Please Help Our Main Stream Media and Government…. !!!

As you know our Media and our Government are doing everything they can to bring us full and comprehensive Truth about all things that concern us.

This is no easy task in a busy and violent world full of rogues and scoundrels, liars, thieves, cheats.  Uncovering the lies, exposing the villainy, checking sources, carefully analysis, etc…   it all takes time and personnel.

So it is not surprising that sometimes things ‘slip through’ or go unobserved.  Understandable. They can’t do everything.  So we should do all we can to help.

Here is an example.  The Saintly Kiev regime is apparently harbouring some traitorous elements who’re betraying the fundamental saintliness of our Banderite Trawniki heroes and deliberately dropping banned chemical poison gas warfare munitions.

The article is in Russian which of course your Google translate or perhaps even your smarphone or browser would translate for you quickly enough.

But here’s a bit of a translation anyway so you can see. Followed by a link to the article,  from ‘Kosomolskaya Pravda’ :

A month ago, a Ukrainian video was posted on the social network with strange, home-made ammunition for dropping from quadrocopters. The author, as it were, was hinting: “hold on, Muscovites, you are all Khan.” The video did not have the desired effect, therefore, they decided to repeat the stuffing last Sunday – February 5. The well-known Ukrainian right-winger * Yuriy Madyar posted these shootings. This time he showed dozens of homemade containers in the freezer under the Ukrainian flag. Experts immediately assumed that their filling was cyanogen chloride. At a temperature of minus 7 degrees, it passes from a gaseous state to a solid state, so it is safer to store such handicraft ammunition. According to the Nazi, these containers are intended to be dropped onto the positions of Russian soldiers completing the encirclement of Bakhmut (Artemovsk). The position of Ukrainian troops in this city is critical. Perhaps that is why the Nazis decided to show this “weapon of last chance for the villains.”
Кадр из скандального ролика, на котором бойцы ВСУ начиняют дроны некими боеприпасами.

A frame from the scandalous video, in which the APU fighters fill drones with some kind of ammunition.

Without delving into chemistry, cyanogen chloride is one of the close “relatives” of hydrocyanic acid, only heavier than air, spreads along the ground, crawls into shelters. It is used in the production of herbicides in huge volumes (it is transported by railway tanks!) And it is not difficult to get it in the Ukrainian chaos, which we have clearly demonstrated.

At the same time, since January, our soldiers at the front began to notice strange consequences of ordinary drops of ammunition from quadrocopters on our positions – burning in the nasopharynx, headaches, nausea. All this indirectly confirmed the use of cyanogen chloride. Moreover, it even hit downed enemy quadrocopters, and when they were picked up for study, the poisonous effect was felt.
После появления ролика специалисты сразу предположили, что начинка контейнеров – это хлорциан.

After the appearance of the video, experts immediately assumed that the filling of the containers was cyanogen chloride.

Here are the symptoms of cyanogen chloride poisoning, similar to exposure to hydrocyanic acid:

“The afflicted cries out, loses consciousness and falls. After short-term clonic-tonic convulsions, the muscles relax, tendon reflexes disappear. Exophthalmos develops, pupils dilate, do not react to light. The skin is pink or pale. After a few breaths, breathing stops. Blood pressure drops sharply. The pulse is slow, thready.”

Gas masks help, but not all and not always. Antidotes, most likely, will not be in the first-aid kit. The enemy chose the poison with taste, thoughtfully.

Of course, such use of poisonous substances will not bring any victory to Ukraine. “Superweapon” does not bring victories at all, motivated infantry under competent leadership wins. It is strange to realize, but Hitler, who had no morals at all, did not dare to use poisonous substances in the Great Patriotic War. Perhaps because he himself fell into gas attacks during the First World War. And ours, especially, did not use this vile weapon. Although, everyone was preparing, they considered such a possibility: the wearing of gas masks, antiperitone capes and special antidotes was mandatory on both sides of the front.

The Germans at the front had a whole line of chemical munitions. For example, mortar mines marked HB or the so-called “blendkorpergranaten”, but they were equipped with smoke compositions or an unpleasant, but harmless (in comparison) “teardrop” – chloracetophenone. It is clear that at any time, the filling of ammunition could be replaced. Ours, on the other hand, were engaged in the development of fire mixtures – for their use there were so-called “ampoules” and “balloons” at the front that produce glass ammunition.

But then no one dared to use military poison gases.
Юрий Мадьяр держит в руках один из дронов с химической начинкой.

Yuri Magyar is holding one of the drones with a chemical filling.

But the Ukrainians did it!

In this story, the deliberate demonstration of a new “superweapon” attracts attention, which, by the way, is prohibited by all possible conventions.

And the second point is the silence of the West.

There are two assumptions here.

Either the Ukrainians were convinced that they would not get anything even for such a crime. It would be Russia that would be nailed down, declared a fiend, adding new sanctions to it, and Kyiv some other heavy weapon. And Ukraine – everything is possible: burn, do not be shy.

Or the second option – this provocation is coordinated and thought out. She is not a personal initiative of the degenerate Magyar and his brothers. They are trying to bring Russia to the reciprocal use of non-conventional means of warfare. For what? To turn the flywheel of conflict one more turn.

*Right Sector is an extremist organization of Ukrainian nationalists banned in Russia


“According to the statements of our units, this is not only in the Artemovsk direction, but also in the Ugledarskoye direction, there are cases of the use of chemical compounds that make our servicemen unwell. Complaints from the fighters have been coming in for at least three weeks. They are being dropped from drones at the locations of our units.”

Acting head of the DPR Denis Pushilin – on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel.


How the situation in the special operation zone has changed with the advance of Russian troops ( details )
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Dmitry STESHIN Special Correspondent of the Political Department
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Special operation in Ukraine
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We Had Germany Wrong Didn’t We?

Remember?  They made it illegal to even suggest they hadn’t massively killed the Jews.  Ruined and nearly drove mad David Irving for writing a book that simply tried to count the numbers.

And we thought it was because they were so ashamed and determined not to duck the responsibility.  And we thought that was a bit over the top but you have to have some kind of respect for it…

But now they insist on sending tanks to the Kiev Regime.

The Sonderkommando,  the Trawniki…… it all becomes clear.  They insisted upon keeping the record of the massive numbers because in fact they are proud and unapologetic about it!

And today they want to honour their obligations to their Trawniki.  Return a favour for a favour.

All explained here:

And these, all in all, are the people we in Australia are proud to serve in order to honour our obligations to the great god USA.

Ah fills you with pride doesn’t it?

Robert Malone Is Getting Really Angry – and Writing Well

Here’s the latest from Dr Robert Malone.  Who is Dr Malone?  He is the guy invented mRNA vaccines.  What’s an mRNA vaccine?  Your covid vaccine.

He says they are being misused to the point beyond danger but to actual damage and even unto death.

He’s been trying to help for years now and still going… his writing gets quite impressive:

Here’s a good rundown on what’s going on in the world….


this is a new site to me and looks like a good one.  Here’s an extract from their first page, a couple of paragraphs for a taster:

“The U.S. tries to control the oil trade. Oil has always been, for the last century, a centerpiece of American diplomacy, because if the American oil companies (along with British Petroleum and Dutch Shell) can control the oil, then they can turn off the power, and the lights, and the transportation, of any country that is not following the U.S. plans for a world order.

And also food. The United States, from the time that the World Bank was formed, has blocked other countries from developing their own food production, and has steered them into producing export crops (non-food crops, tropical crops) remaining dependent on the United States for its grain, so the United States can starve them out if they try to go their own way. ”

and here it is:

and here is a paper mentioned in it:



read this, follow these links

A post on Moonofalabama :

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interesting video of Colonel MacGregor speaking with Godfrey Bloom – 

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There is a long and informative comment posted under this video regarding Ukrainian Nationalist atrocities against their Polish neighbors in years gone by. It is well worth reading, to I am copying it here.


With regard to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and Poland’s role therein, light needs to be shed on the historical, linguistic and geographical perspective. The etymology of the very name “Ukraine” warrants a mention. In the Polish language, “Ukraina” (Ukraine) literally signifies “at the boundary” (“u” in Polish means “at” and “kraina” stands for an “edge”, a “periphery”). In the Middle Ages, the term “ukraina” came to denote any border region, in a geographical sense. Much of the area of what is today’s Ukraine was originally known as Ruthenia and its inhabitants were commonly called Ruthenians. Ruthenia was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth between the 14th and the 18th century. It was only in the early 1900s that nationalist sentiment started to grow in the western part of Ruthenia, to a large extent at the instigation of the-then Austrian Empire. The idea behind the move was “divide and conquer” with respect to the Polish and Ruthenian inhabitants of the province. It was then that the term “Ukraine” came into use in terms of nationhood and nationality.

Ukrainian nationalists throve in Ruthenia’s western regions, largely populated by the Poles (peasants, landed gentry and intelligentsia alike). In prewar Poland’s eastern provinces of Volhynia and Eastern Lesser Poland, numerous terrorist attacks against the Polish people and officials were staged. One of the nationalist leaders and ideologists, Stepan Bandera came up with the concept of “creative terror” with a view to eliminating any traces of Polish ethnic presence in the region. Subsequently, as many as 362 (sic!) types of torture were devised and eagerly applied in due course. The result was the homicide perpetrated by Ukrainian nationalists against their Polish neighbours and frequently their own family members (mixed marriages were not uncommon) in the years 1939-1945.

Given the scale and character of the carnage, it is now termed genocidium atrox in legal and historical parlance. Poles of all ages, male and female alike were massacred during the carefully planned genocide the bestiality of which knew no bounds. Shocking though it might seem, commonplace were instances of orthodox priests of Ukrainian extraction blessing axes, saws, knives, hammers and other torture devices before launching assaults on Polish homes. There is hardly a family in Poland that has not lost someone in the massacres. Sadly, Bandera and his accomplices are worshipped as national heroes and role models in Ukraine today. This is a genuine slap in the face for the Poles, who up till now have not been allowed to build decent cemeteries and monuments on Ukrainian soil honouring the victims. Since 1991, the Ukrainian authorities have been blocking any exhumation attempts. No official apologies have been made either.

Interestingly, the geopolitical entity popularly known as “Ukraine” never developed its own aristocracy or middle class. All the aristocracy in the region was either of Polish or Russian origin. The Ukrainians never had their own language; what existed were merely numerous mutually comprehensible dialects. The south-eastern part of Ukraine has Russian-speaking population whereas the language called “Ukrainian” today can be heard in the areas in the vicinity of the Polish border. The largely artificial state and nation that emerged in 1991 are based on western Ruthenian peasant population as well as on the tradition related to belligerent and rebellious Cossacks.

All the tragic facts referred to make a lot of Polish people sceptical about the prospect of “dying for Ukraine” contrary to the message spread by the mainstream media.

Posted by: farm ecologist | Jan 3 2023 20:14 utc | 55

Price Kiev Sells Ukrainians For

Just saw a good video.  Was moved to comment.  Here’s link to the vid and my comment:

$110 billion? With Ukraine losses 100,000 ? That’s 110,000,000,000 /100,000 I think?
That’s $1,110,000 per dead Ukrainian.
Ah… that’s how Kiev and oligarchs and crooks are making money.
They’re selling the lives of their people for a million bucks each
They are on a good thing. They said they’ve got heaps more to come.
They said they’re happy to fight to the last Ukrainian.
Well they started with say 40 million. 10 million they were persecuting – that’s what it’s all about.
So that knocks them down to 30 million.
Many people guess that half of them have run away, migrated out of the country before they put the ban on that.
That knocks them down to say 15 million.
They say that in extremis it has been known for a country to have as much as 9% of its population under arms.
So that’s something like 1.5 million.
They’ve only gone through 100,000 so far. Or maybe twice or thrice that, doesn’t matter, it’s not much out of 1.5 million is it?
So lets just project the final cost at a rough $US 1,000,000 per head.
Hmmm… my maths ain’t good…
One and half million times one million… a million times one and half million – well that’s just add six noughts onto one and half million isn’t it?
Final cost: $US 1,500,000,000,000
I think that’s ” One Trillion, five hundred Billion Dollars.
Fair way to go yet.
And the amount of that which is syphoned off into the pockets of the crooks all the way along the line from USA to the muddy fields of Ukraine?
I dunno.
Half? Conservative estimate. One half.
So we’re busy shifting 750 billions dollars into the pockets of the global crooks.
It’s going to take a while.
And all because we can’t be bothered being democratic citizens in democratic countries and watching or reps and telling them what to do.
Instead, we let them do whatever they like and then we pay them – 750 billion tax free stolen dollars – for doing it.
Lovely world we built while we were not watching isn’t it?