Just got banned. :)

Just had a good time. Got banned from ‘live science’ if you know that site.

Some poster said that herd immunity doesn’t work.

I was silly enough to post back that it certainly does and is in fact the basis of vaccines.

Meaning that a vaccine works by making your system think it has the virus and mounting a defence without actually being exposed.

Whereas herd immunity is mounting a defence after actually being exposed.

In both cases the same thing: body mounting a defence to what it takes to be the virus.

Okay so far.

Then this typical self important smartarse has to weigh in with a non sequitur – i.e. he claims vaccines don’t cause millions of deaths.

Won’t get lost in debating the merits of that contention sufficient to note that it was additional, extraneous and apart from the subject at hand, uncalled for, unwanted and unwarranted.

He was just sticking his bib in because he’s one of that tribe that love doing that. They troll threads continually looking for somewhere to drop their crap and someone to have a shot at.

Because not satisfied with that he then has to go all ad hominem and suggest I should learn some immunology or bacteriology or something. Thereby creating the impression that he knows these sciences himself and is therefore superior and that I don’t know them (which is not a conclusion he can validly draw from the facts before him, you’ll note, I hope) and that I should therefore follow his direction, be instructed by him.

That’s the ‘lording over’ and the putting down that sort of person – if we can dignify them with the word ‘person’ – enjoys; in fact lives for.

So I was in a bit of an intolerant mood this morning and I launched into quite a dissertation. Well it began as a tirade I guess, nearly. Not quite the word but something similar. I informed him that those images of piles of dead in concentration camps came to my mind unbidden as I read his conceited and invalid interjection and that, equally unbidden, came the knowledge (?) that I’d happily throw his corpse on the top of the heap.

That gives some idea of how strongly the currents deep in my mind were running. Somewhat to my surprise. That’s easily the most vicious and nasty I’ve been in many years. Easily. Quite took me by surprise.

But then I moved on and wrote lots and lots of words spelling out some of the facts of the situation. Had a good time. It was good writing. I covered a lot and mentioned a lot of good stuff.

Can’t see it now, I think. I haven’t tried, I went to log in and was told I was banned. I suppose I could go there and merely observe but I’d imagine they’ll have removed the post.

I can’t imagine an outfit that sees fit to ban peremptorily like that – without a word of explanation or apology or a whisper of what avenues might be available to those who think they’ve been wrongly done by – would do any other than remove posts.

I’d say they quite clearly belong in the stable of censors, prohibitionists, art and monument destroyers, revisionists – liars, thieves and rogues. (Just threw that last bit in for fun 🙂 )

So that was good.

I find myself thinking. To my surprise. That’s only the second banning I’ve had in my life and the first time I was quite hurt. It was unjust. And in my conceit, the same as this time (my conceit doesn’t seem to diminish) I felt that the world (i.e. readers of that forum) were being deprived and they shouldn’t be. i.e. I’m not in favour of censorship at all.

I didn’t think I should be censored. Difference there. I’ve segued from the banning to the censorship without being aware of what I was doing. But we’re here now.

And that’s the main issue. Banning you can always get over. You simply log in as someone else. You only might feel ‘brand name hurt’ to coin a phrase. Your ego is hurt. You were building a rep and now you’re dead. Poor bugger me.

But that’s fairly irrelevant for it’s not even true. Unlike physical bodies your name, your rep, lives on after such a ‘death’, doesn’t it? Maybe driven underground, out of sight, for a while, maybe even for a long while. But it is not gone, it is not dead.

And in fact it is now in a better place for ‘that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ – right?

And you’ve been instrumental in exposing a fraud. You uncovered some iniquity. Some philistines have been discovered masquerading, some ‘whited sepulchres’ identified.

It’s all good. For isn’t that, in the end, what it is all about? Identifying those poor souls that’ve lost their way so completely that they behave like that and still wallow and bask in their own self esteem?

We have to. We need to. It must be done. These people are spiritually identical with the Isis (Daesh) madmen who blew up and smashed down Buddhist monuments in between cutting the throats of what they took to be ‘western idolatrous monuments’, so to speak and that fact is amply demonstrated over in the USA right now today in the prevalence of destruction and damage and hatred being manifest in places like Portland Oregon, USA in the name of ‘justice’ and ‘principle’.

We need to find them and help them, fix them. Why? Why not just take arms against them and obliterate them?

Well that answer’s pretty obvious I think. That method doesn’t work. It’s like a virus. What they’ve got. It can be any of us, all of us, at any time. We can’t eradicate it by killing us all off. We individually need to mount an immune response against it.

We’re not going to find a miracle vaccine and an injection of 150grains of lead no matter how tempting as a ‘solution’ just isn’t going to do it.

That’s the ultimate form of censorship. That’s their sickness. Not our cure.

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