Don’t Let Our Wall Be A Wall

How stupid, mad, unreasonable can the Americans be?

Something like half of them – the nation is divided about half and half, Democrat/Republican isn’t it? – think it absolutely wrong to have a border wall.

But they have a border wall !

Try to go to America and see what happens.

You need a valid passport and a ‘Non-immigrant Visa. Form D-160’.

That’s a wall. That’s the wall of rule and regulation and bureaucracy and law that surrounds every nation.

And they’ve got the sea. That’s a natural physical barrier. Erecting a physical wall is simply erecting another physical barrier.

They’re actually saying throw away the Non Immigrant Visa and throw away the Passport requirement and dispense with physical barriers.

You can have long arguments about whether or not a country should be without barriers to entry.

But that’s a different argument. Here we have a country WITH barriers. Carefully constructed, well organised, methodically policed barriers.

And half the nation is saying subvert that. Ignore it. Make a nonsense of it.

I can’t see any sense in that. I can’t. To me it is indisputable proof that America has gone, disappeared down a sinkhole.

They don’t just think this: that they should subvert their own laws – but they think it so strongly that they’re willing to paralyze the country rather than widen the debate, talk it over, explore the ramifications.

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