Where Are The Warmongers?

Russian military expenditure per person/per  year:

About  $330.

Australia: About $1000

America:     About $2000.  Per person.  Per Year.

Total military spending per year:

Russia:  65  Billion dollars.  With 150 million people.

Australia: 35 Billion dollars.   With 25 million people.

USA:  800 Billion dollars.  With 350 million people.

Yep:  65Billion, 35Billion, 800Billion.    Those are the proportions.

Sending (a total by now) $60 Billion to Ukraine is small beer for the USA, traditionally.  Its wars generally cost more than that:

Gulf War:    116 Billion

Korean War:  389 Billion

Vietnam:   843 Billion

Afghanistan 910 Billion

Iraq 1 Trillion

It’s not called a ‘military industrial complex’ for nothing.

The biggest threat to peace in the USA is world peace. Would kill their biggest industry.  Which is why they have to continually foment wars.

Even now.  When they’re broke and everything is falling apart.

A habit.  It’s a habit with them.  They know nothing else.


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