Well Said, Sir… But Who Is Listening?

I don’t think anyone is listening. Is the trouble.

Here’s an extracted paragraph from an excellent little article I will link to, later:

As usual, the politicians don’t admit their shocking mistakes. Had they done so they might at least have ensured this disaster won’t be repeated during the next inevitable pandemic. Instead they are now prescribing increasingly demented restrictions, such as a maximum of ten diners in all restaurants whatever their size, ten worshippers in vast cathedrals, and schools not immediately re-opened. On top of which they refuse to admit the obvious, that sun and fresh air have always been the enemy of the virus.

Isn’t it totally true? Isn’t it totally condemning in the awful truth of those simple examples it gives? Totally condemning of our political and media establishment and – this is the really awful bit – our own complicity in their crime inasmuch as we don’t speak out, don’t object, don’t put a stop to it, don’t demand better behaviour?

It is an article in the Spectator by a Mr David Flint who I’ve been unaware of until now.


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