Censored By Reddit.

Come to think of it I’ve been censored by Reddit in the last week too.  ‘Too’ – I mean as well as the banning which of course is censorship by livescience.

Which I guess we now should call ‘liveantiscience’ .

No sooner finished posting about that and making a cup of coffee when I remembered my Reddit experience of a couple of days ago.

Equally invalid and vile, I think, oppressive ridiculous censorship by the self important moronicity.

I posted in a ‘statistics’ forum for a statistical appraisal of your chances of catching covid if you are in a population of 5 million and the incidence of fresh cases is running at about 10 persons per day.

Which is like Victoria, Australia, at this time.

They removed the post.

Something about it they don’t like and they didn’t tell me what or offer me a chance to fix it.

On previous occasions there and other places I’ve had posts moved over to a more appropriate venue; I guess we’ve all had that.

But this was just removed.  Like with liveantisience.

I dunno.  Because of the mention of ‘covid’?

That could be a reason for pricking up the ears.

And a robot could have done it.

But humans programmed the algorithm so why so abruptly rude and without recourse/explanation?

So Reddit has to go down in the little black book, too.

Interesting, eh?

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