Alistair Crooke's new post includes the secret…

Alistaire Crooke has a piece today in the 'Strategic Culture Foundation'  within which I found this quote from an Israeli 'senior war Cabinet source' :

"This is the most important point — ‘our deterrence’”, the senior war Cabinet source said. “The region must quickly understand that whoever harms Israel the way Hamas did, pays a disproportionate price. There is no other way to survive in our neighbourhood than to exact this price now, because many eyes are fixed on us and most of them do not have our best interests at heart”.

See that?   Just like the Americans.  They're both exactly the same.  They see no options in the world bar brute force and unchallenged supremacy for themselves.

It's like talking to a mad dog, that's exactly the way it sees the world.

A link to the piece:

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