A few thoughts on UK, Aus and Russia….

I have a substack account.  They have frozen the account, will not let me make posts.  Something about my 'email list' which must be emails people have sent me for it certainly isn't any emails I've sent from there nor any 'list' I have made.

So there:  Substack is not without censorship.   I dislike all of the major publishing outlets:  FB, Twitter (X that is now I suppose) and even YT and so on.  I think we all need to create our own.  Like blogs like this at least.

So anyway, here is the post I couldn't make:

I think there’s something the masses of the UK and Aus in particular do not understand.

That is, this is, that they are at war with Russia.

Their pathetic lunatic ‘leaders’ have their nations at war with Russia. They have declared war on Russia. They have set the Russian nation as enemies of the British, of the Australians, etc.

They don’t think so. I am sure the people do not think so.

And I am sure their lunatic politicians would deny it. Quibbling over technicalities.

Wars between nations are never simple, it seems. There’s always some mystery attached to them: who is fighting, who is cooperating, who is really profiting, what is it really all about.

And of course typically a nation buys things from elsewhere whether at war or not and those trading partners are usually not considered to be ‘making war’ alongside the nation they are trading with in wartime.

They’re merely trading and quite often they trade with both sides. We all know this. All the meg rich simply increase their wealth throughout periods of war just through that mechanism.

UK and Aus. lunatic politicians would probably claim some such exoneration.

But that’s sheer casuistry, rubbish. This is not trade equitably shared across both sides: it is trade only with one side.

And it is not legitimate trade, either, for the goods are not bought, they are given.

And it is not confined to goods it includes advice and direction on strategy, tactics and individual operations.

It includes personnel.

It includes intelligence information that directs strikes that lead to deaths.

Make no mistake about it: The United Kingdom has been steered by its lunatic politicians to where it is at war with Russia. All the people of the UK are now legitimate targets for death dealing strikes from Russia.

How many of the people there want to be at war with anyone at all, much less Russia? How many of them realise they are now combatants in a life or death struggle?

And precisely the same in Australia where the people sleep in an even deeper coma perhaps aided by the geographic distance which perhaps helps the mind think there’s also an effective logical distance.

But there is not. Australia is at much at war with Russian as if it were sharing a border with Russia.

How many of the ordinary population going about their business know anything of this?

How many of their ‘intellectuals’ or social leaders are aware and how many of them are speaking out, giving warning? I think none.

Here is an interesting fact from Open AI GPT. I asked about this category of people that stand at least in their own minds above the common ruck yet below the ‘manipulators’ ( ie. the politicians ) and there seem to be a great many. So isn’t it the more astounding that we hear nothing from them?

There seems no generic name or phrase for them. I will call them ‘Social Protectors’ until something better comes up.

Here is gpt’s list of ‘Social Protectors’ :

Pundits: Pundits are individuals who are considered experts or authorities in a particular field, such as politics, economics, or social issues. They often provide commentary and analysis on current events and offer their opinions based on their knowledge and experience.
Commentators: Commentators are individuals who provide commentary and analysis on various subjects, including politics and current affairs. They may have a background in journalism, academia, or a specific field related to the topic they are discussing.
Analysts: Analysts are professionals who examine data and information to provide insights and assessments on specific issues. They can be political analysts, financial analysts, or experts in other areas.
Talking Heads: This is a colloquial term used to describe individuals who appear on television or in the media to offer their opinions and insights on current events. They may or may not have specific expertise in the topics they discuss.
Experts: Experts are individuals who have in-depth knowledge and qualifications in a particular field. They are often called upon to provide expert opinions and assessments on relevant issues.
Public Intellectuals: Public intellectuals are scholars, writers, or thinkers who engage with the public on important social and political issues. They often offer thought-provoking analysis and commentary.
Thought Leaders: Thought leaders are individuals who are recognized for their innovative and influential ideas in a particular field. They often share their perspectives on current affairs and aim to shape public opinion.
Political Commentators: These individuals specifically focus on providing commentary and analysis related to political matters and government policies.
Social Critics: Social critics are individuals who critique various aspects of society, including politics, culture, and economics. They often offer alternative viewpoints and assessments.

Quite a list isn’t it?

So many ‘Social Protectors’. We should be very safe, shouldn’t we?

Everyone on that list considers themselves to be alert, well informed and intelligent beyond the common – ‘above’ you and I and yet with our welfare and the welfare of the nation uppermost in their minds.

They clearly feel – we can see it, hear it, when we listen to them or watch them – that we’d all be much better off if only we would take their advice, listen to them.

And yet on this simple lethal fact: we are at war with Russia – they are silent.

Totally hushed.

The lowest prostitutes amongst them: the govt. media – simply regurgitate the US propaganda. And the rest are wholly silent.

They initiate nothing. They contribute nothing. They do not help. They do not protect.

Just as they were silent all throughout the Covid debacle. And did not help. And did not protect.

Just as they were silent in the aftermath of Covid as transgressions against logic, sense, reason, human rights, social freedoms got cemented into place where they are now.

So? So I see two terrible things surrounding us right now.

Quite a word: ‘terrible’.

Okay. I don’t want to be lurid or histrionic. If you have a better word tell me. But for the while I think these two things are truly terrible:

We are at war with Russia and do not even know it, we are totally unprotected.
We have no ‘Social Protectors’, no guidance, no help. We are totally unprotected.

Looks like every man for himself doesn’t it?

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