Education: Children: Set their Own Exam Questions.

I’ve been thinking tradition maths questions are not couched the right way.

What is the volume of a stack of bricks 3m x 2m x 1m  might be a sample question.

I’m thinking the question would be better if it were:  What is the volume of a stack of bricks?

And the child then has to elicit the information they need in order to answer it.  Which is important. Very important.  To be able to identify what you need to know to answer a question.

So the child will ask how long?  how wide? how deep?

Why not have the child ask these questions rather than give the answers?

Or even have the child permitted to put up his own sample question/answer, make his own assumption?

How about if we asked how heavy?  Volume and weight?

Then the child has to inquire about S.G.

and so on.

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