Is the USA winning in Ukraine?

We all know the USA is at war with Ukraine. Has been for years. And there are those who claim it is winning and those who claim it is losing. Look at both sides:


This seems an easy claim to support. 

. The Kiev government is totally dependent upon the USA today to where it cannot even pay the salaries of its people, pay public pensions, etc. without money from the USA.

. The Kiev government is deeply indebted for billions of dollars to the USA and cannot possibly hope to remove the debt for generations.

. The infrastructure has been destroyed in many places and, of course, US businesses have pre-empted contracts for restoration, repair, replacement.

. Whole industries have collapsed and again, the US businesses already hold the contracts to put their own businesses in their place.

. At home the USA MIC has profited by billions of dollars.

. The USA effectively has the whole of NATO doing whatever it wants whenever it wants without demur.

. Germany has been reduced to vassal statehood and its core strength removed: cheap fuel.

. Well over 500,000 men have been killed at the cost of not one (official) american serviceman.

. The dollar remains strong against the Euro.

In short the American govt has power over the whole of Europe, has diminished current power and future prospects for potential rivals such as Germany, virtually owns Kiev Ukraine now and for the future, has a profitable business going like never before: the MIC.

They have destroyed, bought at bargain prices or simply taken the whole of Ukraine that they can, that is available and they have Ukrainians dying by the hundreds of thousands trying to get the other part for them.

And it hasn’t cost them a single soldier.

And to the world: supreme victory – they are not even at war with Ukraine !

To the world it is Russia that is at war. Not America. America is simply ‘helping’.

It is a slam dunk. How could America ever be seen as not winning?

Got a country to wreck itself by dividing and one half attacking the other and then helped it smash itself to bits on the ground the meanwhile enmeshing it in debt and obligation and dependency.

To where it is now fully indebted, fully obligated, wholly dependent. You would say: ‘conquered’.

 And got the whole West onside to help at a cost to them of simply paying homage, doing obeisance to the USA.

But there are those that argue the other way:


. The American goal is the freedom to come and go as they please in Ukraine and, in particular, build American bases, put American missiles wherever, whenever. They grow further away from this goal.

. American ownership of lands and businesses, whole industries in (Kiev) Ukraine means nothing if those industries, businesses do not exist, do not function and if those lands cannot be profitably managed.

. American ownership of the total indebtedness of Kiev means nothing but loss if Kiev cannot honour the debt – and it cannot and future prospects grow worse by the day.

. The question is about ‘Ukraine’ and America plays word game with this word. In fact it properly applies to the whole of Ukraine as prior 2014 and the Kiev attack on Donbas: the outright military division of the country. That is the ‘Ukraine’ that the USA seeks to own and control. They have gotten no closer to that since 2014 than they were then. Quite the reverse.

. That part of Ukraine – the Donbas part – is now immeasurably stronger due to the American interference. For it now considers itself not only truly obviously an independent country but now also a properly federated part of the Russian Federation and has gained, heart, strength, determination, resources and ability from it.

. Hence America can be seen to have hardened the part of Ukraine it most wanted and hence made it all the more impossible to take it. Put it further away.

. The American dollar remains strong against the Euro, yes. But it sinks against the other currencies of the world.

.This was because America ‘weaponised’ the dollar. Attempting to decide who would use its money and who wouldn’t. And helping itself to other people’s money whenever it felt like it. This destroyed: utterly destroyed – the faith anyone in the rest of the world had in the safety of the American dollar as somewhere to put your money. This was/is a massive blow to American interest.

. Where before there were no alternative trade blocs, alliances, routes, financial systems the American sanctions forced the creation of all of them and they have all been created and successfully. i.e. where America had monopoly, hegemony it now has opposition, alternative, peers and better than peers.

. The opposing forces in Ukraine – primarily the Russian forces – have been vastly improved over the course of the operation. From necessity. Beginning with a largely antiquated and inefficient and corrupt force the Russian Federation has seen, learned of its shortcomings and moved to correct them. It now has a force drastically improved in all aspects to where it is probably the premier military force in the world today. 

. Realisation in Russia. Where Russia was very largely ‘western oriented’ particularly with the young and followed eagerly all trends, fashions, current memes and was perhaps somewhat divided within itself sometimes because of it the whole of Russia because of the sanctions alone if nothing else, for they were so ubiquitous and universal knowledge of them got to everyone, now knows and thoroughly believes that the whole of West and particularly the USA hates them, despises them, wants nothing to with them except to plunder and despoil them. This has created a fundamental rise in national pride and solidarity within Russia making it the more coherent and able.

.The contrary to the above is true in the west generally and the USA in particular. 

. Realisation around the world. Presenting the population of the world with this spectacle, this issue at this time with the current tools we have available: the internet, smartphone, social media etc. has caused millions upon millions around the world, in the West and outside the West to learn and think about the whole thing. And universal lessons have been learned that are so taken for granted they’re hardly mentioned any more: 
. American media is totally corrupt propaganda.
. Main stream media generally is deeply flawed at best.
. We have amongst ourselves our own sites and sources for independent factual information.
. We can use the web for finding truth and checking facts.
. We cannot trust ANY politicians at all.
. We have no established ‘intellectual leaders’ to speak of, only pretenders.
. The history of the West and the USA is there for the finding and it is not good.
And this has created a new kind of ‘ordinary human’ and created them by the millions. A human with an interest in using this new tool in order to discover truths about matters great and small. A human with a conviction that they can and should find these truths. A human with a conviction that they have as much right as any man to access to these truths.
A human who has seen in following these paths that just about ALL our ‘betters’ or occupiers of high places with great powers are but charlatans or worse.
And THAT human is a threat to this ‘America’ that we speak of. For that America exists on the basis of lies and obscuring, hiding the truth, on hereditary positions of influence and power on the traditional humility and acquiescence of the masses.

America: meaning that cabal of greedy lunatics – has shot itself in the foot. And to this day is reloading and preparing to shoot again and again and again… for it is insane.

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