Here’s a good rundown on what’s going on in the world….


this is a new site to me and looks like a good one.  Here’s an extract from their first page, a couple of paragraphs for a taster:

“The U.S. tries to control the oil trade. Oil has always been, for the last century, a centerpiece of American diplomacy, because if the American oil companies (along with British Petroleum and Dutch Shell) can control the oil, then they can turn off the power, and the lights, and the transportation, of any country that is not following the U.S. plans for a world order.

And also food. The United States, from the time that the World Bank was formed, has blocked other countries from developing their own food production, and has steered them into producing export crops (non-food crops, tropical crops) remaining dependent on the United States for its grain, so the United States can starve them out if they try to go their own way. ”

and here it is:

and here is a paper mentioned in it:



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