Phony Covid Death Toll

A good report with reasoning and facts about how the beat up about the Covid ‘death toll’ in the USA is totally bull.

But that’s the bull that our government in Aus has used to screw the country in a myriad ways for the last two years – not the least of which ways was the running up of a 600 BILLION dollar debt.

It’s all totally phony.

And now the bastards (excuse the language but it’s only a colloquialism,  just as colloquially speaking when I asked for harmless Ivermectin for I thought it may save my life, possibly, as told by hundreds of doctors, they said (colloquially) ‘die you bastard’. )

where was I?

Oh, yes  …  ‘and now’   they want us to elect them
AGAIN for another term during which they can swan around spending ONE BILLION DOLLARS A DAY to ‘fight’ something that isn’t even there!  And screw the country at the same time.

And notice this: In ALL the political propaganda we’re being inundated with now including from all the ‘newcomer’ parties – NO ONE mentions all that.  NO ONE.

Why?  Because they know a large percentage of the population was totally taken in by the propaganda and they are all frightened of alienating that percentage and not getting voted in because of that.

Even though generally they have no chance of being voted in anyway.  Many of them.

And my point here is GUTLESSNESS and PHONY.

I don’t want to elect any party, any person who wants to smarm their way in by omitting to tell important truths such as you and your country has been and is being and will be shafted by a whole massive lying scam.

Do you?

So what to do?  Well there’s apparently NO ONE good to vote for.  No one.  Not one party/person that I see.  But maybe you can find someone.

Failing that I’d say vote for the most isolated independent you can find.  Just to ‘waste’ the votes, keep them away from the existing.  Just to get this lot OUT.

ALL of them.

We need a totally new paradigm or something.  We need an ethos within which the TRUTH is told fearlessly, not hidden in smarmy attempts to ‘get in’ at any cost.


Here’s a good rundown on how phony the whole USA bullshit fear mongering ‘One million deaths’ thing is:

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