I’ll Become A Liberal

Just listening to this Shadow Treasurer. I think I’m convinced.

I’m going to join the Liberals.

Disarray or not. I don’t care. They’re in disarray because they’re all thinking. They’re arguing amongst themselves.

They’re in disarray the way America is in disarray. Because everyone is taking an interest and thinking hard.
And the same as the USA they’ll come good and be the leaders, the first to do it, the first to handle such an event, such a challenge.

You know what convinced me?

“We’ll pay for it.” Something like that he said. “We’ll pay for it.”

Mate. They’ll pay for nothing. They’re not even pretending to ‘pay’ for anything they say outright they’re going to raise taxes.

We pay. WE PAY. ‘They’ just think they are something, someone else. ‘They’ think they are not ‘US’.

They are not us. ‘They’ will ‘pay’ for things by raising taxes on US. And then they’ll say ‘they’ve’ ‘paid’ for things.

A joke. A crime. The hub of all the problems in the world. Overlords and ‘leaders’ and pundits and know-alls and power brokers who are not us. Who don’t want to be us. Who see themselves as not us, as separate from us, as different; as better, greater, smarter, in a position to ‘lead’ us and instruct us, with a god-given mandate to tell us what to do, to extract money from our pockets, to waste it and then come back for me.

You could just give a little and understand perhaps where they are coming from if they find the money within the existing tax scheme, with the funds they have. But they don’t even pretend to do that. They clearly say they will raise taxes. Fran Kelly put it to him. It is a fact.

What he means and is totally incapable of saying is that like it or not WE WILL PAY for their plans.

And he totally overlooks, ignores, derides the fact that this government has and is paying for things and saying money too! Has put the budget in surplus. THAT’s ‘Paying for things’. That’s what that is.

This government is paying for things. As near as governments ever do.

I won’t be conned and especially by people as far off the planet as that. He really and truly and honestly believes the ‘they’ are paying for things. Not us, them.

And with that party the closer it gets to its core the more it is ‘them’ and not us, because they toe the line of an ideology, don’t they? Enough said. I’ll go with the battlers that are working on things and are currently doing alright.

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