The Malevolaj Virus

Pogroms, Massacres, Atrocities, Ethnic Cleansing.


Happening all the time. Current affairs always include the presence of some such. They are going on right now.


People such as I are always trying to decide where the truth is: which side is right and which side is wrong. It gets very hard to do.


Always there seems to be wrongdoing on both sides.


We finish up deciding the question can’t be decided.


But more and more I think the question is decided before we start. We’re just not looking at things correctly.


It’s not really a question of which side did wrong, which country did wrong. It’s not even a question of was this right or was this wrong.


It is simple. The wrongdoers are those who kill, torture, torment, persecute, maim others.


That’s the wrongdoing and they are the wrongdoers.


In the end it is we the people who must take responsibility for our own acts.


It is we who are the mass murderers, etc. Not ‘the State’, not ‘this country’ or ‘that country’ or ‘this organisation’ or ‘that organisation’.


It is individual people.


We can call them sick people if you like. Inflicted with a virus. Let’s invent a name for it: ‘malevolaj’, call it the ‘ malevolaj ‘ virus.


It is people inflicted with malevolaj who do all this horrific dirty work.


Then like doctors we could investigate these historical – and topical – events from the point of view of discovering the diseased and isolating and treating them.


Reporting on outbreaks of the disease. Predicting likely outbreaks,. Discerning factors leading towards outbreaks.


It is the malevolaj virus is the problem. The ‘elephant in the room’ that never gets discussed.


How about a government issued an edict to its people, to its soldiers especially but also to its people – that it want them to go out into the street and hang themselves from lamp posts?


How many would obey? A tiny, tiny fraction of crazies.


But issue an edict that they must go out and hang others from lamp posts and how many obey?


Apparently an enormous fraction. We don’t have the figures, it is never looked at from this point of view.


But we have anecdotes and more evidence of mass operations and simple logistics and ergonomics can conjure up some estimates of numbers involved.


Those are outbreaks of malevolaj.


Without this virus there’d be no chance of a government being able to issue such an edict and have it acted upon.


We look at the world and we judge the evil to be those at the top of government who issue these edicts.


But in a sane and rational world they’re doing no more than talking nonsense. Issuing lunatic edicts that could never be acted upon.


Today, since the Mai Lai massacre it’d be that kind of lunacy to issue edicts to American troops that they go into unarmed villages and kill everyone.


I think.


Madness. You wouldn’t find anyone who’d do it.


It should be like that all the time in our nations. The sanity should, must, reside within every member of the population.


The insanity is the malevolaj virus. It needs recognising from the earliest age and rooting out.


Given a healthy population free of this virus and these things wouldn’t, couldn’t happen.


Anything less than that and it can and will happen.







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