Always Something Broken

I get superstitious.  I get paranoid.  I get frustrated and hassled and unhappy and even desperate.

Because there’s always something more breaking.

Things break quicker than I can fix things.  So the list gets longer.  All the time.

And I feel it is because of this place we’ve moved to.  That’s the superstition.

Like just a couple of days ago the electronic piano broke.  makes a continuous horrible white noise sound and nothing else.

And there were disturbing things happening with one of our computers.

Then this morning my child complains about his smartphone.   The screen switches off in a second if you take your finger off it.

And it reports there’s no space where there’s gigabytes of SD card unused.

And I can find nowhere in it to do anything about it.

Nor can I find any help on the web.  That’s a kinda ‘broken’, too – like the web is broken, when it doesn’t help.

Then I investigate the doubtful computer and do a disk check.  It fails.  I put Seatools onto it – it is a Seagate drive – and it fails and tells me to use Seatools for DOS.  Means downloading an ISO and burning it.

Means finding a burner…   see? Things multiplying  in order to service the breakdowns….

When I find a burner it probably won’t work…..

That’s this week, so far…….





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