Proportionate Representation Fallacy

Today it is just about axiomatic that Boardrooms and Committees, etc, should always have the same proportion of women to the whole in them as exists in the wider population.

Without it they are supposed not to be represented.

This is a fallacy. A lie.

They are not represented ‘by a woman’ is the fact. But that’s as far as it goes.

It is altogether too easy to slip into thinking this means they are not represented at all. I thought this myself. Or, rather, I didn’t think. I just accepted it.

But it is the purest nonsense. Sloppy thinking of the first order.

Wherever you get group representation by one individual you get a sex being represented by someone not of that sex.

It is the norm. Always has been.

Further sloppy thinking assumes that having a female on the board means that women are now represented.

Howso? That particular woman is represented and that may well be as far as it goes. No other woman in the world may be represented.

To be ‘represented’ means to have your own desires, aims, perception of life manifest in that arena.

There’s positively no guarantee whatever that any single woman can or does represent all women.

And it is quite clear that often she doesn’t.

Case in point: Mother Theresa. How about if you had Mother Theresa on the board as a representative of women? As she virtually was in the halls of the church and allied politics.

How many women did she represent?

That she denied any right to contraception and was majorly instrumental in the extended suffering and even death of thousands of women who’d have happily, keenly, taken abortion if they could have got it is undeniable.

Undeniable. She’d to this day claim it was a virtuous stance, a virtuous act.

So having a female body on the board doesn’t necessarily mean you have ‘female representation’.

It is all just simply too silly to be taken seriously and yet that is what our world is doing today: taking this edict, this farcical idea, seriously, to the point of making laws about it. Forcing people to structure their boardrooms this way.

And what’s the final idiocy, the final farce, the final irony?

Well this: this concept, this push, is promoted by the very people who deny you can have any sexes: that outlaw ‘men only’ and ‘women only’ toilets, that have in some insance parts of the USA made it illegal to call males ‘men’ and females ‘women’, and so on…

Those who demand the board be proportionately male and female deny there are any males and females (except, of course, on the whim of the moment when you suddenly decide you feel all ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’).


It is a manifestation of the popularity of a new freedom found. A new game that excites, exhilarates, empowers and can be played without any skills, training, effort, qualifications or repercussions:

It doesn’t have a name that I know of. Whinge, whine and demand maybe it should be called.

For to play it that’s all you have to do . Whinge, whine and demand.

With one little proviso: you always do it in the name of some minority and/or women.

Why does it work?

Ahh. Now that’s the real story. Never looked at. ..

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