Australia Needs A Covid Defence Force

I think they’ve got it all wrong. Just thought of it today. It is exactly like an invasion, a bacteria or virus, isn’t it? Clearly threatens the whole country. So it is clearly a question of defending the whole country. Clearly, legally, constitutionally, a Federal Responsibility. They just didn’t know, have never known from day one, what’s going on. And to fight attacks like that you don’t rely on off-the-cuff ideas of one or more politicians. You need a Defence force prepared for the job. Which our current Defence Force isn’t, of course, being prepared only for military attack (and perhaps cyber attack?). So a Defence Task Group or something needs to be set up tasked with defending Australia against bacterial warfare. Or even ‘non-warfare’, i.e. naturally occurring. In fact where’s the difference? If an enemy engineered a microbial agent that would target us and not bounce back on them – some DNA specificity perhaps – then we’d experience it at this end just exactly the same as experiencing a naturally occurring epidemic of flue, SARS, Polio, Measles, TB… whatever… There’s no difference: attack from an enemy by microbial vectors and attack by nature. It remains an attack on the nation. A question of National Security. The province of the Federal Government. And an adequately prepared and constructed Defence Force.

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