Morrison’s law….. A new low….

This new law of Morrison’s strikes me as all wrong. The problem is the action, not the photographing of it.

Morrison’s law: if we can’t see horrible things photographed by the perpetrator then why can we see imitations of them, lifelike depictions of them, movies of them, which certainly will be made, all the more certainly after this law?

This muting of the press, of freedom of information, this censoring of free speech in the name of delicate sensibilities (that is the rationale, is it?) means that if some copper accidentally films his brutality then we can’t see it? It protects him? Or the state troopers in some brutal regime? They are protected from publicity?

This would mean all Daesh videos are banned? So that we don’t know what they’re doing?

And if our own governments start doing these things (as we’ve seen in recent years they actually do.. ) then we’ll be denied the sight of it?

These things can only be seen if someone else sees/films it or it is a movie depiction? i.e. the real truth, the facts, must be avoided, are legally not permitted?

There’s another rationale: to remove the supposed incentive for imitators to do these same horrible things in order to get a viral movie.

A long bow to think this law would stop that. A long bow. I safely predict it will have no such effect.

And I predict it will have the effect of deepening the mistrust and cynicism of the people against their governments.

Even mooting the idea is enough to deepen cynicism, for isn’t it obviously a cheap, band wagon riding, poorly thought out and overtly destructive of basic rights measure?

That totally avoids the real problem, a typical masterpiece of misdirection: the problem is the madness of the attack, the killing.

And the root of that madness is the madness of fundamentalist Muslims.

And the root of that madness is the madness of their doctrine, the terrible situations in their homelands, the madness brought about by the interference of the west in their homelands and the terrible examples put before them by the insane shooters in the USA – themselves made insane by the insane govt of the USA. which does things like this morrison thing and even worse.

Who can respect government? Or the craven, sheepish, media?

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