Children Protest Climate Inaction

Radio National reports children protesting about ‘climate inaction’.  I posted on their facebook page:

It’s a  bit ridiculous and reprehensible the way you report about these agitated children protesting about ‘inaction on climate change’ isn’t it?

One of them complaining about bushfires and droughts and ‘sick of inaction’.

What, exactly do these uneducated children think anyone might do to stop these bushfires and droughts?

Does anyone anywhere really think there’s anything related to climate change that Australia can do to slow, stop or reverse the change?

If they do they’re deluded.

There’s in fact nothing the whole world can do. Nothing. Change will continue much at its present rate no matter what anyone does.

That change will inexorably bring certain particular effects – temp change to a certain level, sea level raises to at least a certain level and so on.

Certain effects are coming without a doubt.

And there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

To stop it.

BUT: mitigate the consequences. YES. Prepare. YES. Much could be done in that direction.

Much. If they protested that nothing was being done to prepare then they’d have a reasonable stance.

But at the moment they’re misguided, delusion and useless. Being used by media such as yourselves simply to agitate the public against things like mines and such in the interests of fomenting news worthy upsets, arguments, quarrels, disputes, even physical confrontations.

All of which is totally deplorable. Totally. Totally. Absolutely deplorable and shabby.

The nation – any nation – needs to get busy preparing for inevitable changes and stop this delusional obsession with putting out your backyard fire and expecting to see the planet suddenly cool.

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