Katchanovsky: Maidan and BRICS

my response to
Ukrainian Professor EXPOSES The West’s Lies About The Maidan Massacre Of 2014! (Part 1) Neutrality Studies

An interesting paper. Stays on subject for 90% but then wanders off beyond its remit and beyond pure science into realms of political conjecture and opinion.
We can take as proven that Maidan was a far right false flag and the govt of ‘Ukraine’ ( i.e. Kiev Ukraine ) was from then on illegitimate.
His opinions on justifications for Russia’s actions or not and so on are debatable and properly beyond the scope of his paper. Perhaps put there for political reasons in order to dodge any future suggestions he is supporting the Russian cause. We can sympathise with such a feeling, natural especially in the rabidly lunatic sphere of the Americas.
In that context it is interesting to note he chooses not to expand his scope to include opinions or conjectures on the American involvement in the Maidan – the extent to which they were fuelled, paid, by America.
Which is mainly what we’d be looking for in this video – at least 90% of us that would come here at all already well aware the Maidan was false flag.
Well don’t look for it. It is not in the paper. America might well not exist in the world as far as the paper is concerned.
The paper is good and welcome for what it is: virtually a forensic proof of the false flag of Maidan.
But it is not more than that; we can exclude the ‘ass covering’ political speculation.
I have not watched/listened to the whole video but I imagine it cannot say more than his paper has said.

Well I just read the transcript and he says much about the USA in fact. Expands mightily on his opinions. Still heavily insisting upon Russia’s illegality in invading Ukraine: making it very plain which side he is on.

To me the main thing he says is:

“…they regarded Ukraine as a tool against Russia to contain Russian influence and and Ukraine basically became client state of the United States in which even like top government officials prime minister of Ukraine uh prut general of Ukraine head of St Security Service of security service of UK and other top officials were nominated appointed or dismissed with involvement of United States
officials or Embassy officials or Biden himself….”

And omits the obvious conclusion that an American client State on the border of Russia was/is precisely what Russia doesn’t want, will not tolerate and therefore, right or wrong, was exactly what would start a war. And when you talk ‘start a war’ when does it start? When you prepare the field and conditions or when the first shot is fired? Childish over simplification to say when the first shot is fired, of course.

second in importance I find to be:

‘…this is obviously war between Russia and Ukraine but in addition to this there is also war between proxy war between Russia and the West in Ukraine when Ukraine is used as a proxy and in addition to this there is still element of Civil War in in Ukraine still ongoing Civil War which started in 2014 in donbas…. ‘

The West at war with Russia and a civil war predicated on ethnic grounds I think are de facto the ‘start’ of a war.

And of course there’s more to all that which he omits. The war started in 1945 or before. It began in the UK with their ruling money hating the ruling money in Russia and coveting the lands, the riches, the power.

But I would like to say that I think we all take a far too parochial view of this thing: the war in Ukraine. We, the ordinary people, who suffer from these things and desperately need to get a grasp on what’s going on and begin to influence events in our own interest. Why should 500,000 of us die in warfare in Ukraine? Why should 30,000 Palestinians die in Gaza? Why should Iraq and Syria and Libya be pummeled to dust and impoverished?

One common strand. It is because America is at war with the world.

Ukraine is not at war with Russia. That’s a joke. That’s a logical fallacy, a play on words in the first place. Childishly remiss reportage at the very least. A notional half of Ukraine fights with the Russians, side by side. It is a civil war. ‘Ukraine’ is both sides, not one side.

Yes. But the phrase has currency and legitimacy in one translation, one usage and that is when a nation name, when a ‘nation’ itself, is thought to be the govt. Pure and simple. Nothing but the government. This is viewing a nation the way we view corporate entities. ‘Entities’ in law. Said to have all the rights, privileges, responsibilities of real living human beings so that they can borrow money, enter into contracts, own things, etc., etc..

So ‘Coca Cola’ is an ‘entity’. A ‘living thing’ to all intents and purposes in the realm of law and commerce. But, of course, nothing real at all in the realm of humanity.

That’s how ‘Russia at war with Ukraine’ is supposed to be parsed. The nation names apply only to governments and not people. That clears that up. We must be conscious of that. We must remember that. All the learned discussion, political analysis, prophesying and elucidating is all predicated on nations as in fact corporate entities. NOT collections of people. People are considered largely irrelevant.

So that’s how they say the ‘Ukraine’ is at war with Russia. By disregarding the 10 million Ukrainians that Russia has sided with.

Well that is wrong, too. For stand back and look at it and who are the players and who is winning and who is losing and which players have which objectives and then decide who aggressor and winner is, what the real dynamic is.

And it is not hard to see that America is at war with Ukraine. ‘Ukraine’ this time meaning the land and people. NOT the ‘corporate entity’ the govt. For that’s a puppet of the USA. But America is/has taken over every part of the Ukraine that it can. It owns the place. It crushes, kills and crushes wherever and whatever. And it WINS. It is profiting to this day. The dollar is still strong, employment rises in the USA, the population remains in thrall.

But more: America is at war with Europe, too. They had a mantra: ‘Keep America in Germany down and Russia Out’ This is no secret. It is america/europe politics 101.

And that is proceeding well. All nations whipped into line. Germany hollowed out, white anted at the core, things are looking good. They just ripped the balls off their biggest potential threat.

So there’s the real war. the USA against the world. The USA tells the G7 what to do. The G7 thus IS the USA. Outside the G7 is the rest of the world. It is from this situation that America gets its astonishing arrogance whereby now it makes noises about fighting China, Arabia and Russia all at once whilst internally the country degenerates into a third world.

The real war is this ‘rogue state’, the USA, hidden behind the trappings of the G7 and NATO etc. facing BRICS.

Against that background truth Russia not only did not have a choice about stepping into Ukraine to try to protect itself and its Ukrainian Russians but was then and is now the whole world’s only fightback against this lunatic American obsession with guns, power, hegemony, dictatorship (no one ever seems to mention that de facto the USA is a dictatorship both within and without) and total subjugation and suppression of any and all progress anywhere in the world ! Even within its own borders !

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