Got To Declare An Emergency !

I think it is time to declare a state of emergency.

The population has wisely adopted a ‘better safe than sorry’ attitude and ‘what’s the easiest way for me right now’ stance and therefore has done what the governments have told them to do.

Following ludicrous, useless and counterproductive practices that’d leave you gasping.

Because they felt no real harm. Bit of inconvenience.  Bit of a bother.  Nothing they couldn’t take in their stride, for the most part.  So wear a mask. Okay.  So ‘social distance’.  Okay.  So you can’t go to the restaurant, okay, save the money.

And so on.

Nothing they couldn’t handle.

And at the same time avoiding, if it’s true it is there, a terrible disease.

And at the same time avoiding having to work out who’s right and who’s wrong between these two big mouth warring parties with all their videos and ‘experts’ and ‘studies’ esoteric terminology about epidemiology and etc…

So it was kinda win-win even if a little inconvenient here and there.

And now it’s nearly all over.

They don’t know the details and they don’t much care but apparently restrictions are relaxing everywhere,  cases are going down, deaths are going down, there’s a number of vaccines and it’s all over.

So back to normal, just relax and thank god that’s all over and continue with our lives.

So that’s cause for declaration of a state of emergency.

Isn’t it?

Because a massive lie has been propounded and shoved down everyone’s throat:  that covid was some kind of killer threat exceptional virus whereas in fact it’s no different to what we can expect to have occur continually throughout the rest of time.

Because currently there’s thousands, even millions of deaths and sickness, injury, directly attributable to the interventions and they are continuing both domestically and internationally.

Because governments have established a de facto right to be able to lock up the whole population on a whim without question, without redress, without consultation, without  justification, without specified term.

Because governments have established a de facto right to demand every citizen reports their movements continually throughout each and every day.

Because governments has established these powers on the basis of decree circumventing or short circuiting due process, the democratic process.  On the grounds of ’emergency powers’ when a state of emergency exists.

But no state of emergency was every shown to exist, never did exist.  Not state that will not be repeated numerous times in the normal course of events in the future and hasn’t happened numerous times in the past – much more dramatically and potently and without any ’emergency’ having been declared or even contemplated.

Hence governments have established a right to declare emergencies whenever they wish without justification and imprison and impoverish whole populations  thenceforth.

Because governments have hidden all truths concerning therapeutic measure currently available and have stifled all debate and discouraged all education and open-ness.

Because insanity and unreason have become an official norm.

This is an emergency.  I haven’t been able to spell out even a fraction of it.  But it is an emergency.

And what makes it an emergency is that the people are apparently totally unaware.

They are about to go about their business ‘as usual’, blissfully unconscious of the damage done in the recent past, the damage current and the damage yet to come.

There is a state of emergency. The people are being set back into a state of peonage in their sleep, in their blissful unawareness.



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