Funny About Posts Isn’t it?

It’s funny how what we post for the word to see is what we can’t tell anyone.

When you’ve no one to tell something to – you tell it to the world.

Perhaps anonymously but quite often boldly, in your own name, like all the major commentators or bloggers or journalists.

If you have a complaint it would generally be seen as whining and whinging by your own friends and acquaintances. Or worse – if it involved one of them. So what to do? How to give it an airing?

Make a blog post out of it. Make an article out of it. Generalise it and tell the world.

And so on. A number of different mechanisms, examples, I think. But overall: yes, the publicly announced is what is privately not welcome.

So generally we’re all looking at stuff we don’t want to see/hear.

That’s funny, I reckon. 🙂

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