Whilst Whining…

Whilst standing on land that is not theirs, that they invaded in 2014 the Kiev Ukrainians whine that they’re defending against an invasion.

Whilst shelling still the Donetsk City civilians indiscriminately as they have done for the last 10 years they whine that they’re ‘short of shells’.

Whilst supported by 45 nations they whine that they’re facing a larger enemy.

Whilst attacking to this day the Donbas on anti-democratic ethnic cleansing grounds they whine that they are supporting democracy.

Whilst accepting support from 45 nations not one of which has consulted its people they whine they are protecting the people.

Whilst shunning talk in favour of action that has brought about the deaths of half a million of their own they claim they are acting in the interests of the people.

Whilst whining they are being coldly and callously used by the USA which does not even attempt to hide the fact but actually boasts about it: the ‘cost effectiveness’ of achieving their own aims.

Whilst they are whining you are used as dupes to support them.

And to add insult to injury large chunks of your support simply get siphoned off into private wealth.

There is only one retort and I found it today:


here is the song they’re dancing and singing to:


and again: with English subtitles so you know exactly what they’re saying..


America has done this. Hear/see what he sings – ‘…in spite of the whole world…’ ?

America turned the whole world against Russia. The whole world.

And made Russia strong. And made the world pusillanimous sycophantic idiot panders.

AND: sowed the seeds of its own destruction just as surely a Israel is doing that, too.

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