Covid, Chairman Dan, History.. (mine)..

Haven’t been here for a long time.  And a lot has happened.  Mainly Covid hysteria.

I’ve been mouthing off in all sorts of places.  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube comments…. wherever…  everywhere and anywhere.

Finally decided it’s time to pull my head in and keep it all to myself, so to speak.  In this 21st Century way, where you keep things to yourself in your blog or whatever and yet the whole world can see it if they wish.

I do all this mainly for myself. I imagine there’ll come a time in the future when I’ll look back on my life and enjoy scrolling through it.  So I make a record.

I’ve always done that, since before computers.  So I have a lot of memorabilia – otherwise known as ‘junk’.

Slowly I come to realise it really is mainly junk and will never ever be looked at even by myself.  My library won’t be read.  My movies won’t be watched.  My old progs won’t be rerun.  My scrap books will just be scrap.

So okay.  Don’t worry about it.  Just enjoy the doing.

And tidy it all up.  So that’s the plan.  Tidy it all up.

Means concentrate on this blog here and then nearly everything is in one place.  A big reputable place.  I should get full warning before it ever goes down unlike other blogs and such that I’ve had that have disappeared, out of reach, gone forever.  Compendiums of memorabilia in defunct email accounts for instance.  Recording interactions with friends and acquaintances,  govt and business… documenting part of my life…

Going to have to rely on the Akashic record which I daily grow more sure of.   🙂

Well now.  What prompted this?  Chairman Dan.

Mao Ze Dan.    He’s on the t.v. yet again peering myopically around and bemusing everyone with his complete otherworldliness.

So this time I caught only a little bit – well always I only catch a little bit, that’s all I hang in for, all I can stand – and this time he was saying that he knew people were getting:  ‘weary, fatigued, frustrated’  and he fully understood and sympathised.  And he went on to say that ‘we’ all knew in our hearts that ‘this thing’ is not over.

I suppose he meant by that to say that covid still exists but as I’ve observed before that makes no sense for covid will always exist.  So he must mean the covid measures are not over.  But that’s a conundrum for isn’t he talking about when/how soon they can dispense with the covid measures?  So he’s saying they’re not over because they’re not over and can’t be over because they’re not over?

But mainly the three:  ‘weary, fatigued, frustrated’.

He didn’t mention another three he could have well put in there:  ‘sick, dying, destroyed’  did he?

There’s people being killed by his measure.  There’s thousands being made sick.  There’s thousands having their whole lives be destroyed, all their hopes and dreams.

He doesn’t mention those I suppose because they are ‘the fallen’ and he’s addressing only those who are ‘still standing’.

Those still standing are merely emotionally distressed in some small measure:  they’re ‘weary’ and they ‘fatigued’ (bit of a tautology but it’s all efficient padding in a politician’s speech) and they’re ‘frustrated’.

Poor dears.

And yes, there’s some who’ve committed suicide but that’s their fault (maybe.. I’m a bit hard on those who won’t fight back against depressing and ego centred thoughts..  but I admit sometimes and some circumstances they need special consideration) and they don’t signify here.

And there’s some who’ve developed crippling diseases for want of care but they’re not really pertinent either.

And there’s some who just saw their efforts of years to build a business, a going concern, crash and burn and are now looking at bank loans needing repayment and no means of doing it.

And there’s those who spend the last months biting their fingernails down because they’ve no job and there’s only a government handout coming into the house.

And….  the list goes on and on…

But to chairman dan they don’t even register.

The casualties afforded by his measures.

In his efforts to avoid:  what?

He never spells it out what they’re seeking to avoid.

The death and injury notionally avoided.

Any more than they ever spell it out what their goal is.

It can only be, in logic, in common sense, to eradicate covid in the whole world.  Can’t it?

Because without world wide eradication by his logic our quarantine and our internal panic measures must persist.

But we know they can’t persist for we’ll die, the country will die.

So unless he wants the nation to die, which is madness, he must be aiming to eradicate Covid in the world. Which is madness.


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