian countrymen?” Nope. It was “Well, to stop us from killing more Christians, let us carve a Muslim-only autonomous region in the country.” That’s literally like whites responding to the New Zealand massacre by saying, “Well, the solution is to keep New Zealand white and Christian. If we don’t have to mix, we won’t have any more race- or religion-based mass shootings.”

How do you think the media would have responded to that? Or the U.N.? Or most Western politicians? But in fact, the world response (and the response from media organs like CNN and the BBC) to the Muzz demand was essentially “Yes! Yes! Give them an autonomous region, so that they needn’t mix with those damn Christians.”

This is a point that bears repeating: A white Christian kills a bunch of Muslims in New Zealand, and the response is “More diversity! More mixing! Force them damn intolerant whiteys to get along, or jail their asses as racists.” Muslims in the Philippines massacre a bunch of Christians, and the response is “Let the Muslims be autonomous! Let them live free of mixing, free of diversity! Let them never have to see another Christian again!”

That was it.

What can I add? Nothing. It leaves one speechless.

Morrison’s law….. A new low….

This new law of Morrison’s strikes me as all wrong. The problem is the action, not the photographing of it.

Morrison’s law: if we can’t see horrible things photographed by the perpetrator then why can we see imitations of them, lifelike depictions of them, movies of them, which certainly will be made, all the more certainly after this law?

This muting of the press, of freedom of information, this censoring of free speech in the name of delicate sensibilities (that is the rationale, is it?) means that if some copper accidentally films his brutality then we can’t see it? It protects him? Or the state troopers in some brutal regime? They are protected from publicity?

This would mean all Daesh videos are banned? So that we don’t know what they’re doing?

And if our own governments start doing these things (as we’ve seen in recent years they actually do.. ) then we’ll be denied the sight of it?

These things can only be seen if someone else sees/films it or it is a movie depiction? i.e. the real truth, the facts, must be avoided, are legally not permitted?

There’s another rationale: to remove the supposed incentive for imitators to do these same horrible things in order to get a viral movie.

A long bow to think this law would stop that. A long bow. I safely predict it will have no such effect.

And I predict it will have the effect of deepening the mistrust and cynicism of the people against their governments.

Even mooting the idea is enough to deepen cynicism, for isn’t it obviously a cheap, band wagon riding, poorly thought out and overtly destructive of basic rights measure?

That totally avoids the real problem, a typical masterpiece of misdirection: the problem is the madness of the attack, the killing.

And the root of that madness is the madness of fundamentalist Muslims.

And the root of that madness is the madness of their doctrine, the terrible situations in their homelands, the madness brought about by the interference of the west in their homelands and the terrible examples put before them by the insane shooters in the USA – themselves made insane by the insane govt of the USA. which does things like this morrison thing and even worse.

Who can respect government? Or the craven, sheepish, media?


The radio – Radio National, Australia – is full of hysterical talk about ‘Islamophobia’ in the wake of the killings in New Zealand where some nutter blew up a Mosque, I think.

So they seek the origins of ‘Islamophobia’. They look for someone, something to blame.

Madness. Has all reason been declared out of bounds? The western world has gone completely nuts. According to what I read in the columns of Takimag, the online magazine, for instance. And numerous other places you get the same total irrationality reported.

The origins of Islamophobia are in thousands of Islamists cutting the heads off innocent people in public. The origins of Islamophobia are in the deaths of thousands of innocent people by terrorist attacks by Islamic groups.

Pointless to labour the point. One does. One tries to lay out point after point after point, proof after proof after proof, example after example….

But it is pointless. Those with rationality and eyes to see, ears to hear, see and hear quickly. The rest never will. Never. They’re coming from some other angle, some other logic, some other headspace, some other world.

The origins of Islamophobia are in Islam.

In the actions of those who profess the religion.

In what the writings of the religion turn out to be on investigation.

In the overt manifestations of the religion: shrouding women in black, making them slaves.

In the representation of Islam presented by Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia.

There’s the origins of Islamophobia.

It should be used as a sanity check. An intelligence test or something.

Those who cannot see it are mad, deficient in some way.

Why No Automatic Record Of In Flight Black Box?

I wonder why they have to desperately search for the black box when a plane goes down shortly after leaving an airport?

Because I’m thinking that all take offs could have/should have their black box information automatically recorded at the airport.

It could be broadcast from the airplane for the first ten or fifteen minutes of the flight.

Along with a video of the thing while in view – i don’t know how long that is but video as well as possible until well clear of the airport.

Brexit Reportage

I just posted this on Radio National Facebook Page. I’d like the whole world to read it and get back to me. How many millions of us feel the same? Many, I think. There’s blogs everywhere with people trying to give us the benefit of their best deliberations. Too many. Far too many. A hubbub a clamour a deafening chaotic tumult of noises.

Well here’s my contribution, nevertheless:

I think it would be nice if we got some real coverage of the brexit thing.

Like what ‘deals’ are actually in question?

All I’ve heard about is the Ireland thing.

By now I”d expect to be au fait with all the major ‘deals’ ( or existing arrangements) that will suddenly terminate at the end of March and what the significance of those terminations will be.

Most I’ve heard is of shipments on the way to England not knowing what forms they are going to have to fill in when they get there.

Come on. Isn’t it all largely about tariffs and free trade? I don’t know but isn’t that it? Well then what are the major tariff agreements that will suddenly disappear at the end of March if there is no agreement?

And so on. A run down on what products will be effected and how.

And work – the freedom to work and live in Europe for the poms. Well what happens at the end of March? Suddenly thousands of them lose their jobs? Have to suddenly go back to U.K. ? What?

All that sort of stuff. Elementary. Rudimentary you’d think. Stuff fit to serve up to simpletons such as I, but I get nothing, we get nothing.

Then let’s get a little more sophisticated. The UK and Europe are really merely theatres of action for the money manipulators, the banks, the super rich, etc… We all know that, don’t we? By now?

Well what deals are worrying them? I believe a major part of the U.K.’s GDP nowadays comes from the financial sector and that’s because it is a major world financial centre.

i.e. Money is big deal. Money is probably what it is all about at bottom.

So how about some investigative reporting and tell us how the City sees the whole thing. They’re too smart to be caught with their pants down.

There’s nothing at all happens, even world wars, that they don’t make a dollard or a trillion from. So what are they doing while the clowns in parliament and our clown journalists are occupying themselves with these shallow discussions?

What are they up to? There’s the real interesting story.

There’s the real life blood and centre and backbone of England. In the City.

I don’t even know what factors of a Brexit might effect them. Maybe none. In which case the whole Brexit thing is a storm in a teacup.

But if there are some factors then what are they and what are they doing about them?

We all should know – but don’t – that the EU is mainly a de facto state of thousands of unelected bureaucrats waxing fat and powerful whilst leeching off the populace.

That’s just a simple fact. Entertaining to start quantifying and identifying all of them and contemplating their discomfiture when their sinecures suddenly disappear, wouldn’t it be?

What To Do About Returning DAESH Brides?

We don’t want to hurt the children do we? No.

Unlike Daesh which couldn’t give a damn or even enjoyed hurting them.

So here’s an idea: Send the women and their children to any Muslim country that will take them.


And if none will take them then ploy number two:

They are ‘paraded’ conspicuously (the women, not the kids) on t.v., facebook, newsreel movies, whatever, wherever and they publicly describe the situation

‘No Muslim nation will take us in, despite the holy words of the prophet, etc. etc.’

And they publicly describe the atrocities of Daesh that they and/or their partners witnessed and/or participated in.

And they pubicly describe the atrocities of Daesh that they didn’t participate in but which Daesh revelled in.

And they describe the overthrow of Daesh.

And they tell renounce wholeheartedly the Muslim faith. They denounce the nonsense of the Koran etc. using the above mentioned facts as support and reasons for their change of heart.

And they make public avowal of wholehearted commitment to the Christian way of life that Australia supports and to Australia and its people (note, I did not say to ‘christianity’ as a religion – I said the ‘christian way of life’ which essentially simply means the ‘christian values’ respect for fellow man, etc… ).

And they talk for five non stop minutes telling us how sorry they are for everything that has been done to indivuals and nations by those sick dogs the Daesh.

And failing that, if they won’t agree to that then

Ploy 3:

Send them to Manus Island. NOT Manus Island as practiced by our government to this day but Manus Island with an Australian Forces Hospital Ship moored offshore to attend continually to medical needs.

IF they won’t accept that then:

Ploy 4:

We take the children from them, sorry, but unavoidable it seems so get it in perspective, kids are being taken from their parents all over the place all the time with far less justification – and put the parents, or ‘parent’ these are just women? -on a boat (fairly big boat, trawler size say ) and take it to within the territorial waters of Indonesia, say, and leave them there. Or outside the Territorial waters of anyone.

Anyway, point is, make them into ‘boat people’.

Any of the above options would put them in a better place than they’re in now.

I commend them to you.

Cardinal Pell – What’s Missing?

Bit of a joke this Cardinal Pell thing, isn’t it?

I mean if you can shut off the horror and disgust and disgrace of the core of it.

But shutting off perception of reality is part and parcel of ‘Christian’ thought isn’t it? Else how could they possibly use a crucified man as an emblem to put before the world, before all little children and such?

Can you imagine what happens in a child’s mind when it tries to raise a concept of what crucifixion must be like?

I have a child had nightmares for three days after seeing another child get a small cut.

I know children have nightmares thinking about fictional bogeymen.

The crucifixion thing is enough to give me nightmares. But we never hear a word about anyone else being at all bothered. Just me and my c hildren and those I know of, apparently.

But this Cardinal Pell thing. All the talk. All the discussion. About Law. About Justice. About compensation.

About bureaucracies and bureaucratic doings. The whole of the Catholic Church is a vast bureaucracy. That’s precisely how it was designed, is exactly what it is supposed to be. The ‘Holy See’ is just exactly that. The Vatican is nothing more than a vast bureaucracy.

Not so surprising. The Roman Empire was principally a vast bureaucracy. All social organisation is bureaucracy since the beginning of time. The most ancient writings on baked mud tablets are the records of a bureaucracy. The knotted cord ‘writings’ of who was it – the aztecs? – are records of a bureaucracy.

So it’s hardly surprising this furore should smack so large of bureaucracy. Why do I bother to remark on it?

Well because that’s all. There’s nothing else reported. Nothing.

What would I expect? What on earth am I talking about?

God. I thought God would somehow feature in it all.

But God never gets a mention. I’ve never heard a mention.

Apparently it has nothing to do with God.

I find that pretty strange, really.

Why No Real Brexit Coverage?

Why does there never seem to be any discussion of the Core Brexit Themes? i.e. why the Exit people wanted to exit?

Talk about how much how many of their concerns have been met or will be met under this or that agreement or proposed agreement? I hear nothing. Not a word.

Similarly I don’t hear much about the ‘sticking points’. What is stopping agreement? And why are those problems not put before the electorate for judgement before proposing a whole new referendum?

And I don’t see/hear any specifics, any figures, any discussion about exactly what problems would arise if the country ‘left without an agreement’. How am I to believe there’d be any?

What precisely would be the problems? That private companies found they couldn’t trade because of a Brussels directive or something? What? In short I know nothing. Is that because my information comes mainly from Radio National?

Discovery Day ! Hallelujah !

Aboriginal Rescue Day.

Isn’t it time to talk some sense and face some facts?

Now there’s a push by 3% of the population to change the ways of 97% on the grounds of a historical inevitability and naturally progressive incident being claimed to be some kind of a disaster.

The discovering of Australia and the rejoining of the aboriginals at that time with the mainstream of world civilizations is to be seen as a disaster.

Nonsense and mind twisting, future destroying, brain bending nonsense for future generations of aboriginals to have to swallow.

The truth it should be seen as a day of rejoicing.

The day Australia was found ! The day the aborigines were rescued from the stone age, from illiteracy, from innumeracy, from animistic religion, from total ignorance and possession of nothing with no hope for the future save thousands more years down the same blind alley.

A day to give fervent thanks for. As castaways on a desert island finally discovered and rescued, brought into the world, the world spread before them.

Give thanks for where you’re at and give thanks for the ability to get there – where you’d never have got without being found.

Join the whole world which all has a similar history and become a sensible part of it all.

Join in. Get with it. Give thanks for being found.

Petty Injustice And How Good It Is.

I just suffered a Petty Injustice.

I was banned from a forum I’ve used for years.

Peremptorily and improperly.

It happens quite frequently all over the place. That particular forum has numerous complaints on the web about the actions of its moderators.

In my case they were: Gnuthad and www1. Awful people. Stupid people. Vindictive people. I suspect they are children.

So it rankles. Doesn’t it? Because they act as accuser, judge and jury. They accuse you, they decide what should happen, they implement it and there’s nothing you can do about it.

No one else knows what’s going on. None of the thousands of forum participants and, doubtless, none of the management of the forum.

In my case these morons seemed incapable of using logical argument and of seeing what’s in to the benefit of the forum generally. i.e. their actions were detrimental to the good of the forum.

So it all rankles and it’s a nastiness that can spoil your day. Or even your week.

So where’s the good in it?

Well it makes you aware perhaps of what some people are going through all over the world. I never forget Lindy Chamberlaine in Australia who was imprisoned for killing her child in the absence of any proof whatever – there could be no proof because she didn’t do it and eventually, after years, that was recognised and she was released.

Think of the horror of it: to be accused of killing your own child! Not to be helped or commiserated with but to be accused of being the perpetrator! And then to be tried and pilloried in the press around the nation ! And then found guilty. And then locked up in a prison branded as guilty, as a person who’s done this terrible thing.

Disgraceful. A blot on the nation’s history. An awful thing.

And yet it is a commonplace. As we’re having indisputably shown us these days with the increasing use of DNA evidence to reopen past cases and prove people to be innocent and have them released from jails where they’ve sometimes spent decades.

People are even executed as guilty when they’re innocent.

And from that observation we can segue into the wider world and notice the widespread killing of innocents, caught up in the middle of wars.

So it’s saddening. Puts things into perspective. Gives one a reason to attempt to keep an eye on the political manoeuvrings of one’s own nation in particular and wider world in general.

Good to be mindful of the normal state of affairs: injustice runs wild.

That’s the value of two ignorant little twats: gnuthad and www1. They remind of how the world stinks in some areas and remind us to be on guard. For our own sake and for the sake of all.