What Should Happen Now?

Election time.  They just buried our Democracy and ripped us off for $600 BILLION in Australia and now they want us to re-elect them.

AND they’re sending emails asking for donations.

What should happen now?  Well here’s a suggestion from the excellent book

‘The Great Covid Panic’ by Paul Frijters, Gigi Foster, and Michael Baker



Ideally, there should now be justice and renewal. Politicians and medical advisors should be held to account, offending scientific journals (like The Lancet) should be abolished, and the halls of science should see soul-searching and a recognition that the core scientific mission was betrayed en masse. Parents should apologise to their children for disrupting their education and their childhood. Truth commissions should nurture open discussion of the stupidity of the last 18 months so that populations can come to terms with what they have been subjected to and often participated in.

To achieve renewal, the structures of institutionalised medical advice should be broken down and so too the whole zero-risk industry. The Big Tech companies and other ‘Big’ contributors to the madness should be broken up into smaller companies and taxed at reasonable rates. Citizen juries should make nearly all the top appointments that are currently decided by politicians. The royal courts of state, national and international governments should be cleansed of the bullshitters that now dominate, retaining only skeleton crews and skeleton regulation. In sum, the window of opportunity should be seized upon to clean up all the elements of our institutions that have proven corrupt, incompetent, or weak.


I suggest you get the book and read it.  It’s less than 5 bucks American for the ebook on Amazon.  Why not?

I would. I did.  And I’m glad.



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