Noel Pearson And Helping Aborigines

Just heard that Noel Pearson – again – venting his anger.

What a thoroughly unpleasant man. At least on that performance.

Reminds me of the man who went into Parliament with is hat on.

Frankly I’m a bit sick of it all.

Overall I believe the problem is that aboriginal people are being used by whole scads of people to further their own ends.

To build lucrative careers for themselves. Give themselves cushy jobs, sinecures.

All on the basis of building something that has never ever existed: an aboriginal nation as we understand ‘nation’ – with all the trappings of such, bureaucracy etc.

If it were ever built we’d simply have two nations in Australia and conflict would be the inevitable result.

But mainly it is obviously a totally artificial construct, nothing whatever to do with aboriginal ‘heritage’, aboriginal culture.

Meanwhile the true heritage, the true culture of theirs is ignored. The basic human culture that had and represent.

And the other plank is that they are disadvantaged. This is nonsense. They are in fact advantaged. They are provided for to a greater extent than any other Australian.

They create disadvantage by insisting upon seperation on the one hand and failing entirely to help each other on the other.

Which isn’t to say that there aren’t hundreds, maybe thousands, of aboriginal people trying hard to help other aborigines. But there’s an overall push to maintain and create bad situations so’s the agenda can be furthered.

The people who are trying are not helped by the ‘leaders’ of the ‘aboriginal nation’ and that’s because ‘leaders’ of ‘aboriginal nation’ are both artificially created fictions.

You want to help them get off their backs, make their ‘leaders’ help them, tell the truth about what their cultural heritage could be, stop marginalising them, splitting them off from the populace and let the be part of our world.

It does them no good in the first place to tell them they’re different.
It does them no good to feed them a diet of grudges and encourage them to embrace them.
It does them no good to tell them they’re disadvantaged – and it’s someone else’s fault.
It does them no good to have bad mannered nasty people representing them.
It does them no good to have ‘leaders’ that don’t lead or help them.
It does them no good to have their own ‘tribal lands’ and live in isolated ethnic communities out there trying to mimic contemporary civilisation without any contemporary civilisation reason for being there.
It does them no good to duplicate all essential services with an ‘aboriginal’ version.
It does them no good to throw millions of dollars at them via their ‘representatives’ and ‘leaders’ for the money never gets to them.
It does them no good for them to be seen and be defined as ‘a problem’.

I’ve lived and worked with them, amongst them, in their bush communities and I have nothing but the best wishes for them. I’d do all I could to help them go well.

I’ve seen quite clearly that all of the above does them no good.

And I’ve seen quite clearly that the essential first mistake is to segregate them off. In all respects, physically in where they live and notionally as requiring all kinds of different and special administrations in everything from health to employment via legal services etc.

A small abo child is a wonderfully happy being perfectly joyous and all embracing willing to share and accept and it is somewhat saddening to see the remorseless inexorable differentiating and separating that is brought to bear on them.

And a pox on the houses of all those that encourage it.

And the first fix? Shatter the invisible wall around them by allowing them full freehold of their land – or at least a hefty chunk of it.

So’s they can begin to build communities after our model by buying and selling properties from each other and from and to anyone else and can begin working on building everything from houses to roads and bridges in those communities.

This is how our world was built.

This is the method. This is the road.

They are supposedly on this road but not allowed to move down it. Frozen into enforced inaction.

Yep. The first step is quite clear to me. Give them freehold.

Then they’ll begin to grow up.

And disenfranchise all these ‘leaders’ with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

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