Price Kiev Sells Ukrainians For

Just saw a good video.  Was moved to comment.  Here’s link to the vid and my comment:

$110 billion? With Ukraine losses 100,000 ? That’s 110,000,000,000 /100,000 I think?
That’s $1,110,000 per dead Ukrainian.
Ah… that’s how Kiev and oligarchs and crooks are making money.
They’re selling the lives of their people for a million bucks each
They are on a good thing. They said they’ve got heaps more to come.
They said they’re happy to fight to the last Ukrainian.
Well they started with say 40 million. 10 million they were persecuting – that’s what it’s all about.
So that knocks them down to 30 million.
Many people guess that half of them have run away, migrated out of the country before they put the ban on that.
That knocks them down to say 15 million.
They say that in extremis it has been known for a country to have as much as 9% of its population under arms.
So that’s something like 1.5 million.
They’ve only gone through 100,000 so far. Or maybe twice or thrice that, doesn’t matter, it’s not much out of 1.5 million is it?
So lets just project the final cost at a rough $US 1,000,000 per head.
Hmmm… my maths ain’t good…
One and half million times one million… a million times one and half million – well that’s just add six noughts onto one and half million isn’t it?
Final cost: $US 1,500,000,000,000
I think that’s ” One Trillion, five hundred Billion Dollars.
Fair way to go yet.
And the amount of that which is syphoned off into the pockets of the crooks all the way along the line from USA to the muddy fields of Ukraine?
I dunno.
Half? Conservative estimate. One half.
So we’re busy shifting 750 billions dollars into the pockets of the global crooks.
It’s going to take a while.
And all because we can’t be bothered being democratic citizens in democratic countries and watching or reps and telling them what to do.
Instead, we let them do whatever they like and then we pay them – 750 billion tax free stolen dollars – for doing it.
Lovely world we built while we were not watching isn’t it?

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