Near Death Experiences And Love, Truth.

check out NDE (near death experiences) and Child Reincarnation vids on youtube and you could well become convinced that we are all really just eternal spirits having a life on earth involved in matter for some reason – generally said to be educational, to learn something for ourselves.

Seems pretty certain. Then if you look a little more you’ll maybe see that while everyone seems to have the same overall things happen to them they seem to tell the story of it in their own religious terms, if they have a religion. And the more they have a religion the more kinda ‘freaky’ or peculiar to themselves their telling gets.

The more they people it with their own ‘people’, from their own faith, though going over their accounts no on in their account actually claimed to be this or that person or for this or that thing to be the truth.

They just all actually seem to have an experience of feeling enormous unconditional love, of having all knowledge instantly available to them, of being able to contact at any time anyone they’ve ever known and of being on earth to do something which they have to go back and do.

They come back and tell that story in their own particular way which seems very much to be their own interpretation of it rather than a simple recounting of it.

So that’s where I’m at these days: I see all religions as attempts to explain the truth to people by analogy, by metaphor etc and from, by, people who themselves have had NDE’s and are reincarnates with patchy recall and so on.

A very, very difficult job Never underestimate just how difficult it can be to teach human beings things. Look at two major religions today: Islam and Christianity and see how they perform when practiced by their adherents.

Apparently in places like northern syria you can be stopped and asked what religion you belong to and if you give the wrong answer you are killed immediately. Now what has that got to do with the truth of reality? of human life? of good action, good behaviour, sanity, reason, sense?

Those obviously insane murderers firmly believe themselves to be acting in accord with the wishes of their god.

That’s how hard it is. that’s how crazy people can get.

So it is not hard for me to believe that simply trying to tell people what life is ‘really like’ – i.e. ‘on the other side’ or ‘in heaven’ or ‘after death’ or ‘in a previous life’ has led to this mishmash of weird beliefs and cults and superstitions and mystic writings etc., etc…

None of which is necessary at all. None. None of those religions, none of those writings, none of the preaching.

According to common sense and according to what we hear from these NDE people and those reincarnations that remember enough to tell us anything the whole thing boils down to simply: Love.

You are/we are in reality loved unconditionally by reality itself (creation, the creator, god, whatever…). We are apparently totally loved no matter what. The whole of everything is in fact love.

So love. Simple as that.

Too hard? Can’t go around kissing everyone. Certainly can’t go around having intercourse with everyone. How to do it? See? It already begins to shade off into weird, wordy explanations tending towards ‘books’ and bibles.. Now we have to have a book of instruction.. it all begins…

But not necessary. Let’s not do it.

Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you is enough.

That’s how to love. In practical ordinary real world terms.

As simple and easy as that.

All else is sheer and utter unnecessary bullshit.

Now if that’s not good news I don’t know what is.


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