What To Do About Returning DAESH Brides?

We don’t want to hurt the children do we? No.

Unlike Daesh which couldn’t give a damn or even enjoyed hurting them.

So here’s an idea: Send the women and their children to any Muslim country that will take them.


And if none will take them then ploy number two:

They are ‘paraded’ conspicuously (the women, not the kids) on t.v., facebook, newsreel movies, whatever, wherever and they publicly describe the situation

‘No Muslim nation will take us in, despite the holy words of the prophet, etc. etc.’

And they publicly describe the atrocities of Daesh that they and/or their partners witnessed and/or participated in.

And they pubicly describe the atrocities of Daesh that they didn’t participate in but which Daesh revelled in.

And they describe the overthrow of Daesh.

And they tell renounce wholeheartedly the Muslim faith. They denounce the nonsense of the Koran etc. using the above mentioned facts as support and reasons for their change of heart.

And they make public avowal of wholehearted commitment to the Christian way of life that Australia supports and to Australia and its people (note, I did not say to ‘christianity’ as a religion – I said the ‘christian way of life’ which essentially simply means the ‘christian values’ respect for fellow man, etc… ).

And they talk for five non stop minutes telling us how sorry they are for everything that has been done to indivuals and nations by those sick dogs the Daesh.

And failing that, if they won’t agree to that then

Ploy 3:

Send them to Manus Island. NOT Manus Island as practiced by our government to this day but Manus Island with an Australian Forces Hospital Ship moored offshore to attend continually to medical needs.

IF they won’t accept that then:

Ploy 4:

We take the children from them, sorry, but unavoidable it seems so get it in perspective, kids are being taken from their parents all over the place all the time with far less justification – and put the parents, or ‘parent’ these are just women? -on a boat (fairly big boat, trawler size say ) and take it to within the territorial waters of Indonesia, say, and leave them there. Or outside the Territorial waters of anyone.

Anyway, point is, make them into ‘boat people’.

Any of the above options would put them in a better place than they’re in now.

I commend them to you.

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