We Had Germany Wrong Didn’t We?

Remember?  They made it illegal to even suggest they hadn’t massively killed the Jews.  Ruined and nearly drove mad David Irving for writing a book that simply tried to count the numbers.

And we thought it was because they were so ashamed and determined not to duck the responsibility.  And we thought that was a bit over the top but you have to have some kind of respect for it…

But now they insist on sending tanks to the Kiev Regime.

The Sonderkommando,  the Trawniki…… it all becomes clear.  They insisted upon keeping the record of the massive numbers because in fact they are proud and unapologetic about it!

And today they want to honour their obligations to their Trawniki.  Return a favour for a favour.

All explained here:


And these, all in all, are the people we in Australia are proud to serve in order to honour our obligations to the great god USA.

Ah fills you with pride doesn’t it?

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