Need Action on Dryer Soils and Sudden Floods.

Just listened to Hamish talking with a man about flooding changing because of warmer climate.
These experts aren’t very good at getting to the point in a way we can understand are they?
But his message seems clearly to be that:
. We’ve already had 0.9 degrees of warming.
. They expect 3 degrees by 2100.
and, regarding flooding:
. Rainfall events are getting more dramatic: more large sudden falls.
. The soils are drying out more because of warming.
. So small and medium rainfalls are absorbed into the dry so soils and ‘normal’ flooding decreases because of it.
. Also ‘normal’ dam filling decreases because of lack of normal surface runoff.
. So everywhere gets dryer and our dams empty.
. But extreme rainfalls still cannot be absorbed by the soils even though they are dryer and that gives rise to sudden large floods.
. So a dryer agricultural scene and water starved population because of empty dams.
That’s it.
Now that’s, surely, a clear situation requiring deliberate analysis and study and steps taken nation wide to deal with it?

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