Katchanovsky: Maidan and BRICS

my response to
Ukrainian Professor EXPOSES The West’s Lies About The Maidan Massacre Of 2014! (Part 1) Neutrality Studies

An interesting paper. Stays on subject for 90% but then wanders off beyond its remit and beyond pure science into realms of political conjecture and opinion.
We can take as proven that Maidan was a far right false flag and the govt of ‘Ukraine’ ( i.e. Kiev Ukraine ) was from then on illegitimate.
His opinions on justifications for Russia’s actions or not and so on are debatable and properly beyond the scope of his paper. Perhaps put there for political reasons in order to dodge any future suggestions he is supporting the Russian cause. We can sympathise with such a feeling, natural especially in the rabidly lunatic sphere of the Americas.
In that context it is interesting to note he chooses not to expand his scope to include opinions or conjectures on the American involvement in the Maidan – the extent to which they were fuelled, paid, by America.
Which is mainly what we’d be looking for in this video – at least 90% of us that would come here at all already well aware the Maidan was false flag.
Well don’t look for it. It is not in the paper. America might well not exist in the world as far as the paper is concerned.
The paper is good and welcome for what it is: virtually a forensic proof of the false flag of Maidan.
But it is not more than that; we can exclude the ‘ass covering’ political speculation.
I have not watched/listened to the whole video but I imagine it cannot say more than his paper has said.

Well I just read the transcript and he says much about the USA in fact. Expands mightily on his opinions. Still heavily insisting upon Russia’s illegality in invading Ukraine: making it very plain which side he is on.

To me the main thing he says is:

“…they regarded Ukraine as a tool against Russia to contain Russian influence and and Ukraine basically became client state of the United States in which even like top government officials prime minister of Ukraine uh prut general of Ukraine head of St Security Service of security service of UK and other top officials were nominated appointed or dismissed with involvement of United States
officials or Embassy officials or Biden himself….”

And omits the obvious conclusion that an American client State on the border of Russia was/is precisely what Russia doesn’t want, will not tolerate and therefore, right or wrong, was exactly what would start a war. And when you talk ‘start a war’ when does it start? When you prepare the field and conditions or when the first shot is fired? Childish over simplification to say when the first shot is fired, of course.

second in importance I find to be:

‘…this is obviously war between Russia and Ukraine but in addition to this there is also war between proxy war between Russia and the West in Ukraine when Ukraine is used as a proxy and in addition to this there is still element of Civil War in in Ukraine still ongoing Civil War which started in 2014 in donbas…. ‘

The West at war with Russia and a civil war predicated on ethnic grounds I think are de facto the ‘start’ of a war.

And of course there’s more to all that which he omits. The war started in 1945 or before. It began in the UK with their ruling money hating the ruling money in Russia and coveting the lands, the riches, the power.

But I would like to say that I think we all take a far too parochial view of this thing: the war in Ukraine. We, the ordinary people, who suffer from these things and desperately need to get a grasp on what’s going on and begin to influence events in our own interest. Why should 500,000 of us die in warfare in Ukraine? Why should 30,000 Palestinians die in Gaza? Why should Iraq and Syria and Libya be pummeled to dust and impoverished?

One common strand. It is because America is at war with the world.

Ukraine is not at war with Russia. That’s a joke. That’s a logical fallacy, a play on words in the first place. Childishly remiss reportage at the very least. A notional half of Ukraine fights with the Russians, side by side. It is a civil war. ‘Ukraine’ is both sides, not one side.

Yes. But the phrase has currency and legitimacy in one translation, one usage and that is when a nation name, when a ‘nation’ itself, is thought to be the govt. Pure and simple. Nothing but the government. This is viewing a nation the way we view corporate entities. ‘Entities’ in law. Said to have all the rights, privileges, responsibilities of real living human beings so that they can borrow money, enter into contracts, own things, etc., etc..

So ‘Coca Cola’ is an ‘entity’. A ‘living thing’ to all intents and purposes in the realm of law and commerce. But, of course, nothing real at all in the realm of humanity.

That’s how ‘Russia at war with Ukraine’ is supposed to be parsed. The nation names apply only to governments and not people. That clears that up. We must be conscious of that. We must remember that. All the learned discussion, political analysis, prophesying and elucidating is all predicated on nations as in fact corporate entities. NOT collections of people. People are considered largely irrelevant.

So that’s how they say the ‘Ukraine’ is at war with Russia. By disregarding the 10 million Ukrainians that Russia has sided with.

Well that is wrong, too. For stand back and look at it and who are the players and who is winning and who is losing and which players have which objectives and then decide who aggressor and winner is, what the real dynamic is.

And it is not hard to see that America is at war with Ukraine. ‘Ukraine’ this time meaning the land and people. NOT the ‘corporate entity’ the govt. For that’s a puppet of the USA. But America is/has taken over every part of the Ukraine that it can. It owns the place. It crushes, kills and crushes wherever and whatever. And it WINS. It is profiting to this day. The dollar is still strong, employment rises in the USA, the population remains in thrall.

But more: America is at war with Europe, too. They had a mantra: ‘Keep America in Germany down and Russia Out’ This is no secret. It is america/europe politics 101.

And that is proceeding well. All nations whipped into line. Germany hollowed out, white anted at the core, things are looking good. They just ripped the balls off their biggest potential threat.

So there’s the real war. the USA against the world. The USA tells the G7 what to do. The G7 thus IS the USA. Outside the G7 is the rest of the world. It is from this situation that America gets its astonishing arrogance whereby now it makes noises about fighting China, Arabia and Russia all at once whilst internally the country degenerates into a third world.

The real war is this ‘rogue state’, the USA, hidden behind the trappings of the G7 and NATO etc. facing BRICS.

Against that background truth Russia not only did not have a choice about stepping into Ukraine to try to protect itself and its Ukrainian Russians but was then and is now the whole world’s only fightback against this lunatic American obsession with guns, power, hegemony, dictatorship (no one ever seems to mention that de facto the USA is a dictatorship both within and without) and total subjugation and suppression of any and all progress anywhere in the world ! Even within its own borders !


My world is in technicolor today. I just happened to notice.

Cinemascope, too, I think.

I’d show you a picture but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

Yes I have. Too easy. So then I thought to take picture to show how technicolor and cinemascope it all is but then I found wherever I pointed the smartpone there’d be neighbour’s houses or telegraph poles or wires or something else I didn’t want in the pic.

So no pic. From today. But it turns out I have a gallery or something on this computer with one lonely picture in it. Here it is. Just for the sake of putting a pic in my blog. The first one ever. 🙂


Is the USA winning in Ukraine?

We all know the USA is at war with Ukraine. Has been for years. And there are those who claim it is winning and those who claim it is losing. Look at both sides:


This seems an easy claim to support. 

. The Kiev government is totally dependent upon the USA today to where it cannot even pay the salaries of its people, pay public pensions, etc. without money from the USA.

. The Kiev government is deeply indebted for billions of dollars to the USA and cannot possibly hope to remove the debt for generations.

. The infrastructure has been destroyed in many places and, of course, US businesses have pre-empted contracts for restoration, repair, replacement.

. Whole industries have collapsed and again, the US businesses already hold the contracts to put their own businesses in their place.

. At home the USA MIC has profited by billions of dollars.

. The USA effectively has the whole of NATO doing whatever it wants whenever it wants without demur.

. Germany has been reduced to vassal statehood and its core strength removed: cheap fuel.

. Well over 500,000 men have been killed at the cost of not one (official) american serviceman.

. The dollar remains strong against the Euro.

In short the American govt has power over the whole of Europe, has diminished current power and future prospects for potential rivals such as Germany, virtually owns Kiev Ukraine now and for the future, has a profitable business going like never before: the MIC.

They have destroyed, bought at bargain prices or simply taken the whole of Ukraine that they can, that is available and they have Ukrainians dying by the hundreds of thousands trying to get the other part for them.

And it hasn’t cost them a single soldier.

And to the world: supreme victory – they are not even at war with Ukraine !

To the world it is Russia that is at war. Not America. America is simply ‘helping’.

It is a slam dunk. How could America ever be seen as not winning?

Got a country to wreck itself by dividing and one half attacking the other and then helped it smash itself to bits on the ground the meanwhile enmeshing it in debt and obligation and dependency.

To where it is now fully indebted, fully obligated, wholly dependent. You would say: ‘conquered’.

 And got the whole West onside to help at a cost to them of simply paying homage, doing obeisance to the USA.

But there are those that argue the other way:


. The American goal is the freedom to come and go as they please in Ukraine and, in particular, build American bases, put American missiles wherever, whenever. They grow further away from this goal.

. American ownership of lands and businesses, whole industries in (Kiev) Ukraine means nothing if those industries, businesses do not exist, do not function and if those lands cannot be profitably managed.

. American ownership of the total indebtedness of Kiev means nothing but loss if Kiev cannot honour the debt – and it cannot and future prospects grow worse by the day.

. The question is about ‘Ukraine’ and America plays word game with this word. In fact it properly applies to the whole of Ukraine as prior 2014 and the Kiev attack on Donbas: the outright military division of the country. That is the ‘Ukraine’ that the USA seeks to own and control. They have gotten no closer to that since 2014 than they were then. Quite the reverse.

. That part of Ukraine – the Donbas part – is now immeasurably stronger due to the American interference. For it now considers itself not only truly obviously an independent country but now also a properly federated part of the Russian Federation and has gained, heart, strength, determination, resources and ability from it.

. Hence America can be seen to have hardened the part of Ukraine it most wanted and hence made it all the more impossible to take it. Put it further away.

. The American dollar remains strong against the Euro, yes. But it sinks against the other currencies of the world.

.This was because America ‘weaponised’ the dollar. Attempting to decide who would use its money and who wouldn’t. And helping itself to other people’s money whenever it felt like it. This destroyed: utterly destroyed – the faith anyone in the rest of the world had in the safety of the American dollar as somewhere to put your money. This was/is a massive blow to American interest.

. Where before there were no alternative trade blocs, alliances, routes, financial systems the American sanctions forced the creation of all of them and they have all been created and successfully. i.e. where America had monopoly, hegemony it now has opposition, alternative, peers and better than peers.

. The opposing forces in Ukraine – primarily the Russian forces – have been vastly improved over the course of the operation. From necessity. Beginning with a largely antiquated and inefficient and corrupt force the Russian Federation has seen, learned of its shortcomings and moved to correct them. It now has a force drastically improved in all aspects to where it is probably the premier military force in the world today. 

. Realisation in Russia. Where Russia was very largely ‘western oriented’ particularly with the young and followed eagerly all trends, fashions, current memes and was perhaps somewhat divided within itself sometimes because of it the whole of Russia because of the sanctions alone if nothing else, for they were so ubiquitous and universal knowledge of them got to everyone, now knows and thoroughly believes that the whole of West and particularly the USA hates them, despises them, wants nothing to with them except to plunder and despoil them. This has created a fundamental rise in national pride and solidarity within Russia making it the more coherent and able.

.The contrary to the above is true in the west generally and the USA in particular. 

. Realisation around the world. Presenting the population of the world with this spectacle, this issue at this time with the current tools we have available: the internet, smartphone, social media etc. has caused millions upon millions around the world, in the West and outside the West to learn and think about the whole thing. And universal lessons have been learned that are so taken for granted they’re hardly mentioned any more: 
. American media is totally corrupt propaganda.
. Main stream media generally is deeply flawed at best.
. We have amongst ourselves our own sites and sources for independent factual information.
. We can use the web for finding truth and checking facts.
. We cannot trust ANY politicians at all.
. We have no established ‘intellectual leaders’ to speak of, only pretenders.
. The history of the West and the USA is there for the finding and it is not good.
And this has created a new kind of ‘ordinary human’ and created them by the millions. A human with an interest in using this new tool in order to discover truths about matters great and small. A human with a conviction that they can and should find these truths. A human with a conviction that they have as much right as any man to access to these truths.
A human who has seen in following these paths that just about ALL our ‘betters’ or occupiers of high places with great powers are but charlatans or worse.
And THAT human is a threat to this ‘America’ that we speak of. For that America exists on the basis of lies and obscuring, hiding the truth, on hereditary positions of influence and power on the traditional humility and acquiescence of the masses.

America: meaning that cabal of greedy lunatics – has shot itself in the foot. And to this day is reloading and preparing to shoot again and again and again… for it is insane.

Couple of interesting links more less associated with the above:


Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/dereksaul/2023/10/11/us-defense-stocks-surge-nearly-30-billion-after-hamas-attack-dont-count-on-it-lasting-analysts-say/?sh=2d8f5b86100e

Jacobin:  https://jacobin.com/2022/10/pentagon-budget-military-contractors-lobbyists-biden

Responsible statecraft: https://responsiblestatecraft.org/gaza-hostage-deaths/

Don’t write to Congress

People generally seem to think they have no hope of effecting change via the democratic machinery. ’What good would it do’ seems to be their invariable response to any suggestion of contacting their elected reps. I had one recently asking me if I thought ‘writing to Congress’ would do any good. I don’t know if it was tongue in cheek or what.

But here’s what I think of the whole thing:

Not you ‘writing letters to Congress’ is the thing to do but directing, supervising, monitoring and demanding of their reps continually on a frequent (daily? weekly? monthly?) basis by all means to hand by EVERY member of the constituency: that’s the ‘thing to do.’

As part of our responsibility as citizens of a democracy: ‘rule of the people BY the people for the people’.

Clearly a ‘participatory’ scheme.

Our participation is the essence.

By every means available: walk over there and do face to face, write letters, postcards, email, text, fax, phone calls. Broadcast to them publicly on FB, LinkIn, X, tik tok – whatever..

Got it?

The essence of it:

YOU (we) have to govern ourselves. HAVE to.

And they are OUR servants. SERVANTS. They represent us. Those ‘elected reps’ are elected to do as they are told. As they are told ! So they need telling.

Let us be clear about it, very, very, crystal clear: the system has always been up until now and now confessedly imperfect, falling well short of optimum, terribly short.

Every political theorist in the world will admit this regardless of what stripe. When it comes to practicing democracy our current systems fall terribly short.

Why? From evil intent of the evil monsters seeking to bring us all down?

No. From the constraints of the time up until now.

How can we possibly have a continuously working democratic system with every man having a voice in every decision – or even any decision?

The biggest clear barrier has always been communications. We could (since about WWII) broadcast to everyone. But we couldn’t hear from everyone.
Even our broadcasting to all have been imperfect, not really reaching many directly but relying on being passed on by word of mouth at the end.
It was well understood very early that we simply could not have the ‘perfect’ Athenian democracy. No chance.

So we finish up with the admittedly very imperfect model we have now. Which is ‘representative’ democracy.

Where you lose your voice and it gets submerged, subsumed in a mass of ‘voices’ all ‘represented’ by one man. Your local representative.

This was bad enough.

But today and for a long time now, virtually from the start, that representative doesn’t even have a voice. His voice is subsumed together with the voices of all other representatives of his ‘Party’.

In the end there are only two voices in the nation. This Party or that Party

This is who/what you address when you ‘write a letter to Congress’. Why? What’s the point of that. You are trying to short circuit a system whereby your voice is already represented to them albeit subsumed twice in a row – ‘disappeared’ we could say, to ‘two orders of magnitude’.

Congress is not designed to listen to you.

The design is not that you petition Congress.

The design is not even that you petition your representative.

The design, nominally is that he represents you: that you DIRECT him.

But what have you done? What do we all do?

You accept that you have no voice and must ‘operate’ via the representative.
You accept that the representative charts his own course and you, maybe, sometimes, ‘petition’ but you don’t ‘direct’.
You accept that while he is ‘doing it’ you remain mainly in the dark, ignorant of anything he’s doing, without any control, without any input, without any recognition from him of your existence.
You accept that he will be totally controlled by his Party. i.e. you notionally free him entirely from any need or duty to take any heed of anything you think or say.

Don’t you?

Like betting on racehorses you pick one and then watch it run.. completely free of your influence.

Only it is worse than that because actually your horse doesn’t run, does he?
On the strength of which team he is in a horse runs in his stead in a two horse race.

It is farcical.

But it got this way because no one could think of anything better or fairer given the practical constraints throughout history of people in masses of millions governing with ‘each a voice’.

So: I am saying follow the existing paradigm as much as possible. Don’t run around trying to have violent street protests and parades and massed marches etc… ‘demanding change’.

Follow the existing imperfect paradigm but make it as good as you can/we can.

And we now have something that gives us the ability to make it incredibly better.

We have the internet and the smartphone.

Do you understand? Do you see it?

What are the biggest problems/hurdles/barries between us and successful democratic self governance?

  1. The will of the people not consulted, not even canvassed.
  2. The machinations of govt., rich and powerful kept secret.
  3. As in (2) govts acting without reference to the people (i.e. send us to war against each other)
  4. Widespread disinformation, deception, generations long indoctrination so’s people don’t know where/what the truth is and don’t really feel they have any right/ability to find/know it.
  5. A lack of knowledge on the part of the people about who’s really running the country, what’s really going on.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. What do you think? Pretty right?

Well look: how many of them can be cured by the internet and smartphone access given the right apps when required?

I’ll give my answers:

  1. Perpetual referenda on any subject at all could be commonplace. Your vote for the govt, the President, or whatever could be registered and changeable by you at any time so that the shifting allegiances of the people could be monitored and seen by the people in simple line charts, bar charts or whatever right there on their cellphones. That and similar with any topic of the moment. And all TOTALLY SECURE. Don’t be fooled by the govt voting machine bullcrap fiasco. Our programmers today can put up code that will run an app that securely takes one vote and one vote only from a proven living, qualified citizen and registers it anonymously. And gives them the ability to change it at any time.
    Such apps not only register the will of the people but let the people see it themselves, so’s they know what they’re thinking/doing. En masse ! By the hundreds of thousands ! By the millions ! Not by rumour, not by MSM report, not by govt propaganda, not days after but immediately ! Got it?
  2. ALL the machinations of govt could be routinely accessible to us all via modern apps that present the information if attractive and readily digestible form. Up to now you have to read Hansard or something. Have to search around and consult ‘academic’ type reports, ‘official’ accounts of what’s doing and what’s been done. Today we can have AI and purpose built software directed by ‘purpose built’ open source groups show us quickly and easily what’s doing in a way that enables us to quickly find those things that may interest us. AND then ‘drill down’ to fine detail. When ever in the history of mankind did the masses ever have such an ability?
    That’s the ‘official’ ‘machinations’. The same goes in the more ‘unofficial’. We can track ALL details of the rich and powerful. Every penny they have in the bank. Every penny spent on their credit cards. We all know this is the power of the internet today. We just haven’t turned it to our own advantage. We bleat and whine about ‘the govt’ using it against us. No one seems to understand that first of all it is OURS. The PEOPLE know the internet, know how to code, how to put up apps, how to navigate and use the web. Of course. ALL the expertise in the world belongs to the people. How else could it be? The people ARE the world. The tiny, tiny, handful of people ‘at the top’ generally speaking know nothing at all, do nothing at all, produce nothing at all. What they have going for them is they can trick us into harming each other. Together we stand, divided we fall.
  3. Well clearly once this paradigm is running and accepted no government could plead that they couldn’t tell the people or ask the people. But more – and we need more because they still would plead or claim that thing, being the unashamed consummate liars that they are – we can STOP it. Monitoring every single activity, every word spoken in their legislatures we would know instantly when anything occurs in the chambers of the government that may presage even that ultimate ‘use’ of the people: declaring they are at war with someone (other people on the planet). Though typically an executive decision which can be made, truly (surprised?) without reference to the people it would always be presaged by various signs of one sort or other. But the main thing is recovery or control. In a modern ‘internate app’ democracy there would be/could be instant overwhelming pressure on each and every representative to get up in the chamber and announce his whole constituency is besieging him to have this decision reversed. And, of course, the aforementioned ‘charts’ and graphs apps showing the feelings of the people would indicate immediately how they felt.
  4. Despite what the current state of the information space would seem to indicate truth is not all that hard to find.
    The truth about Covid was known and told by Prof Ioannidis way, way back and the truth of the mortalities and the effectiveness of treatments was well disseminated by Dr Cory and his FLCCC. The truth of America’s actions throughout the world has been right out there for anyone to find all the time once people tear themselves away from their trance state vis a vis MSM
    Modern apps could pretty quickly come up data/information collators that subject the data/information to various checks, verifications, objective evaluations and present the results to us. We have no such existent at the moment. Only special interest groups each banging its own drum.
    Special interest groups will always exist and nothing wrong with that and each will employ some variation of these ‘truth’ or ‘fact’ finder apps to get information for them, an understanding of reality that they can trust where today none of us can trust anything or anyone, by and large.
  5. Well it’s all there. Smartphone tracking. Bank account ‘hacking’ to reveal transactions even if (thankfully) not able to influence them. Private details of all kinds. What cars, properties, shares, mortgages you own. Business interests, friends and acquaintances. Habitual movements, places you frequent and what you do there. We are all exposed today. If the hackers want to home in on us we’re an open book. Many people are very paranoid about it and perhaps even write alarmist books about it. The point though is that it is obviously true. It always was true. All our information is available to all our peers all the time. When you get ‘generic’. Any person’s whole life is known by whom/what: by people. Of course. People are sworn to secrecy. People are threatened with prison terms or perhaps even death if they reveal what they know. It has always been like this.
    And still is.
    And always the technology and the ‘power’ of intrusion, breaking into your privacy, seeing your intimate details, was retained only by the govt. for only they had access to the data and the abilities to manipulate the data.
    But today, for the first time in history the people have this power and they can turn it back onto ‘the govt’, whoever that might be. No longer do we need depend upon dubious ‘investigative journalists’. Simple apps can be written that will discover anything we want to know about those who hold the power and use the power.

The Youth of Today





I subscribe to 'Dr Rob Campbell',  a substack  author.

And he published a 'weekly update' on the situation in Ukraine and we had come exchanges in the comments section.
It came to where Dr Rob said this in a reply to me where he wonders about the future:
Dr. Rob Campbell
I accept what you are saying but I think the strength of the elites who control the West is in decline and that of their competitors in the emerging Multi-polar world is increasing. Of course, I don't know how things are going to work out but I am optimistic: it's good for my health.

This triggered me because I often wonder about this very question and I have some definite thoughts on the subject.
So I was moved to respond with this length piece which I'd like to put here for my own records and hopefully for some promulgation perhaps, by others, over the course of time:
arthur brogard

I place a lot of hope on the youth of today. You've seen them. Only from the back, of course, as they sit huddled before their computers, or perhaps from afar so to speak as they sit eyes down at their smartphones. Paying us and the world no mind. Concentrating on their games and their social media.

But I think they aware and biding their time or waiting the natural time to come.

They will turn their attention to these matters and in particular the 'villains' of the peace in a way never before seen in the history of humanity.

Never before possible. For the eyes and attentions of millions suddenly to scour the records and programs of the world in search of certain persons and certain activities.

With their skills capable of piercing any defence, extracting any data, computing any things.

Ubiquity. They already are physically everywhere, of course, but their cyber presence will be so 'everywhere' it will make the so called omnipresence of cctv look like sparsely populated deserts.

All our lumbering long winded specious arguments, debates, protestations, manifestations and mouthings of the past will be replaced by lighting fast production of incontrovertible documents, records, proofs of the truth.

Truth no longer that which the smoothest most convincing orator can persuade us of but that which they cause their world-wide universal computer to produce.

Dire prophesies and predictions by con artists on the one hand and loony end-of-the-worlders on the other will be replaced by logical scientific calculations on proven data and checked by other equally valid programmes.

They will bring sense to the world for they have the power to do it. We all do. With this internet an smartphones. But we are mired in our old ways. We literally are blind; unconscious of the tool in our hands.

They will not be.

There's not only all that which is all kinda 'mechanistic' – simply talk about a people using a tool. But there is a psychological aspect that goes along with it. A mindset.

There always has to be in human affairs doesn't there? Give a bunch angry half educated religious fundamentalists a bag of tools, so to speak, and what they'll do with them is not the same as what a collection of sober scientists with a goal in mind will do.

There's always a 'psychological environment', a setting.

Well they are doing something on a daily basis that the people of the world have never done before. Many things I suppose but the thing I'm thinking of the playing with reality, possibilities, facts and fictions, that they do in their games.

It is the norm for them to say 'what if'. It is the norm for them to be faced by weird realities. It is the norm for them to find illogicalities are the answers, the keys, to making progress.

It is the norm for them to be faced by lack of knowledge and apparent intractable situations and equally the norm for them to seek the requisite knowledge, to believe it is there and they can find it.

It is the norm for them to think they are individually the equal of anyone else in this respect: meeting obstacles, finding the way to navigate them.

I could go on. Couldn't I? I think enough said, though. You either get it or you don't.

I believe we are lumbering elephantine anachronisms.

I will give one example that might illuminate a little: Covid. Everything was wrong, untrue, bad. Covid was not so bad. The right treatments were not those mandated. The measures were all untherapeutic. Denying access to therapeutics was/is criminal.

And so on. Right?

Well 'we', us lumbering elephantine anachronisms, could have seized the tools of the web and put up web sites all over the place that found the truths and promulgated them.

And in that way we could have saved thousands and thousands of live.

The nearest we ever came to that was perhaps Sunetra Guptas' site which had a name so inappropriate and unrelated to 'covid' that I can never call it to mind.

[edit] 'collateralglobal'. I remembered. And it wasn't even a "dot com". It is collateralglobal.org for christ's sake. [/edit]

And a site like a coffee table glossy magazine when you got there. Devoid of any 'punch'. Etc.

And we 'elephantines' lumberingly discussing/whining how they had been deplatformed from free social media who never, ever, any single on of them, ever made any effort at all to put up their own site much less their own servers, much less sites devoted to helping the millions.

Why all that? Because they, we, knew no better.

And still don't. I would surmise.

How many of us know the cost of a domain?

How many of us know what to do next after getting a domain?

How many of us recognise the fundamental threat that use of hosting provider is?

And so on.

The greatest single facilitator, emancipator, sophisticated tool ever given to human being courtesy of their own intelligence and something way over 90% know no more about it than they do of any other 'public service' such as perhaps how the water reticulation/purification etc. system works for them.

But our children are different creatures. They are not as you and I.

Thank god.
And this is Dr Rob's Weekly Ukraine Update: well worth reading



Sad news…

I find Korybko's  latest about Admiral Stavridis'  Bloomberg piece to be sad news.

It essentially says that 'rump' Ukraine will be part of NATO.  Like as in foregone conclusion.

And that means free American access.

And that means nukes and sabre rattling and worse right on Russia's doorstep.

I wouldn't be happy, won't be happy, until the European people wake up and take Europe back and throw the USA and its filthy machinations out. Right out.

Half a million dead in Ukraine in pursuit of ethnic cleansing.

Tens of thousands dead in Gaze in pursuit of the same.

That's the USA.

And Stavridis suggests the USA will advance further and Korybko seems to see it as inevitable.

We desperately need the people of the world to wake up.

These lunatics will not stop until the world is in flames or worse.

What would USA in Ukraine, NATO in Ukraine be? Constant provocation,  constant war making with Russia.

The worst possible outcome.  The worst.


A beauty article revealing some aspects I didn't know.


This Korybko fellow publishes on Substack and won't allow comments unless you're a subscriber:  a paying subscriber.

So that lets me out because I'm not.

And perhaps better that way.  I wanted to comment to him, to his article, or to the other viewers – whoever it is we comment to when we make these comments – that I found it very revealing what he said about the international consequences of America's machinations in Armenia.

I had no idea, simpleton that I am, such things were going on all the time.  But in fact that's it, isn't it? They are going on 'all the time'.  It is what the world is made of.  I guess.

It is the stuff that all the commentators on the history of the 'social' – the world of nations, civilisations – talk about all the time.

And in precisely those terms where the entities in question are the 'nations' but in truth the 'nations' are no more real entities than corporations are.

Convenient legal fiction.

But why I'm saying it's maybe good I can't comment there is because none of 'us' ( the non-paid subscribers) can. AND that means if we want to say something there's at least some chance we'll so something such as I'm doing here: take independent action, promulgate it further.

And that's what it and everything needs. Free, further promulgation, away from the confines of profit motivated 'corrals'.

Yup. That's my main statement.

But his article – to which I will link – says that; well here's the notes I took of it as I went through it, cut and pasted,  just as I created them:
armenia is revanchist apparently (title of article in question)
lure armenia away from russia
scto mutual defence alliance
armenia was defeated in Karabakh
resentment: russia responsible for their defeat – their diaspora says this
says US goals 1,2,3
1. worsen russia armenia relations
2. esp militarily
3 to spy on russia through armenia
now a fourth:
4. turn armenia into US's bastion of regional influence
this means (he says) it will eventually have to reassert its influence over georgia
"so long as georgia retains strategic autonomy us cannot maximally exploit armenia"
so needs to coerce or force Tblisi to do what it wants: give US military access.
this provides 'strategic leverage' vis a vis russia, turkey, azerbaijan, iran
difficult for those four countries to 'counter'
but closer 'military strategic' coordination would help

WTF does all that mean?  And where do people figure in all that?

I could ramble on and on now.  But I ought not. Because I'm digesting it and thinking on it.

Seems to me its a barrel load of bs but I'm coming to be sadly aware this is bs that runs the world today.

And we ought to put a stop to it.  By existing.  See?   We simply don't exist in any of the above.  See?

It is all about what these countries, these 'nations' are going to do and how they can be manipulated but it all refers to resident govt or manipulators or future manipulators:  i.e. the CIA will operate on current manipulators and replace them with others (if they don't do as they're told).

And people don't figure.

Or do they?  Well they do inasmuch as they are planned to be propagandised to where they will back 'popular' movements and thus enable things like coup d'etat and like the Maidan in Ukraine.

But even there they don't figure as real people do they? They figure as predictable sheeple.  They will be manipulated in this way and they will do that.  All part of the plan.

So the focus never shifts from those central figures:  the 'govts' of all these nations and such as the CIA which I suppose we should also call a 'govt' for it is an arm of the USA govt isn't  it?

Some argue it actually IS the US govt.  Govt figures come and go and policies come and go or at least pretend to: but the CIA keeps itself to itself and does what it does regardless of anyone or anything.

I am not explaining myself very well.

I think I'll give up trying for this time at least.  Have another go another time.

Just trying to say people are left out of the equation except as incidental bit players, crowd scene extras.

But they should be what it is all about, the whole story, the whole plot, the whole drama.



It is about Oil/Gas again. Israel/USA stealing again/still.

I don't understand why it is not getting an airplay.  I just discovered it. It seems totally factual, all the basics, the fields are there, etc. and the ownership and so on.

So say this current war is all about that wouldn't be right and doesn't have to be, does it?  The Israelis have more than one reason to want every Palestinian dead, in their blind lunacy.  This just adds one more reason.

The more reasons you have, the more different reasons, the more believers you attract from the more different places.

So it's not 'all' about this. It is about 'this and this and this'.

I  don't understand why it gets no airplay. Even if it were totally wrong and it has nothing to do with it at all it's still a kite worth flying isn't it?

It's been flown. I am picking it up and giving it a bit of a fly.

Here's a link of information, there's plenty more if you google 'palestinian gas' or something like that.

Here's one:

War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields

And here's the mighty Chris Hedges failing to give it a mention:


Israel Is Inviting the End


Seems to me those who hold power in Israel are inviting the end of the world.

As if we didn't have enough lunatic 'leaders' already.  Time to get the internet busy, communicate with each other, formulate plans and policies and get rid of them all. They are not fit for purpose and probably never were.

But now it is clear. We need to manage our own affairs.

This is a good little essay by chris hedges on the doings of the lunatics in Israel and by extension the lunatics in our lands that lend them support: