What Is Brexit About?

Well I just listened to ‘the latest on Brexit’ and I’m still no wiser.
No wiser about any specifics of what they’re arguing about.
Just what are the issues on the ‘deal’ that cause the lockup, that are the hub of the problem?
All I’ve heard any discussion on – well not ‘discussion’ but ‘mention of’ – is the Northern Ireland border thing.
It’s like the issues are of no importance. To us poor clod proles.
But my understanding was that the groundswell of demand for a Brexit was caused by a clearly perceived need to regain British sovereignty.
That the British people felt that the unelected administrators in Europe were telling the British what to do in altogether too many ways.
Now that’s a specific.
You’d think that the way to talk to the populace (and observers such as I) would be with reference to this issue and similar, wouldn’t you?
Say to the people ‘we can’t get a deal because they won’t allow us to decide this or that for ourselves’ or say ‘you don’t need a Brexit because we can do this for ourselves without needing one’.
Wouldn’t you?
It’s like it’s a black box. We’re not allowed to look inside.
We don’t know what they’re arguing about.
Do they? Do the British?
Perhaps this is all my fault. I don’t sit in front of the t.v. all day and I don’t buy newspapers.
I rely on radio national, a couple of t.v. news (sbs and abc) and web fora.
But it certainly is clear to me from that position, in this position, that there’s absolutely no specifics presented at all. None.
A whole major furore about apparently, nothing.

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